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And After

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At the end of the course, what do students have to say about the wiki?













This is itself more significant than any summary or discussion of the technology of the wiki. At the end of the class each student was so thoroughly immersed in the wiki that its presence was no longer felt. Omnipotent Wiki, All-powerful Omnipresent wiki. The blank sheet of paper floating around on the internet was ingested by the class and transformed into a living, breathing entity of thoughts, arguments, anecdotes, videos, projects, links, blogs, pictures, and minds. The class merged, though through separate blogs, into a unified but separate organism talking about Philip K. Dick, Public Key Encryption, and Mobius's bike porn. The connection from the wiki is unlike anything outside of it. I know my classmates, and my classmates know me. I talk to my classmates, and my classmates talk to me. We are wiki'd to the hilt and ready to spread the word. Somehow, we became the wiki and the wiki became us, such that the fear initially felt at that ledge overlooking the information ocean became joy, and our tumble became a willing leap into the future.




Wiki on Wiki

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