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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 10 months ago

A Sporecast or a Pollencast? Black Walnut Message Fractal & Planetary Lungs, Again

A WikiCast Contribution to The Asthma Files



Friends, familiarize yourself with the Black Walnut tree. A chemical weapons deployment system for self proliferation and territorialization, the black walnut manifests a plant intelligence some botanists find uncanny: "Strangely, walnut roots transmit a growth-inhibiting chemical which keeps many other trees and plants and even its own kind from growing near it." Black Walnuts grow lacunae as much as they grow nuts and the most prized wood in the world. Black walnuts create open spaces for their solar arrays which bend and twist toward Sol from planet three. Damn, that's some extraterrestrial Plant intelligence if ever I did see some! Starship Earth Indeed!

Seriously, mobius's lungs are telling him a story, again. It's the Eternal Return of the Allergen, an involuntary tuning into Plant Intelligence. Whether it is a sporecast, pollencast or dreamcast, each night mobius awakens at 4 am with extraordinary histamine levels and bronchial awareness. And what with the Sudafed Prohibition, mobius can't cram enough Big Pharma Antihistamines down his gullet to last through the night to stave off the PND. His bloodstream devoid of decongestants favored by humans since they were Neanderthal, mobius's prone lungs begin to bubble like a frat house bong. This is not the sort of awakening mobius seeks.


Learning not to gasp, I sit upright, breathing deliberately and with intention with and through mobius's diaphragm. Think dolphin. Thinking breathing on poipose. Think telos. Think deliberate prana breath each time. Thinking and thanking Gaia for breath practices, an opening of the Central Channel. I drink hot black coffee and eschew an inhaler. I don't have one anyway as they seem to encourage lazy breathing practices. My Rx is biking. My RX is swimming. My RX is deliberate breathing of Kriya Yoga. A question arrives: Can we open our minds enough to welcome the hypothesis that the human allergic response spiking toward infinity represents the noisy reception of a message from Plant Intelligence, Gaia's distributed and emergent angiosperm familiars? Perhaps the message is: Lowered BioDiversity Alert! The fractal structure of the lungs - and new paradigms of thinking about respiration that are likely to result from this new visualization of breath - encourage us to remember the scalar self similarity of mobius's inside and outside. "As Above, So below", sez the old alchemical dictum, and we might add, with mobius, "As outside, So Inside." And Outside, as it were ( this is the place all the Big Pharma Commericals Warn you to avoid, ACHOO!), lowered biodiversity seems to increase, among other things, ragweed pollen production.


If you read reports from ayahuasca drinkers - and you should - you will see that they frequently have recourse to the notion of "plant intelligence" when narrating the phenomenology of ayahuasca experience. Here Plant Intelligence is a cognitive and affective information processing system that, in alliance with human subjectivity, declares an extraordinary intertwingling with Gaia - the recognition and awareness of our, yes, mobiusness. Maybe as biodiversity plummets, allergen levels rise and remind us of what are doing to our celestial abode, a registration of environmental (biometric?) information on the human scale. Hence the frequent trope of "mama" aya drinkers use in their attempts to describe the experience becomes understandable as we recapitulate our awareness of the Mothership Earth through the motifs of the last such developmental grok we were asked to make. This notion of black walnut or mamahuasca as a transmission system for Gaian Intelligence may be too much for you to accept, and is likely to be in that category of epistemological events Information Physicist Steve Wolfram might describe as "irreducible". Here's some doggerl that might make the point:


If it's aya you want to grok

yins gots to cook some in a crock


drink her

don't just think


If yins want to learn more then

click on the link, here


mobius brings up aya because one story his lungs seem to be telling him, again, is that it is time to travel back to Peru for some treatment. mobius's life long asthma was treated most efficaciously in dialogue with a wand wielding bird deity accessed through the plant gnosis of ayahuasca and the caring wisdom of Norma Panduro. Think about it, it's no stranger (and likely more advanced) than dosing yourself on Valium and getting in an MRI chamber..Anyway, it looks like mobius will find some time in his upcoming sabbatical to travel down to visit his teachers. In the meantime, if you are wondering if the phrase "Plant Intelligence" makes any sense, think "black walnut". But be careful with the leaves - they might give you a reaction!

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