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Applications of Wiki

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Wikipedia provides a listing of wiki-based resources.  Specifically, Wikipedia categories these websites into wiki communities.  The topics for these communities of information include:



      This listing shows how Wiki has clearly infiltrated multiple disciplines.  Wiki extends beyond Wikipedia; it has filtered into many other more specific areas of knowledge.


A person with the pseudonym Etherdais contributed the following wiki-based resources: uncyclopedia, encyclopedia dramatica, the knot atlas.


       Wiki extends beyond providing the public with information.  It also serves as a classroom tool.  In ENGL 473 at Penn State, Dr. Mobius uses Wiki has a learning tool for his students.  Feel free to listen to his analysis of Wiki Wiki Interview (Raw Audio).wav


      Visit other pages of Wiki on Wiki to read about ENGL 473 students' perspectives on wiki.


      In addition, students at the University of South Florida have used Wiki in their class.  In this USF class, students linked music, as the following screenshot reveals. 






~Young Jessie 



Wiki Search Engine


A link to the NY Times - user may be asked to create a username and password to access the article.


Created in December, Wikiasari, created by Wikia, will allow web browsers "see how the results were generated and modify those rankings using their own knowledge of the Internet. Any changes could be reversed by a different user, and, as in Wikipedia, long discussions could ensue over the decisions."




A link to the NY Times - user may be asked to create a username and password to access the article.


An article from 2006, it describes a little about the Wiki origin and Mr. Herrick's experiences and inspiriation to start WikiHow.



African Languages on the Wiki

A NY Times Article


At the second Wikimania, held at Harvard in 2006, Martin Bejamin gave a speech about he is creating a Swahili online dictionary. 


In founding Wikipedia, Mr. Wales has said, he aimed to create “a free encyclopedia for every person on the planet in their own language, ”a goal he has defined as having 250,000 entries in every language spoken by more than a million people.




Here's an example of structured Wiki that is made especially for the use of projects.  Major coporations have begun using Twiki because its easy to use and can be protected with a company firewall.  The site explains that companies use Twiki for anything from posting open company positions to designed and documenting projects.



Wiki at Radford University

Learn how Radford University deals with PC users vs. Mac users on the wiki and it's path to popularizing the web space.




 Using the web is perhaps the best way to explain something (wiki) that would only survive and thrives on the web.





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