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A Work in Progress

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A Story



It was a bloodcurdling scream that Sam woke to. Maybe the scream of someone being tortured, or even killed. Men and women in white surrounded Sam's bed. They spoke to each other, occasionally nodding to one another. Sam could see the smiles on the faces of those without masks. Their grinning made Sam feel at ease. A tall, broad man approached Sam and got very close to him. He placed his hand on Sam's arm and told him not to be afraid. Everything was going to be fine and that he had just had a bad dream. Back here, in reality, he was safe and had nothing to fear. Sam attempted to respond, but found that he could not speak due to intense pain in his throat. He massaged his trachea gently while the doctor picked up a small tube of what looked like cream from the nearest table. The doctor told Sam to relax and slid a piece of rubber tubing down his throat. He then took the cream and pushed it through the tubing and the cream went into Sam. Immediately, his pain was gone.

"Where am I?" he demanded. "Who are you and what the fuck do you want with me?"

The doctor starred into Sam's eyes and then turned his attention to the other medical perssonel. His gaze reached a blonde female on the opposite side of Sam's bed.

Sam realized that both of them were starting to cry. Confusion embraced him. He wanted answers, now.

People began to exit the room. All but three remained, the crying man and woman and another, younger woman. This small woman started checking the monitors hooked up to Sam. She wrote something down on his chart, placed it back above his bed and asked Sam how he was feeling.

Her sweet and cheery voice caught Sam off guard. Never before had he heard such a lovely voice. He didn't respond.

She told Sam that he was in safe place and that he had nothing to fear.

He was tired of hearing this. He didn't care about his safety as much as he wanted to know what had happened to him. He tried to say something to the nurse, but she began talking again before he could speak. He didn't listen to her. He didn't care. He knew it would be the same old bull shit they had been trying to feed him for however long he had been here.

Noticing he wasn't paying attention, the nurse left the room. Still smiling.

The remaining doctors wiped the tears from their eyes and pulled up chairs alongside of Sam. They sat on either side of him and both calmly placed their hands on Sam.

The female doctor removed her surgical mask. Sam couldn't believe how beautiful she was. She looked like something...well, he didn't know. He had never imagined a woman of her beauty. She was very elegant looking. Her long blond hair sat along her shoulders with ease. She leaned in close to Sam, her hair falling onto her face. As she pushed her hair back, she spoke to Sam. "We know you want answers." she announced. "But we don't want to over excite you at this stage. There is a lot of things we want to tell you, but feel that you will be better accepting to all the information in time. You need to focus on regaining your strength." She looked up to the male doctor who was nodding.

As the other doctor began to speak, Sam realized that this woman who he was becoming very infatuated with, had something on the back of her neck. He couldn't make it out at the angle in which she was positioned, so he began to sit up.

Pain seared through his body. Before he passed out from the agony, Sam hear the male doctor exclaim to the other, "It's a match. We must alert..."



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