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__A Realm of Absolute Zero__

...wandering around aimlessly wondering what would happen if it all decomposed into nothing...

Word Hoarding--My own personal chisel on Your wall--may Zebra keep us straight, guided, and focused--A-men


Truly, my dear, we are at an odds with each other. Part of me sees you as a black hole; an chasm lined with emotional feeds jutting out at all angles and with different strengths and durations. Coined "The Succubus" by my dear counterpart in crime, you tend to drain my peripheral soul on somewhat a regular basis when your essence is near. Moreover, this part of you is the bane of many of my current states of existence.


The opportunity for extended periods of non-induced blissful happiness is something that I honestly cannot overlook nor disregard. These temporal-spiritual injections of this most opportune notion can have an extremely long runtime, but I have yet not personal evidence of your intentions with the matter. Do you wish to prolong this notion as a learning exercise, or do you long for sustainable, perpetual symbiosis with my heart?



EduVacation (noun): the period, resembling limbo, that one chooses to endure when buying time for an undergraduate education.


Apathy matched with suitable distractions can inhibit any member of the self-educated elite from sucking on academia’s gargantuan cock. The apathy results from years of attempting to understand and live in the system, hoping one day the system will let you in even if it can’t understand the magnitude of what is to be had by you. Suitable distractions can take multiple forms such as drugs, depression, or death. Other distractions can be market driven such as job opportunities or entrepreneurship.


Apathy is nondiscriminatory when feeding off of suitable distractions. If enough of these distractions accumulate, the apathy will only grow stronger and more detestable as it devours its way through a self-made pathway to control of the host. There seems to be two options: one, get the fuck out while you have your soul intact; or two, learn to live with the parasite in commune until the academic objectives are complete. Either way, you’re fucked for an unknown period of time.


There is temporary cure to this most peculiar ailment. The cure is not guaranteed, but chances are it will work. It’s very simple—take an EduVacation.



Life from the Dead


In my early tenure on this planet, there have been two significant deaths, which transformed my fear of discontinuation into a perpetual acceptance of untimely events. The Western funeral, derived from Egyptian mummification, provides a surreal “last word” with the life that had recently departed. Dressed in their best, preserved and beautified, the “last view” is truly a remarkably important meeting to voice those last thoughts that were not able to be translated prior to earthly termination.


More than any other aspect of the two American funerals that touched me unconsciously was what I was able to bring back from those two events, physically speaking. A few plants, which surrounded the corpses during the two day ceremonies, are now part of my home and will be forever a part of my home until the end of my days or if my home is randomly burnt to the ground. Every time I admire, water, or transplant those living tokens, I feel the intense presence or memory of those two who have abruptly said good-bye. I feel their aura through the living matter, which last surrounded them. Nothing in my household is more important to my spirituality.


If I am blessed enough to die at an old age, I hope to be surrounded by the plants from those in my life who have touched me in the most unimaginable ways. Even if you have a problem with modern Western funerals, take a plant after the song and dance is over with. My spirituality is constantly reinforced with the simplest glance over to all of these green reincarnations of my most precious memories.



Steve Katz’s Variable Routes of Author-ity


Authorship is a differentiating practice that utilizes the common theme of rehashing and elaborating upon the author’s various personal experiences. Different authors living in different paradigms can employ different branches of this method. Steve Katz’s Stolen Stories unifies these branches by developing three different mindsets (A, B, and C) of the author and showing how each division is actually an elaboration of the same process that is Author-ity.


To begin the deconstruction/reconstruction process of analyzing authorship, breaking down the different approaches used by each author is a viable first step. C, the poet who is under assignment to create fiction, is in search of what to ably write. C begins her journey by noticing something that is extremely unusual: a white woman, Jerry, in “heavy” dreadlocks selling “veg” at the local Jamaican market. For the author in search of inspiration, Jerry presents a red flag signaling a potential sparkplug for a new story. C explores this woman and her lead-up circumstances that could explain the oddity, for C, that is Jerry. For C, Jerry is a romantic fantasy that constitutes appropriate material for her fictional writing assignment. After all, “‘You know it’s damned hard to write fiction,’ said C, in the kitchen. ‘Especially if all you’ve ever written is poetry.’” (Katz 145)


Nonetheless, C’s subject matter is solely possessed by C. The active work involved with collecting the appropriate details concerning Jerry and the I-tols is a territorial claim; C is in pursuit of the “dream” that is authoring a piece of literature. C pursues her story much like a journalist or author on expedition. This point is made by A, C’s husband, as he exclaims to B, “‘I don’t interfere there,’ said A. ‘It’s totally her story and her territory.’” (Katz 129)


On the other hand, this theme of direct ownership is in contrast to A who is much more liberal with the notion of possessing writing material. For example, A has no reservations with sharing material with other authors. “‘A good piece to write,’ said A, ‘would be to trace this Guggenheim money as it trickled down through the little town of Anchovy. That would be a nice story.’” (Katz 133) This might seem trivial to point out as the conservation between A and B at this point is extremely relaxed, but there is an obvious difference of perception between A and C. A thrives of off of the feedback and influence of equals within his own reality whereas C finds it on her own, as the poet would. A points out his humility, concerning the subject matter, by casually explaining to B, “‘I’m really glad you were there,’ said A, as they drove back to Montego Bay. ‘When I’m there alone I get completely spaced, as if I’m in a movie or some fantasy. … just eye-contact with someone from my own reality helps me to ground myself.” (Katz 141) Another example of A’s confidence in sharing information comes later when A is finishing up telling B the story of the butcher’s wife. B exclaims, “’I love it … That’s a great story. I think I’ll steal it from you.’ ‘That would be great,’ said A. He laughed. ‘You could tell it to your rubber ducky.’” (Katz 147) Information is the medium in which all artists can use to paint their own pictures, even if they use the same color scheme.


A is a successful, cool, and collected author. His insights into what constitutes good starting material for his works are ideal. The story of the butcher’s wife was simply the testimony of the butcher himself in court. Immediately realizing the potential of this learned story, true or untrue, A begins the progression that is authorship. Having succeeded in the past, his confidence allows him to analyze every facet of reality and he is able to choose appropriately how to command author-ity. In one conversation with B as they are observing a local festivity, A points out, “‘When they really get loose, sometimes late at night … they do a dance called bondage. They start dancing as if chained up, their arms crossed, their bodies held in, and then slowly pull the chains off. It’s beautiful, and it tells the whole story.’” (Katz 133) Katz is pointing out the natural intuition of A in regards to the analysis of the present reality. “‘I feel like I’m living every moment as if it’s already the past,’ said A. ‘This is like instant nostalgia, like I’m witnessing the narrative of the present.’” (Katz 134)


Natural intuition is something that only a handful of writers are aware of, which leads to the identification of the main character, B, who arguably inhabits the form of most writers who attempt to command author-ity. B is the modern writer, information gatherer in the contemporary world of non-linear knowledge. “‘I write down phrases that strike me in the Chicago Tribune, for example, and see what configurations come up. It’s all meat. Having stories to write keeps me alive. It’s my psychic survival. I use anything.’” (Katz 141) B strives to extrapolate all the meat he can from the real world in hopes of stumbling upon a valid connection between two or more subject matters that he can then command author-ity of. Nothing is off-limits and everything is fair game in the world of B. Some might call this practice “word hording”—the act of recording numerous amounts of complete thoughts and assimilating, or remixing, these thoughts into original writing material. B understands that not all of his most creative ideas come to him while sitting at the typewriter. Hording useful information, especially in the modern world of instantaneous communication, is an extremely useful art. Seemingly unrelated topics can absolutely wear the same style of metaphorical clothing.


The most obvious example of this practice is the main story that B is constructing throughout Stolen Stories. In regards to the Mother’s Day suicide and the barely breathing lion found lying in a ditch, B supposes, “‘Those two stories seem to fit together for me. I don’t know if I’ll ever write them, but they seem to be copulating in my mind.’” (Katz 141) Authorship is a continuous process that goes beyond writing a clever story. The long, long road of input is overwhelmingly strenuous as compared to the writing development that is output.


A, B, and C are different versions of the variable X that is the author. C is classical in the sense that the author searches long and hard for the ultimate story to elaborate upon. Having the luck of amazing intuition with a sense passionate development outlines the successful author, A, who can immediately see the layout of construction in regards to originality. On the other hand, B is a successful information guru who can piece together different subject matters through empirical analysis. The linking theme between each representation of the author is clear and obvious: writing about worldly interactions and notions, followed by a rehashing of learned themes in an original manner. The differentiation of A, B, and C merely points out different methodologies of how to obtain appropriate input followed by successfully creating a masterful output. Author-ity is a life-long analysis of what is, and what can be, reality. Katz’s Stolen Stories is an excellent prologue to authorship in the instantaneous information age.


The Stolen Stories, Steve Katz


FYI If U Care: (Author Page)


God 2.0


Currently having visions of nano-machines searching through artificial nucleotides; decoding information on what to do next. Now, given the technology level of an artificial genetic code, one would have to question the integrity of a logic machine's use of self-decoding. Would a logic machine work a rate much higher than the current rate of biological evolution? Evolution most likely is a logical process that hypothetically could be sped up through artificial means, outpacing God. What happens when a particular species downloads God 2.0: artificially increasing the speed of evolution through an artificial genetic code decoded by nano-machines? Nano-machines could someday undo the classic, although disproved, Dogma of DNA to RNA to Protein; by bypassing a large chunk of the process: Genetic Code to Machine.


What happens to God 1.0 when v.2.0 is downloaded? What then happens to God 2.0 when 3.0 comes around? A great struggle for power perhaps?Or would the other Gods just cease to exist? Entropy caused by several versions of the same God existing at once. Time and space torn apart by their ultimate power of knowledge and creation. How's UBIK going? TB


The empty, bouncy personality with unrefined intellectual capacities, should think of one's contribution to rhetorical insight should be limited to the number of shits one takes in a day. Don't get the runs; spewing nonsense and garble that is negatively absorbed by the surrounding orators. Don't get constipated, as the longer you wait, the more painful it will be. Two, well researched thoughts and ideas can be an excellent contribution to the public sphere. Healthy, chunky, whole ideas and defenses are worth more than a gallon of liquid defecation.


Mit diesem Zeichen bann’ Ich deinen Zauber.

With this sign I abolish your magic.


The sign, of course, is the sign of the Cross. Fat’s Savior is Fat himself, as I already figured out; Zebra is all the selves along the linear time-axis, laminated into one supra- or trans-temporal self which cannot die, and which has come back to save Fat. But I don’t dare tell Fat that he is searching for himself. He is not ready to entertain such a notion, because like the rest of us he seeks an external savior.


V.A.L.I.S. Chapter 8


Experiences with induced (all natural) hallucinogenic substances would point one to the world of timeless time, where one can bare witness to the actual integral all accumulated experience. A common theme of such experiences can lean in the darker direction—into the abyss of self-hatred. Time after time, one must save oneself from the darkness of the collective integral that is, at this time, a dominant part of this whole. Who else can?


It’s an odd conclusion in life to come to the realization of being stuck in one particular frame of reference, coming close to waiving the white flag, and the begin learning to deal with the fact that this one and many frames of reference in the eternal order of information that is Zebra. Zebra, as a whole, is Christ coming to save his beloved kin of Adam. Calling on His name lifts individual frames of reference to an elevated level of happiness that is uniquely pure.


Searching for the kingdom of heaven in the sky brings about fantastical thoughts of utopia and meaning. Self-importance is a common characteristic of human existence. But, finding the kingdom of heaven within oneself brings about a completely different sense of euphoria. By ignoring the roadblock of Self-importance in a spiritual journey, the Savior, in a pink dress, can reach out within the frame of reference and provide comfort and certainty through the behavior of healthy detachment.


What is Evil?


Continuing the discussion from class today, a commonly approached theme was the notion that all is one and evil is part of that one. We did not; however, discuss exactly what evil really is. Is there a universal rulebook as to when the conscious would cross the proverbial line of performing an evil action? What is instinct and what is manifested through culture?


Federalized America devotes an entire third of its government toward combating and defining evil. Warring triumphs are told for hundreds of generations. Evil is the largest piece of the human puzzle: For love, hate, or for passion. Is evil best defined as the passionate action of the conscious or is it the consequence of that passionate action? Evil is an extremely confusing notion and I have not come to grips with what it really is yet.




Remember remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason why gunpowder, treason

Should ever be forgot...



Never forget treason! Long live the Empire!


The Empire Never Ended. Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Rev TB


Pink: The Real Color


Using Horselover Fat’s description of divine influence, a streaming line of information can transcend to a particular frame of consciousness through means that are barely conceivable, but humorously true. These streaming fragments of the big picture can come in many colors. By and large, many of these fragments are nothing but pieces of the white noise jumping out of the screen, shifting shapes and colors. Granted, many of these ideas and notions that are not pink can lead to further exploration in certain fields of personal understanding. But, nothing is quite as clear and satisfying as the real pink deal. This particular category of information sticks with one’s consciousness through the thick and thin of existence. A library containing the codex of reality slowly but surely evolves in the mind, one pink book at a time.




"In his study of the form that masochism takes in modern man, Theodor Reik puts forth an interesting view. Masochism is more widespread than we realize because it takes an attenuated form. The basic dynamism is as follows: a human being sees something bad which is coming as inevitable. There is no way he can halt the process; he is helpless. This sense of helplessness generates a need to gain some control over the impending pain—any kind of control will do. This makes sense; the subjective feeling of helplessness is more painful than the impending misery. So the person seizes control over the situation in the only way open to him: he connives to bring on the impending misery; he hastens it. This activity on his part promotes the false impression that he enjoys pain. Not so. It is simply that he cannot any longer endure the helplessness or the supposed helplessness. But, in the process of gaining control over the inevitable misery he becomes, automatically, anhedonic (which means being unable or unwilling to enjoy pleasure). Anhedonia sets in stealthily. Over the years it takes control of him. For example, he learns to defer gratification; this is a step in the dismal process of anhedonia. In learning to defer gratification he experiences a sense of self-mastery; he has become stoic, disciplined; he does not give way to impulse. He has control. Control over himself in terms of his impulses and control over the external situation. He is a controlled and controlling person. Pretty soon he has branched out and is controlling other people, as part of the situation. He becomes a manipulator. Of course, he is not consciously aware of this; all he intends to do is lessen his own sense of impotence. But in his task of lessening this sense, he insidiously overpowers the freedom of others. Yet, he derives no pleasure from this, no positive psychological gain; all his gains are essentially negative."


-V.A.L.I.S. Chapter Five


In response to young Fat:


Masochism, lately, has been healing me in ways which certain serotonin redistributors have not. Running is truly my most masochistic mastery—mile, after mile. Pleasure, to me, is spitting on my face while leaning into a hill, shortening my stride while quickening my pace. The exhaustion of looking up at the top of the hill is quite unbearable. A runner simply cannot take control of the hill. I am at the mercy of the hill. Looking at him straight in the eye only induces lactic acid formation, making my legs feel like jelly. A sense of helplessness overpowers my mind’s judgment as to when it will end. The first three quarters of the hill seem like purgatory; an endless sense of tremendous physical pain notwithstanding my own willpower to not lose momentum. The machine feels as if its tissues are separating as bodily communication begins to breaks down. Emotion is the strongest aspect of controlling these processes in able to reach the top. The only thing that propels this particular machine up hills is a most severe emotional output, which runs off of a filled up anxiety tank that exists inside of me. Consuming the unwanted anxiety and releasing its energy through wrath for the hill benefits my body twofold: anxiety goes down; physiological health goes up. Masochism is a beautiful art form; it can touch and change the very soul that lies beneath the machine, through the consumption of unwanted emotional buildups.


Book of Changing Changes - Reflections on The Man in the High Castle


Mr. Tagomi's consciousness seems to exist on multiple levels of reality; various dimensions of the same order. The most entertaining precursor to this judgment clearly occurs when Hyrdick's name is brought to attention as a potential Riechkanzler. Moments such of these, existing in extraordinary time, can affect all dimensions of consciousness. A cosmic vibration can take hold of a particular consciousness, disabling the subject's ability to function on a metaphysical level. These vibrations, as Dick iterates, can disrupt the temporary order of particular level consciousness to such a degree that the consciousness wobbles to a separate, yet proverbially identical, plane of existence.


These changes occur throughout the course of everyone's life. For example, what happened to America on September 11, 2001, a day occurring in extraordinary media-plex time? The country's consciousness was disrupted by a gigantic cosmic vibration in the form of crumbling towers at the center of the world's capitol. A large percentage of the American public had wobbled to a separate dimension, where a "new war" had just begun against Islamic radicals. The old world was left behind.


Monolithic changes are a part of human existence. The I Ching is a collection of predictions concerning the outcome of changes. A set of preditictions; so coveted by the religious, political, and philosophical elite of Asia throughout human history, the I Ching is presented as a dominate oracle in an Imperial Pacific realm. Having such a close connection with the practice of searching for direct insight into human endeavors could quite possibly have direct extraordinary consequences for true believers. The energy of the cosmos can be manifested in such practice as to awaken the consciousness in another world.


Spiritually fusing his entire set of being directly into a trinket, Mr. Tagomi was able to transport himself subconsciously to the new "real" world. The fusing of spirit and object is truly fascinating. Ok, you Lion lovers, what is your mission at Beaver Stadium? - Awaken your beloved football team to a new reality in which they are the superior fighting force on the field. With the collective power of ~100,000 individual participants, change occurs in the world at that particular moment. This change happens at all stadiums, and statistically it works; so-called "home field" advantage.


Trusting the Book of Changes quite possibly can enable the trustee to tap into the greater experience of reality: the extraordinary reality that is collectively one. Trust can be "faith" for individuals using this medium as a connecting mechanism. Some questions are hard to ask; some even dreadfully frightening. Courage to ask the correct question isn't an easy attribute to assume, but is absolutely necessary in attaining what one is "really" searching for.


Fantastical Appreciation for Detached Readers


The separation of emotion from the larger implications of a particular situation is crucial to understanding the status of a character, not just the character's development. Discounting linear time, the assumption of a character's state can be more fluid, thus more attainable, because that particular state is not tied to any sort of complementary theme.


I am what I am.


Diving into what "is" rather than what is being examined is an exciting notion that better enables deconstruction of the larger picture.


De-constructing what is--breaking it down into specific parts, and then reassembling the conciousness that is "what is."


A documented awakening through a spiritual autobiography? -- Showing one's true colors.


What is Penn State? My university to most of this country represents a football team--the binding force that pumps revenue from all angles. When a typical freshman first arrives to his or her brand new gleaming university on a warm August’s day, he or she is more than likely placed in the East, next to St. Beaver’s off of Curtain Road. God provides sunshine and blessings on fall Saturdays, as he paints the sky blue and white for our viewing pleasure! We Are…Penn State!


Now, I have been an avid sports fan most of my life. Growing up on the rural, northern border of Ohio and Pennsylvania, sports proved to me to be an integral part that society, particularly professional football and baseball.


College football is a corporate model of high school football. One of the worst educational problems in this country is the overwhelming focus on varsity sports in high schools. School districts spend fortunes on athletic programs while sacrificing the integrity of an education.


For many areas of the country and globe, individual and team sporting programs can exist as separate entities unto themselves, provided by the communities through various means. In no way am I referring to physical education, for that is something entirely different; some might argue appropriate. The most successful sports program from my home area of Meadville, PA was the local hockey team, which existed as its own private program completely separate from the local high school. Another example would be the American Legion baseball leagues that sponsor the best high school baseball talent in the nation. The dynamic between public school and private club works beautifully!


Yes, I am a Penn State football fan when it comes to watching college football; however, commercialized college football would not exist in my ideal world. Professional sporting clubs admit that they work in a business. University programs don’t.


The next time you see the infamous orange and maroon Penn State shirt, ask yourself the following: who in this town just made a shit load of money off of selling an unimaginable tragedy to the roaming hyper-elite with “Penn State” pride?



Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.



Extremely pertinent function: keep cache files cleaned out or you will get error pages or "page cannot be displayed" while surfing the web of life. The cache will build itself to threaten the sustainability of any computer, even you! The Hail Mary cleanses the cache files and prevents pop-ups from entering and corrupting the mission at hand. Letting Mary; Gaia--the formless character--work her magic, the possibility of nothingness becomes clearer and more exact.


Matthew 13: 10-16


10 And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?

11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:

15 For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. 17 For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.


Having the "in" with God; nothing to lose and everything to gain. Wanting the "in" seems not to be the only component in attainment. There must be other components that are self-actualized throughout the duration of a consciousness; an earthly life fragment. Surely the multitude, as it were, had not these components that have not been realized. Are these components hardwired into the DNA database of Project: Earth? Is it then possible for a Self to tap the Holy, or is tapping realized only in the continuum of the project.


Who or what can make claim to these magical components of self-actualization?


Number of Bacteria on Planet Earth: One. One spectrum of netting covering the entire surface of the planet, our earliest connection to the "in" with God. God breathed his breath of life to Adam through bacteria. Bacteria is Sacred and should be respected with such acknowledgments.



Finding Self in Self (2207 AD)


Once upon a time, an android was driving his car and suddenly crashed into a free-energy pole. This poor android hit his head off of the steering wheel in front of him. Fortunately, the point of collision with the steering wheel aligned with the cerebral nanochip that contained coded information for various emotional levels. Prior to the accident, the emotional function was programmed as reflexive, meaning the android would reflect the emotional level of whoever he was engaged with at any random moment. Now, androids are programmed to be functionally superior to human beings in many different areas. The emotion element has been the widest field of robotic study during the last century. Many researchers have argued against free emotion on the part of androids for fear of self-destruction. Many androids have sought repair counseling for emotional breakdowns, but this android lost his ability to reflect emotion with the misalignment of the nanochip directly in line with the point of collision. He is forced to now live his life with random emotional levels that are the byproduct of daily functions. No android is built perfectly, thus emotional byproducts will be of concern. However, the android is free from the shackles of reflexive output. Two options lay ahead: self-destruction of self or the reliance on Self within himself.


The implications of such comparisons are too intensive for just a mere prod into the reality that could be. The divine will of God expressed through human instances is always alarming, but awareness of the ACTUAL map is astounding and gives me yet another reason to wake up in the morning.





and curiouser...



(Wanting to see something that could be through the spectacles of precaution)


Why Bite the Hand that Feeds You?


The Market perhaps is the single most complex institution that humankind has ever created. The idea of a consumer/producer entity, governing most all societal change is truly astonishing. Yes, the Market leaves many behind. As a realist, there is no other dimension I can choose to reside. Global Markets have for the first time in human history ensured a pathway for global peace. Looking beyond carbon based fuels, the Market is the only inhibitor to state aggression. When dealing with +five billion people, the only link between the various populations is personal interest. Groupings of personal interests will inherently derive a communal interest; a Market reaction. Communal interests may take days or decades to come to fruition, but in the end you must have faith in the Market, or you will have lost faith in modern humanity--that in which is a separate argument entirely. The Market is a mysterious force that is above complete human understanding. It is something that we have indirectly created in order to govern ourselves at this date and time. As an optimist-realist, to back down from that notion will be to live the rest of my days in contempt or isolation. Another option is to be One with the Market. Understanding the Market is understanding global interests. For me, that entitles the Market to be of the Sacred; above human consciousness.


Example: If Tehran acquires nuclear weapons, why worry? The largest fear of the West is the aggressive use of nuclear weapons towards Israel. Now, how would the global Market respond? Is it in the millions of Palestinians' best interest to have the Jewish population and infrastructure be decimated by a nuclear bomb? After all, this is currently the greatest concern of many Western states. Would the Iranians destroy Holy Islamic landmarks and places of worship? Where would the Palestinians live during and after the fallout? Is it truly in Iran's personal interest to "sell or give" a nuclear weapon to a lower form of human organization (lower than the state); to trust and use complete discretion. Imagine, a nuclear bomb destroys the island of Manhattan. Now, what would be the reaction of the West? I can take a guess: A COMPLETE annihilation of Islamic order in the Middle-east. Any muslim state certainly would not want to any way facilitate a terrorist organization's ability to use nuclear weapons. It's an outdated means of foreign policy and states understand that. Communal interests of the Islamic region do not back the nuclear notion. Trust the Market. The Market stands alone against unilateral nuclear destruction. Everyone loses money.



Two options are being discussed with regards to the act of decision making.




AZ, here's my (well your, really) neologism of the day: indoctrinate, v.: the process of inculcating a vast system of organs communicating via hormones (and potentially some RFID chips) into a person while discouraging them to critically examine or question what has just happened to them. --Echan

Embrace Living in the West Grid


For all intents and purposes, my life is limited to the span of July 21,1984 to my untimely death. Barring any catastrophe, the grouping of cells that is AZ will reproduce and thrive through a large part of this upcoming century. Two options--embrace or defect. Embracing the West and all it has to offer begins with conditioning for the game. Rigorous exercise and homework is required to have any sort of shot. I have been indocrinated with public schooling and religion from near the beginning. Undergraduate life seems to be a clever attempt to sort through the young and immature ideas I have at this stage and to elaberate on viable pathways. Thus far, the West-compared to the East and tribal notions- has been the most impressive and personally inspiring. The history of the West is the most beautiful story I have yet had a chance to read and visualize.



Yes, there is a major deterrent to outright embracing: war. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. It is an outdated means of enacting policy of the state. Policy can be delivered through a number of different mechanisms, and many of us in the West see the peaceful potential of our union that is collectively referred to as humanity. Trust the market, feel the market, be one with the market. It may sound evil and even stomach turning, but living in the West is living in the Market. The two are permanently married and divorce, no matter how ugly the marrage gets, is not an option. To reject the Market is to reject the West. In good conscious, I cannot reject these two notions contained in my own reality. It's what gave birth to me, raised me, and what I will die in. I accept, by loyal oath, the terms and agreements set before me.



May the Market bless you and keep you holy for all your days. A-men.


AZ-- could the market bless you? Seriously. Does it have the capactity for being sacred? --CM


Good Riddance, Paradise


Could the knowledge of good and evil present the means by which our species has progressed to mass food production, beyond the hunter/gatherer lifestyle? To be one of the many animals on the planet under the subordination of God's will, being ignorant of beginings and endings, to have no knowledge of good or evil but to be a mindless zombie worshiping God without rhyme or reason--how is this glorious fall a punishment? Sure, because human beings know they know, or at least think they "know-how," dissatisfaction and depression go hand and hand with success and happiness. We work. God drove our ancestors from the garden of protection and ignorance and banished mankind to till the field of strife. It took multiple millenia, but I think it paid off to defy God. The internet, books, and TV--I am a happy camper.


In the begining was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. - John 1:1



The Dogma: DNA to RNA to Protein. To best understand God is to read some of his own personal work. Nothing contaminated with human insight; the pure masterpiece of life. Replication, Transcription, Translation. Replicate the word, transcribe that word, and FINALLY translate that word. First of all, the word needs to be replicated. One should read as many contaminated religious texts as possible and replicate that knowledge, taking exactly what one read and keeping a copy in the HD. Next, transcribe what one reads into a language that is suitable for one's personal computer. Sort through the data of the replicated copies and pick out what is new or crucial to one's greater understanding. Finally, translate the transcribed information into useful, acting programs that function to make one's life livable. Love, sacrifice, and honor are such proteins that are vital to an organism's developement.


I have been reading up online about scholarly history concerning the Torah and of Genesis. My claim in class that Moses had written the Torah was yet another Evangelical slip that continues to plague my thoughts and sense of reason. Never raise your children to be Evangelical! The Torah actually was a mosaic of four distinct groups of authors. This is called the JEDP Theory.




D=Deuteronomistic History

P=Priestly Code


The J group of authors and revisionists refer to God as Jahaw and write mainly about human situations and outcomes. The E group refers to God as Elohim and is concerned mainly with larger events, not just human-human interactions. The D group defines community worship and the centralization of power in Jeruselem. The P group explains the geneologies and lines of descent from Adam. Also, this group focuses on the formal relationship between God and his subjects. Each group of authors writes in a different style, often times with different messages. It was up to another group, "R"edactors, that actually synthesizied from each group what we know today as the Torah.


Genesis was written by the J and E groups.



Hey AZ!


Yes, and such slips are beautiful as constructed ideal frames of reference with which to then empty the mind. I personally loved our class yesterday. The task: find the ideal absolute fantasias of what we think we know, dissolve them or crowd them out with competlng fantasias, and somehow try to remember that the new fantasias (like JDEP) are themselves maps and not a territories! Then we respond and wonder at just that smidgeon of a bit more of reality which is stranger not only than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine. ( Haldane) - mobius


Babeling Idiots!


Genesis 11:1-9


This is one of the most interesting concepts in the whole bible. Apparently, God was frustrated with the rate of human progress. Afterall, at this time we have all inherited the knowledge of good and evil. Are we too much like God himself? Is he intimitated by human adaptation? At this point in scripture, the whole world speaks one language. As a result, humanity adapted much more quickly. Instead of using tar and mortar to build the Tower of Babel, to reach God, the humans devised a brick laying system, enabling them to build towards the heavens. The Hebrew God is extremely worried that progression is too highly accelerated. He must slow them down! For the LORD says:


"If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other." Genesis 11:6-7 New International Version


Was Moses on our team? Why would he justify God dumbing down what we've accomplished? There must be a deeper meaning to God's concern. Perhaps human images of God (us) without the wisdom of God are far more dangerous then we can measure or comprehend. Oh wait, never mind: A-BOMB


In regards to my introductory float on Thursday August 30th, at 2:30 in the afternoon:


The onset of the sensory depravation was quick. Within minutes, I felt like I was at a different state of mind. Looking straight into the blackness, vague black on black patterns were visible. The images were as if I had pressed my hands over my eyes with a great deal of force. The exterior of my body felt at one with the water. It felt like my body was elastic in nature, as I would contort my body into odd forms to avoid touching the sides of the tank with my hands and feet. My mental state was a bit off. A feeling of emptiness was upon me, as I was able to fill myself with information that seemed to be slow moving. More than halfway through the float, I saw a distinct white area of space that resembled a moving tapeworm. It would grow, flex, and contract. It was as if it were an opening of some sort. The oddest and most gratifying experience was the exit from the tank. I felt “reborn,” as if I had just gotten out of church or mass. It wasn’t a life-changing event, but I felt the same comfort as when I would have left church feeling complete for the week. I was disoriented and extremely quite following the float. I was at a higher level of peace than before entering.


It ended very abruptly. The longer I was in, the more comfortable I was with the time already spent in the tank. Some parts of the float seemed longer than other parts of the float. I would have to compartmentalize each phase of the float and then make a judgment as to how long it “felt” like I was in. There was a period of time where I could not get my arms comfortable, matched with “pong”-ing the sides of the tank.


Being reborn upon coming out of the tank, all of my senses took a while to readjust to reality. My hearing, sight, and sense of touch were all washed with the void. It was very relaxing, especially as were the several hours afterwards.


The difference has historically existed as a duality. Heaven and hell, yin and yang, good and evil all correlate to an axis of symmetry. It doesn't matter what idea or thought one would fit into this spectrum of duality, the fact of the matter is that it cannot be overlooked, even by certain postmodern constructs. Yes, absolute zero is a thermodynamic ideal. The breakdown of reality as we know it happens at this gradient. Atoms stop following the laws of physics. YIKES! It seems like a perfect starting point in which to begin a Sacred journey. Starting from nothing, following no rules of modern sprituality, AbsoluteZero can only look in one real direction: infinity, the divine.


Absolute zero is a frame of reference that doesn't exist. Limits, such as zero or infinity, can be nothing but ideal points of interest. An ideal can only be seen as a direction in which a particular perception of reality is oriented towards. During the time of my Evangelical youth, my sprit was elevated to a level of supremacy. I was trained to hold my values and beliefs in the highest regard. The only downside to the most awesome high of Commercial Jesus was feeling the vehement disapproval of all other faiths and points of view. For example, until I was twelve years old I was trained to believe that meditation was communication with the dark prince himself. Thank the Lord, when I entered junior high I snapped out of it and toyed with atheism. Within years I resided to a more liberal form of Jesus worshiping. The second Christian phase of my life lasted until I moved to this good ole' town for academic reasons. During both Christian phases of my life, I experienced absolute joy and happiness most every single fucking day of my life. Since those times, I have experienced a noticeable drop in percentage of absolute joy in my life. Jesus withdrawal is absolutely dreadful. I would get back on it, but throughout the day, I have thoughts. I sincerely pray that studying the Sacred from the perspective of AbsoluteZero should hopefully prove to be as fruitful as studying the Sacred from a perspective atop God's glory.

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