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As telebiometrics, biotelemetrics, biometrics and other wetware data capture systems proliferate, hacking strategies will inevitably evolve. In human evolution, evolutionary biologist Geoffrey Miller's work suggests that human language was precisely such a biometric hacking strategy, as language helped humans (1) seduce each other as birds do with song and (2) both inform and misinform each other about their heredity and fitness. As can been seen in its specification hierarchy representation


{Biosphere{Noosphere{wetware biometric modalities{subjectivity{subjectivity-objectivization through telebiometrics{Biotelemetrica/BiotelemetricHackingtools}}}}}


this page will serve as an information sink collecting links and opening a discourse to wetware users and administrators for sharing strategies by which emerging biometric technologies are actively or hypothetically hacked. Please feel free to add links, text, images, scripts etc. This page should become interesting to security analysts and the now burgeoning biometrics hobbyist community and other self aware, embodied systems capable of self modification and self organization :)



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