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Thus Wiki'd Mobius


...A Bubbling and Often Babbling Cauldron of Pathologically Optimistic Wikidelic Discourse, slow driven low and mad like some new language. Prepare for a journey beyond death, the most heavily guarded Fnord road in the world, dubbed by Factualist Certified Wikipedia "confused technobabble", "bizarre (possibly nonsense)"...

Refreshing your Reality Tunnel with involutionary Creative Destruction Since At Least 2006



Transmissions to Mobius - stow your requests for Darshan, messages to be relayed, satsang here, pleazee


Track of the Day


New Blog Space By Mobius


mobius: Only 12 Wiki Daze Until Solsticing!


Yes friends, why noun when we can verb? No matter where I look, mobius just doesn't see any persons, places or thangs. That is why they call them "persons", "places" and "thangs"!  All mobius beholds as he insides outsides is  One, suffused with an incessant dynamism, a continuous discontinuous becoming. Yes there are even more than two paths you can go by: Call it what you like: "plane of consistency", "Shiva", "Substance",  "All That Is", "Lord of the Meeting Rivers", "Noosphere", but call it and, in calling it, notice that you are carrying out an action, a deliberate choice of creative production, destruction, dissolution, preservation, or, even, grace, praise Zarathustra.  Yes, mobius is with Howard Odum, who wanted us all to learn to speak alittle "energese", and Brian Rotman, who points us all in the direction of diagramming. Just say "Verb to the Noun-o-sphere!"


Scientists Agree: Consciousness is Nowhere to be Found and Nothing in Particular


"Rather, all of these measures may provide distinct glimpses into the same distributed state of long-distance reverberation."


For 13.7 Billion years or so, Universe has unfolded. Tuned to thermodynamics, this expanding event in space time rendered dissipative structures: The Great Red Spot of Jupiter renders more entropy than Jupiter devoid of said malestrom. Some networks of dissipative structures seem to notice that they are in fact dissipative structures, and begin looking for its place, forgetting that dissipative structures, despite their name, are dynamic events rather than locations.


"Our results suggest that in the search for neural correlates of consciousness, time-domain, frequency-domain, and causality-based electrophysiological measures should not be seen as competing possibilities. Rather, all of these measures may provide distinct glimpses into the same distributed state of long-distance reverberation."



That grasshopper sure was lying heavy: 'Twas a candy striped leafhopper!



is taking a course on online teaching, online. I like the teachers and the other students, yet something has become obvious: the imperatives shaping online learning experiences have much more to do with extracting labor and obedience than they do with maximizing the web for distributed learning. Many studies have concluded that online teaching takes at least as much time as classroom teaching, yet the 'always on" instructor is trained for constant feedback and the student is trained in obligatory completion of web forms that mime student interaction but ( usually) aren't student interaction or student/teacher interaction. mobius is doing his best to dream how to shift online instuction away from this matrix of labor extraction and toward ecstatic wikidelia of wisdom, so here is one post I made in response to the assignment "Share a tip for managing workload in online instruction"

"I have found, strangely enough, that the way to deal with  time management is very simple: Remember to breathe. When I sit for long periods, often in uncomfortable chairs straining my eyes toward a poorly adjusted screen, I find that I forget my body in direct proportion to my "immersion" in digital space. So my breathing gets shallow, my posture slack, and time disappears. I call this the "web trance" and it has its virtues, but it is not sustainable and leads to being "strung out" by the computer. I know that my students have this problem too, so I have been sharing a tiny bit of prana yoga with them: By breathing with your belly, you focus your attention and increase your awareness of your body. This leads me to adopt a better posture, adjust the screen, stand up, stretch, drink a glass of water or tea. This keeps me from rushing through tasks and keeps me on task, and greatly brightens my mood as I am posting to the class wiki or responding to chat.  I was always a little hesitant to talk about it b/c it seems so obvious and a little weird for people who don't include yoga in their worldview, but I have shared it with students when it seemed appropriate.  But over the years, I have found that it works, and recently I found an online article dubbing the phenomenon "email apnea", so I thought I would share it here.





Watch this space for a January 2010 launch of a free online course developing out of my online learning experiences.




It is clear that we are all drowning in a sea of information. The challenge is to learn to swim in that sea, rather than drown in it. Better understanding and better tools are desperately needed if we are to take full advantage of the ever-increasing supply of information described in this report.


Lyman and Varian, "How Much Information?"



"Some say that my teaching is nonsense.

Others call it lofty but impractical.

But to those who have looked inside themselves,

this nonsense makes perfect sense.

And to those who put it into practice,

this loftiness has roots that go deep." Lao Tzu

mobius: "It's A Cosmic Ballroom Blitz!"

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Yes, it seems that in such a cosmos as this, only the intriguing ones survive. To wit: in order to be beheld ( and yins knows the cosmos wants to be beheld), the cosmos must intrigue. For this to be an interesting world at all, i.e. epic, some things must at once both demand and elude recall. Biology thrives on such "negative assurance" ( de Man) towards the maximization of uncertainty and entropy.  Quantum choosiness by consciousness - and like it or no, humans have grabbed, gobbled, a major piece of that bandwidth - means that all the other worlds devoid of such teleological entropic attractors, ain't!  As the alchemist said: As above,. so below, which is why we can do so much denken with our cojones... It's our noble yes quixotic purpose to send the absurdity forward - Cosmic Ballroom Blitz!


mobius: Syntropy, I Choose You! A Toast to "Not Right Now, I am Busy Erasing a Twitter Post"

Why have the big recent story spikes in the memeplex - Iran/Twitter, Nasa/Video, Orwell/Kindle - all concerned erasure? Landauer ( 1961) is part of a long line of physicists and mathematicians whose analysis reminds us that not even nothing - or, that is, the deliberate production of nada - is "free", thermodynamically speaking, praise Gaia. So as we develop ever more compressed modalities and quantities of information storage and retrieval ( such as this here wikidelic sentence, tweety tweet tweetio!), we should expect ever new forms of entropy proper to each shift in medium, and we should expect to find them where the minimum thermodynamic unit - erasure, the creation of a blank - is attempted and where it seeks perfect information retrieval: Archiving the archetypical moment for posterity, "The Eagle Has Landed, Tweet: The Election has Been Stolen" ( Special Noospheric Note: mobius will yes introduce a new SI unit to measure such a capacity to erase, and it shall be dubbed the Rotman, after the semiotician and mathematician whose work makes it possible. mobyes's Erdos number will then manfest. End Noospheric Note) Ergo, ergot, the Moon Hoax is Erased; The Gulf War Never Happened; Orwell is Erased by Amazon, It is Owned By Somebody Else ( who happens to be, according to at least one intepretation of the Popol Vuh,  the Mayan God "Not Right Now", whose name will join all other arbitrary signifiers 2-3-2012 when it will be then as it is Right Now, Eternal. )


It's perhaps good to know, tho, that this trend toward ever more entropy ( yin?) is meshed ( yanged?) with ever more complexity, with a brief segment of the Big Bang Metabolic Chain that goes something like this: nada become multiple, solar bombardment ( radiation) + cyanobacteria + transduction + eurkaryotic conjunction function, plus nervous system ( that's you, ya verterbrate!) plus self reflexivity ( e.g. Lamarck creates verterbrate/inverterbrate taxonomy) plus wiki ( collective reflection on lamarckian evolutionary strategies, 2gether). As collective biological systems we manifest ever increasing capacities for the dissipation of energy, pulled as we are into an ever more entropic future out of nada for which we give thanks. To quote one of the birds from the end of a turntable in Bedrock, but this time with feeling coming out of the mouth of a certain Grasshopper,  "It's a living, Praise Jah!"




post Bastille Day, 2009

mobius:"I'm pbwiki whacked"

He admits it: Present sentences excluded, pbworks doesn't. Watch as mobius adds an image of seaweed to his wiki'd brew: chokity choke. "Now lemme cut that page in half to comply with pbwiki limit on page size." ( a curious notion, that, a limited wiki). Nopity nope. In an age of "Yes We can! ( and we can, brethren), pbworks is playing "Yes we can't!" So mobius hereby announces the evolution of a scheme to migrate BlueSkyBifurcation elsewhere. A wiki abduction in the night, BlueSky will, as its nature, bifurcate. To nowhere and beyond! TAZ coordinates to come.


All eyes on this wikidelic vortex for the Initiation into the Great Noospheric Exodus. Tweet!



Knick Knack, Bladder Wrack, ding dangity dong


mobius hath return from Maineiacal Epic Journeys an adept in Ping Pong!


Now check this track, mobius declares it




Brimming with Whackery


If yins Check mobyes' past lives


There's prolly a Thackery!






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mobius: My Letter to a Nicaraguan Friend


I was very sorry to read about the events in Honduras. I noticed that the military needed to fly past Nicaragua to Costa Rica...It is good, though, to see that world opinion is united behind the forces of democracy. Both Bushes,  of course, sullied this language of encouraging democracy abroad in name only while stifling it at home , and Reagan did the same through the interventions in Nicaragua in the name of "democracy"  and launching intelligence operations against US organizations and citizens involved in Central America ( Cf. The FBI operations on CISPEs.) Indeed, this seems to be what the rhetoric of democracy has been about most of the time. But there can be no doubt about Obama's response, and I suspect that as with Peru, we are seeing a re-calibration of the US role as a forceful team player in the region. I think some amazing things are on the horizon "if", to quote Pink Floyd out of context, "we all pull together as a team" :) If the recent past is a guide, Obama will move to ramp up pressure as suppression is used by the military. The coming months should be very interesting in Iran as well, as the opposition falls back but the "victorious" regime wonders what it is going to do. I pray for the continued calm strength of Nicaragua in the midst of this global re-allignment to which  both of our countries seem key.

Love health and best wishes to all your projects and your family.


P.S. If you think it would be appropriate, please let us have a dialogue on this matters as citizens of our two countries and reproduce it on the wiki. It may add in some small way to the participation of all of us in this emerging global consciousness that respects individuals, cultures and nations, but integrates them into a larger planetary framework for optimal and "inexorable evolution"( Buckminster Fuller).



I am sorry to hear of this terrible story of Arguello. I think you are right to remind us that politicians, who sometimes seem like science fiction creations ( and often are),  are also fundamentally and essentially a part of our human-ecosystemic collective, and need to be mourned and revered as such.  And we can feel real compassion for Arguello when we see that this system of the nation/state is broken, thoroughly so, and that instead we must affirm the already existing noospheric, global consciousness that is putting the nation/state into such disarray. ( US, Iran, Lebanon, Honduras? Venezuela?) The center cannot hold when the Whole is evolving. Slowly and inexorably, a commons is forming that is up to the task of recognizing our planetary nature. This is the proper response to global economic and ecosystemic distress: we must outflank the impulse to war by forming transnational communities of mutual aid, less formal than NGO's, but ubiquitous. Could peer to peer financing be a way to make these connections actual and palpable? Grassroots, open source organizations are capable of radical innovation with "ambient" material - already existing labor, energy, space, etc.  Paired with widespread community level inquiry into and investment in sustainability, how could we lose?


I am glad you are playing tennis. Play is vital to our being!


As for US involvement in Honduras: Given US history there, it would be foolish to rule it out, but it was pretty striking to see Obama with Ortega taking the Honduras issue to the UN. A rogue unit perhaps? When Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex, he was hardly using metaphor: there is so much complexity in that system that it will likely take years to unravel. But we can do it. Yes we can!


Yours in Pathological Optimism,






P.S. Are you sure you want to use that fake name?



"Good-bye Blue Sky"




As you may or may not have heard, the mayor of Managua shot himself in the heart on the account of "too much pressure". Rumors have it that he was trying to resign and Ortega wouldn't let him. More than a politician (and some people would argue that everyone is more than a politician), Alexis Arguello was professional boxer with three world titles in three different categories. 


With all these recent events, everyone is talking politics. Opinion is divided on whether Zelaya will return as president or not. One opinion that seems to be shared, however, is the US' participation in the coup. Many believe that this had been planned and organized by the US military due to the ALBA's increasing power. I don't think that possibility is too farfetched.


Truthfully, I am relieved that one less leftist leader is in power. Zelaya, who's every other word was "democracy" during his address last night, is being charged with 18 crimes and drug-dealing possibly being the 19th. I love Nicaragua and do not wish its people to suffer from the greed of a power-mongering puppet-master (Chavez). He might be doing a good job with protecting the culture of Latinamerica but has, indirectly, caused the loss of diplomatic relations between Nicaragua and many countries. Since we are not as economically strong as Venezuela, Nicaragua relies on the financial and technical aid from countries that Ortega doesn't seem to appreciate. Our President has done a great job with increasing literacy, protecting the environment, and maintaining the roads (they're awesome), but fails to see the inevitability of globalization. (I would bet a Cordoba or two that he doesn't know how to use the internet. He probably thinks that being On-line is the hip way of saying that one is on coke).


Back to Honduras, I have noticed how the police has moved north to "protect" the borders. When I first arrived here, the coppers were on every corner, so that they could collect "las navidades" (the christmas pay) or "la mordida" (the bite [of the wallet]). Now the streets are empty, and my transportation expenses have diminished, finding myself with an extra 100-cord bill ($5).


I hope that this global re-alignment doesn't mean war. In times of hunger and crisis people might pick up arms for food and money.


"Did-did-did-did-you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter

When the promise of a brave new world

Unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?"


I have a strong belief that good will eventually come out from this, and probably everyone who lingers in this corner of the internet is a bearer of light.


Raul Guerra


PS. everything is great with the family and I hope the same for yours. I spent most of yesterday here and was feeling completely purified until I hurt my eye playing tennis--too much top-spin and my back-hand is sub par. :)




Mobius: Is "Tao" another word for "evolution" or is it the "evolution" of the Tao?


  mobius, ever reflecting on the nature of nature's reflection back unto itself, doth once again ponder the peacock feather. Might something "higher" - more abstract and yes Mysterious,  less resolveable into ordinary space/time and experience, provocative of uncertainty and even visions - be relayed by the "tiger tiger burning bright" of sexually selective traits? Thermodynamics suggests to mobius that this is so, so does this little ditty, sung to the tune of " A Few of my favorite things", via Coltrane, until it is not:


Birdsong and language, 

and bowerbird condos


latest new dances and endless dance combos


Call it "tantra"


and its yantra


is it girl yin and boy yang?!


Is the dowry


tuned  toward Tao,  mais oui


and right now it's language is French!?"

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Of the Tao: "it enriches vegetation with moisture, and permeates stones and metals; it causes the growth of birds and beasts, giving to the one rich and glossy fur, to the other abundant plumage, and horns to the antlered stag. The fœtus of no animal fails of maturity, nor is the egg of any bird addled before it is hatched. The father has not to mourn the death of his son, nor the elder brother that of the younger; the lad is not left an orphan, nor the wife a widow. Rain-clouds and the rainbow never appear, nor do stars of evil omen pass across the sky. Such are the effects of secret or inherent Virtue. "

Ringity ring, tweety tweet tweet, mobius hears the noosphere callin'.  No stallin'!

Ringtone is the sound of one crowd advancin', enhancin'


Chants, Democratic


Hey, Broadcast Media:

It's all Shiva, Neda

Allah is yes One

Hail Mary and Check my Buddha Belly


Suppress the noosphere

and yins will be undone.


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mobius: "A Victory in Peru!"


Stay tuned for continuous noopsheric vigilance, but thanks to Nicaragua's help and global outcry over the military operation against 30,000 unarmed indigenous protesters, Peru's government "is set to send a bill to Congress revoking land laws that led to deadly clashes between the police and indigenous protestors in the Amazon."

mobius: "No Time for Poutin', Local Trees R Sproutin'!"


All praise to the plant intelligence that is 99 percent of the biomass of this here Blue Liquid Orb of Our Ancestors. Praise Jah, praise the bhang lovin'  Shiva,  the musical bandwidth of the noosphere hath sprouted Local Trees, a holy plant infused hip hop of planetary noospheric righteousness. Burn "Elephants Dance Corridors" to your hard disk, there ain't no risk, this crew catches plant beats like Carlton Fisk!  These Trees are Local but yes Glocal: illuminatin', the noosphere is translatin' holy rhymes for our times, so no more hesitatin'!



mobius: "Just Say No to the Fossilfuelosphere!"  An Indian Massacre for Oil


Now friends, mobius tries to keep it positive as we hurtle toward the green Buddha future of inexorable evolution, if only because positivity feedback loops work better than negativity feedback loops as we strive daily toward bootstrapping the planet into sustainable collectively indiviudated awareness. But good and evil, as expected, keep up their incessant to-in' and fro-in', and right now mobius weeps for the indigenous people of Peru who have been massacred in military operations designed to remove all obstacles to unfettered fossil fuel development. Independent observers report that the army is hiding the bodies from the massacre of at least 30 Peruvian Indians who had been protesting to block fossil fuel development on their territories. Let us shine a light on them, direct from the noosphere: There is a direct causal link between fossil fuel depletion and this massacre. Get on your bike, walk, get on the bus, Gus: don't drive until Peruvian President Alan Garcia stops the war against indigenous land rights. Watch the video below if you want to see what goes into filling your gas tank.

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mobius: "Wiki is the Medium is the Message Wiki'd"


Richard Doyle, The Wiki is the Medium is the Message

Reviewed by Mary Karcher

I have to say I have never attended a keynote speech quite like that given by Dr. Richard Doyle. I’m sure I have never laughed so much at a keynote speech, and I know I have never before been asked to chant a mantra. However Doyle’s entertaining and engaging talk provoked me, along with the rest of the 200 or so audience members, to do just that. With a rather unassuming appearance and in a laid-back manner, Doyle offered the title of his talk, “the wiki is the medium is the message”, as a remix of McLuhan, as a mantra, and as a framework for his discussion of wikis, Wyrd! and technology.

Doyle began by pointing out that even when we are not ‘plugged in’ or ‘switched on’, still we are all caught up in technology. We live in a world so bombarded by information that, as Doyle jokingly observed, it is like we are living with planet-wide attention deficit disorder. He explained that we live in a world of infoquake; in the first 800,000 years of human kind we had 12 exabytes of information (1 exabyte = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes). From the year 2000 to the year 2001 we doubled that amount of information. As a culture, we are incredible manipulators of information. If we as compositionists are to be involved in the creation and dissipation of that information, then we should be concerned with how to deal with all the information, and how to help our students do likewise. Wyrd! is the name of the wiki product Doyle has been involved with in his teaching, and he offered his own experience with using wikis in his syllabus as a method of helping students understand the interconnectedness of information and of their place as creators and manipulators of information.

Doyle argued that we need what he referred to as ‘sunga,’ a sense of intertwingleness, because in fact our senses lie to is when they tell us that we are individual selves isolated from others. Doyle’s project Wyrd! involves having students go through a series of activities that ultimately help them to realize the interconnectedness of all people and of all information. First Doyle asks his students to isolate themselves from any form of online communication or information. Next he has his student post three times for three weeks to a class wiki. Stage three is to then have the students create links to three of their classmates’ wiki pages, regardless of whether or not those links make sense. Through this, and through looking at the links created by the others, Doyle claimed that the students slowly begin to discover that everything in the world is connected to itself, that we are living on a plane where all things are interconnected. According to Doyle, what ends up happening is that students start to take responsibility for their actions, for their interactions with others, and for their writing.

By way of a conclusion, Doyle drew a parallel between our culture’s fears about the scarcity of natural resources, and its fears about being unable to deal with the plethora of information. He claimed that we live in a discourse of scarcity, a discourse that says we are running out natural resources like coal and water; that we are running out of energy. In actuality, according to Doyle, we are being bombarded by enormous amounts of energy, for example from the sun; we just need to know how to use it. In the same way, we need to know how to process, remix and dissipate the wealth of information available to us online, and for Doyle, the wiki is one way to do that.


mobius: "What the Black Walnut Said?"




Not speech but -


its spacing, tendril'd


"Twas Brillig", actual


a wave of wind, greening, keening


Singing the Tragi-comic


Call it, Black Walnut Tropic


"Green Shimmer. Glimmer. I am finished"


"Perfection of wild logos tantrums, Plant Access Denied"


"What you are is is-ing, you get to finish you youself."



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mobius: "Reach for the Noosphere!"



mobius reminds hisself &  his digital sangha that "letting go"  of habit structure is always always always the right thing to do. Becoming the Overman or "the meaning of the earth" pace Zarathrustra means not begrudgin' becoming its' due.  This sometimes requires dropping out of the external world for awhile, going on retreat, even in your kitchen. It can be hard to tend the inner monastery without tuning the outer one. When you can, and even when you can't, drop out of your routines to discover the ways to tune your world toward Thriving, rather than toward the ways you have been historically and habitually bequeathed. The perrenial philosophy teaches practices for amplifying and actualizing an inner light, a Self, and if anything like it manifests out of the practices, it is self overcoming itself, your capacity to affirm an urge to overcome yourself through continuous growth. You are... the past, a sequence of words referring to a past that never happened seeking to overcome itself. That can be rough news on a Monday am, but it is the Good News itself, so get  good with it!


One way to get Good with it is to work on integrating the Noosphere as a script into your everday epic. The diagram above sprouted on the web, and mobius is sampling it as a diagram for directing his thoughts. Adding another layer to my reality that calls attention to the effects of attention seems to dynamize the universe, making mobius more response-able. It increases my capacity to focus my attention, which yields healthy results, which encourages the focusing of attention, and so on. I am experimenting with using the above diagram as a way to direct my attention on the Big Picture when I get a little lost. Then the focus can be on something besides not being lost :)

mobius "TAZ in all directions!"


May Day, May Day! mobius Intertwingles: "I have Surveillance site "Ugolog" Screenshot on my Wiki'd Screen!"




See http://biotelemetrica.pbworks.com/BioTelemetrica for further hints on radically anonymous collective intelligence and the peer to peer privacy planet, aka, "Project "Pop!" Goes the Noosphere, The Intertwingularity is here!"


mobius: "Prepare to be Diagnosed!" Complete mobius Interview for Singularity Hub Blog Now Available!

Extracts to be found in excellent surveillance story by that Johnson,  Drew Halley, here:




I've been writing for a singularity blog recently, covering nano, neuro, robotica, you name it... cool gig, and it pays!  Who says journalism is dead?  Anyhow, I'm doing an article on miniature cameras which I'm weavin into a more general piece on surveillence, privacy, etc: your own territory!  I was hopin to throw some interview Q's your way, and get some more general discussion of biotelemetrics involved.  Story is due Friday, so if you can type me somethin spicy by then, I'd love it.  Here's some queries, if ya have time pick a few and respond:

1. How do you see the increasing presence of digital cameras (specifically in the hands of the general public) impacting the social landscape?


More porn, much more. If anything is indicated by past information technology trends, porn will mutate and proliferate past an ontological threshold where we all have to play within  a porn matrix to leave progeny and/or have lovers, This will be the real "eugenics" critics have feared if it falls into a "winner fuck all" attractor, and only creativity and diversity will save us from banal thrusting repetition. Add Miller's Mating Mind to ubiquitous networked cameras, and we get highly encrypted real time porn peercast. It's a  good thing we'll have a global network of tantric transducers to send peer to peer anonymous but biometrically verified tactile "massage messages" too, or it could be a real bummer!


Driven by this encrypted real time peercast, we will live in a surreal mixture of total transparency and radically increased anonymity. The "obscenity of the real" ( Baudrillard) will be rejected by many, who will instead either don scramble suits ( Cf. Dick, Scanner Darkly) and/or  adorn themselves with feathers and jewels in an eternal return of sexual selection  motifs. I will likely join them in the woods.


2. Do you consider the ubiquity of video & audio recordings to be a danger to individual privacy and liberty?  Why or why not?  What do we lose (or gain) with these technologies?



Yes, they are a danger, though of course privacy is itself as much a product of technology ( think the envelope) as publicity is. I think if we play it right and bring collective intelligence to bear, we can emerge with radically increased anonymity through "peer to peer privacy networks." These would be decentralized systems for sharing encrypted biometric data running on public key encryption. This would allow you to demonstrate anonymously where you had been, without actually divulging your identity. For banking and medical records, there is a big need for this,The technologies and their governance are still emerging, so now is the time to work towards maximizing creative anonymity as well as  trying to "protect" privacy. The good news is that sexual selection in evolution seems to excel at ways of transmitting information and as well as encrypting it. Olivia Judson's book Dr. Tatiana's Sex Guide to All Creation, in its description of the "war between the sexes" could be read in precisely this way.

3. What can we expect in the future in terms of new recording technologies?  Should we regulate and restrict these technologies as they emerge?

Motion capture will come out of the lab, leap past WII and into our bods as we begin dynamically mapping aspects of our embodiment. At first this will be good old biopower - prepare to be diagnosed! Yet these new modalities of corporeal media will give us clues, feedback we can respond to in real time to maximize bliss or any other response, I can imagine, for example, nanosenors that track endogenous DMT activity for real time reality and dream tuning.

Restricting and regulating these technologies is unlikely to any more successful than Hollywood and the RIAA attempting to restrict the sharing of mp3 and videos. Those of us concerned and interested in these emerging technologies should instead work toward bringing the maximum collective intelligence and creativity to bear on their use. For example, a noospheric network of peer to peer embodiment could allow us to synch creatively with human and non human allies across the planet, growing a truly global consciousness thriving on compassion and mutual aid. It is going to be a glorious time to be an anarchist as we grow the green buddha future.

4. How do you see the human-machine interface evolving with regard to audiovisual technologies?  Will humans soon be cyborgs?

"We don't know what a body can do!" ( Spinoza via Deleuze). I think the keywords here are "feedback" and "tuning". We are of course already cyborgs in some sense - our external memory storage ( Donald) is not the least of the ways in which our human phenotype is actually ecological in size and scope. I enhance my vision with lenses,  I ride a bike to self locomote, and this sort of augmentation will of course continue. But I think the big effects will come from our ability to learn how to better creatively deploy and explore our embodiement through new forms of feedback enabled by highly sensitive and tiny sensors that will begin to provide real time feedback on our embodiment, It's going to take a direct investigation of consciousness to navigate this new world, and nobody can do that for us but ourselves. Think yoga as the modality for exploring the new interfaces: a rennaissance of wetwares! Timothy Leary was right to use the terminology of "tuning" the last time we saw a  new (albeit archaic) technology demanding our conscious participation and attention.

5. Singularity, yea or nay?

Singularity is in effect, get a late pass! Human consciousness IS the singularity - in deleuze's sense. I think it is both an obstacle that presents our thoroughly unique ordeal of development ( and awakening) as well as a radical individuation that is not primarily individual. As the noosphere evolves, we all learn how to become individuated, together.  I would suggest that much of what is perceived by visionaries as the coming singularity is in fact their own increasing awareness of their own totally unique consciousness  embedded in  and thorughly interconnected with larger scale ecosystemic structures (.e. Gaia) mapped back onto the exernal world. It is not the so called "external world" world changing as much as our experience of our inner world that is changing in contact with a (perhaps) unprecedented infoquake and increase in interconnectivity, In fact, if we take seriously practices of consciousness alteration such as meditation ( and mobius does), then it is difficult to comprehend how these visions could literally be anything other than the content of the visionaries own minds, In other words, the Kurzweil's and Vinges of the world are right on, there is something happening, &  what is happening is the continuous increase in our collective and individual awareness of the role our own unique consciousness has to play in the further evolution  of this planet. I find the noosphere to be a more fecund map for this transformation, if only because it forces us to think on a trans-individual scale even while it requires total individuation - we each have unique role to play in evolving the collective, Just Say Yes to the Noosphere!





mobius: Value of Emptiness Spikes Toward Infinity on Subjective Infinite Quest, aka "Everyday Epic"

Mood: Dialing toward Gurdjieff; Vibin'


RX: Transduce inner star power - Mantra: "This Void Star Feels Like Dancin'! Gesture: Switch Kick, Reload With Clear Light Frontal. DMT module activates through poetry. Start writing your own!


Plan B: "It's Full O' Holes, It's Full o'holes"


 "A Joy as old as suffering And Despair" ( Burroughs, Western Lands)








All teh filth and horror... flows between you and the Western Lands

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Doggerel Intimations of Immortality Via Single Speed Return From Stone Valley, In Corduroy


Manifesting Zero, YinfNords R My Hero
When I do the crab walk
I'm imitatin' De Niro
Sorcerer's Gait, A bouncing Lama
Not Raging, Nor  Caging
In fact, It's No Frakking Bull!
When wither my ego
my heart become full!
Gleanin', seamin'
those lines 'o flight
elasticine body o' light
in dreams mobius's scopin'
gleams of cosmic hopin'
through tropin', rope a dopin'
I ride up mountains like I'm  antelopin'!
Let the rhymes float
Around my teaching, there ain't no moat
Just smilin'
Not crocodilin'
Aber  Si!
my attention is dialing fNord



mobius: Calling All Technical Sergeants, Merchants of Whale Dreck Behold "Reports from the Post Factualist Field", a Special Issue of "FnORD" MagaZine devoted to  absurdly accurate re-enactment of the Naked Lunch. For 50 years this Burroughsian Word Horde has sent its One tendril through meme flesh and beyond, opening vast alien landscapes of insect lust. Send trials and tributes, this address.




Thus wiki'd mobius



Mobius: You Must have Chaos within you to give Birth to a Dancing Star

From Olaf Stapledon, "The Starmaker", http://arthursclassicnovels.com/arthurs/stapledon/0601841h.html


"But could this indescribable union of ours really have any significance at all beyond itself? Did it, for instance, prove that the essential nature of all human beings was to love, rather than to hate and fear? Was it evidence that all men and women the world over, though circumstance might prevent them, were at heart capable of supporting a world-wide, love-knit community? And further, did it, being itself a product of the cosmos, prove that love was in some way basic to the cosmos itself? And did it afford, through its own felt intrinsic excellence, some guarantee that we two, its frail supporters, must in some sense have eternal life? Did it, in fact, prove that love was God, and God awaiting us in his heaven?

No! Our homely, friendly, exasperating, laughter-making, undecorated though most prized community of spirit proved none of these things. It was no certain guarantee of anything but its own imperfect rightness. It was nothing but a very minute, very bright epitome of one out of the many potentialities of existence. I remembered the swarms of the unseeing stars."


mobius: "I denounce the rhetoric of denunciation!"


Forget about it: The intertwingularity is near my friends, which means that it is time to mesh if we are to surf through the turbulence that shall ensue as the old paradigms and valuations, praise Jah, crumble, tumble and fall, like California in a Steely Dan song, into the sea. Alan Greenspank made a mistake in his reality variable - join the frakking club! All mobius knows is that he doesn't, he ain't, and above all he ain't innarested in continuing business as usual in any which way. Thermodynamics is calling us out, and if we are all 2 intertwingle unto the noosphere, we have to break our bureaucractic and institutional and yes political habit structures 4ever and ever, amen.



"everybody splice himself in with everybody else"


"The Noosphere has reached self-sustainability"


"Researchers at the Fraunhofer Society have released the first biotelemetric study of the Noosphere. Apparently, 7th circuit feedback, via the musking scent of badgers, has provided a vital link in understanding the non-linear boundaries of this phenomena. It seems as though the pineal gland registers a peculiar curl pattern in its gradient, much like a gaussian probabibility distribution would. Commented one member of the team...Badgers, well, they just seem to get it." While the study awaits confirmation from the Hubble Telescope, word on the ground is... fNorD!


Mobius:"...ein heiliges Ja-sagen."



mobius: Noospheric Remix of Nietzsche's \"Truth and Lie in an Extramoral Sense" in Effect!


"One might invent such a fable and still not have illustrated sufficiently how wretched, how shadowy and flighty, how aimless and arbitrary, the human intellect appears in nature. There have been eternities when it did not exist]; and when it is done for again, nothing will have happened. For this intellect has no further mission that would lead beyond human life. It is human, rather, and only its owner and producer gives it such importance, as if the world pivoted around it. But if we could communicate with the mosquito, then we would learn that he floats through the air with the same self-importance, feeling within itself the flying center of the world. There is nothing in nature so despicable or insignificant that it cannot immediately be blown up like a bag by a slight breath of this power of knowledge; and just as every porter wants an admirer, the proudest human being, the philosopher, thinks that he sees on the eyes of the universe telescopically focused from all sides on his actions and thoughts."


When we read Nietzsche, we have to read from an emptiness of meaning in order to inhabit the full incandescence of Nietzsche's rhetoric. In order to fathom what he has offered, if we are to accept "the golden ball" Zarathustra tosses towards us, and play, we then must drop out of our own habit structure and drop in to Nietzsche's rhetorical wave field and be buffeted by it. We must accept the gift. ( in German, we are "vergiftet" by Nietzsche, what I would translate as "dosed.")


In other words, we must actively consent to Nietzsche's word magic. We must say "Yes!" to it as a "holy yes saying" - we must experiment with it as a script for actualizing the metamorphoses described first in the Birth of Tragedy - it is as a mixture ( Apollo, get down with Dionysus! Dionysus, heed James Brown and "get on up!") that the gift of the tragic comes forth. Mixmaster Nietzsche locates the prescription to the Pharmakon, and it begins: make a mixture, create a multiplicity. And make no mistake: this "potion" is eternal wisdom, the wisdom of the eternal: one must become the "ideal spectator" and experiment, work toward toward inhabiting the space of the overman, what I here translate as noosphere.


Right away we are summoned to the highest calling, Nietzsche's aforementioned "goal" that is not, Zarathustra insists, "The Way": our role as Creators and hence Shiva re-enactors. The world for Nietzsche can only be justified as an aesthetic process, a fount of creation. To heed Zarathustra and become "the meaning of the Earth", We become Pele, and sprout volcanoes of discourse, sometimes typed. "One might invent a fable" in which we twist and turn in the flame with Nietzsche, making ashes of our habit structure. We agree to the terms of the cosmic, evolutionary imperative offered by Zarathustra: The human being is to be overcome, and one name for that is noosphere.


Perhaps in this tug of the thermodynamic on us - we are burning up with what Nietzsche discusses as Life as we collectively treat "human" as an evolutionary vector, 2gether, Homo Expermentalistas - we are pulled toward recombinant forms that are no less individuated even while they become transpecies, become satyr, wiki'd. Reading, practicing, growing plants, finding our way, we are squeezing and searing our embodiment into a shape worthy of its divine mission, creating more and more such that it can be destroyed or otherwise manifest all those other aspects of Shiva - preservation, dissolution, destruction, and yes, grace. For if we humans are for Nietzsche "flighty", and to be "compared with the mosquito", it is because we always and everywhere tend toward ascent, the creation of ever more complex forms of order. Like the flighty mosquito that, yes, is inspired to dance, we swarm and become less a location than a mixture of movement and intelligence. Dissipative structures far from equilibrium reflect back on themselves, becoming conscious of their telos. Oh my friends, the mosquito sings along with the cicadae: human being is to be overcome. Just Say Yes to the Noosphere!


Thus Wiki'd mobius


mobius: "Yage Letters " Sent Me



"I will speak, therefore, of a letter." Derrida, 'Differance"


It turns out that the letters between Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs published as "Yage Letters", ain't. That is, the epistolary form of the text is just that: a form adopted by Burroughs as a rhetorical device for folding his new hybird text form, channeling extraterrestrial, into a text consumable and readable by a paying audience. Those who have read Burroughs' Naked Lunch - itself ACTUALLY based on letters to Ginsburg - may give thanks for the handhold of the epistolary form. As with Frankenstein, that other text stitched together out of the epistolary form, it is perhaps only through the appearance of a letter that the monstrous - the real - can be rendered. Au meme temps, of course, this begs a fabulous question, since Burroughs himself famously attributed his word horde to anybody but himself. Oliver Harris has given us an enormous gift with his fastidious and obsessive tracking of the different textual manifestations and transformations of yage Letters, but he does not seem to consider the possibility that the title is a literal one, naming not letters between Ginsberg and W.S.B, but letters, words, interruptions transmitted by Yage, ayahuasca, plant intelligence. mobius, whose own journey to South America was driven by a desire to comprehend Burrough's journey in search of yage, now transmits this very suggestion.


mobius: "Get Your Free Valis Pink "Yes to the Noosphere!" Bracelet While Supplies Last!"


That's right, friends. Some loving member of this ever so distributed sangha, focusing on the clear light, actualized a vision mobius had ( or was that a mobius the vision had?) months ago to create "Yes to the Noosphere!" latex (twist them and they mobius?!) bracelets. These are day-glo pink and are sure to announce your nascent noospherical status to others in an unmistakable collective signal that it's time to slowly and deliciously bootstrap into collective individuated awareness. Bootstrap your arm, arm your bootstrap: Pink bracelets for the Green Buddha Future - The Interwingularity is Near! mobius gives thanks and praise and sez if you send off a SASE to 318 Hill Drive, State College, PA, 16801, mobius'll stuff that envelope full of 100 percent pure wyrd manifesting out of the pink light of love and send it back to yins. Void Where Prohibit*D.


Jet Li 4 The Noosphere 2Gether!




Mobius: "Silence! Beat Logos Manifestation In Effect!"


mobius has been doing his utmost to channel Plato, er, Socrates, scratch that: mobius has been awakening his Inner Sophist. Forged out of a fresh encounter with the Phaedrus and Sophist, mobius found heemself working with both as guidebooks to navigating the Logos, the unfolding cosmic Wyrd that periodically overtakes mobius or anybody who weaves rhetorical practices like intensive dialog, collective and even competitive exegesis, thrice weekly wiki posting or simple chanting ("half half half half half half half half" combined with the visualization of, yes, splitting. This is an introduction to shamanic dismemberment) into their everyday practice. The mind is a highly plastic symbolic transformer capable of working on itself, and nowhere is this clearer or more palpable than in our use of language (rhetoric) to feedback on our own minds, yo! So mobius listens carefully to the Socratic dictum to shut up long enough to "know thyself", & dang if the result isn't a flow of words not recognizably his own. Breaking through the layer of "chattering monkey" thought towards silence, another layer of inner discourse begins to come into relief. And while speaking under the influence of the Sophist last night, mobius found himself reminding all listeners that this Logos of the ecstatic kind, recognizable as the divine madness in Phaedrus, manifested again as the Beats. No sooner had he uttered it than ( next morning), he received this link of Ginsberg summing it all up better than mobius can even channel. so once again mobius will shut up so you can listen to Ginsberg:





mobius: "True Enough" is "True" Enough for Noospheric Bootstrapping?!


Jan 26 ( On a first name basis - with a month!)



Time everlastin'

Time to Play B-Sides...


"Burning for You", Blue Oyster Cult


The Grasshopper Lies Heavy was a B-Side to a single that remained unreleased on vinyl, trying desperately to become a lo-fi flexidesk by an appropriately named upstart band from South Florida dubbed "Flexhawk". In the meantime, plans were hatched to etch and sketch Grasshopper in 20 nm font ( or was that pixels?) as the first nano jingle for itself in self referential history. Etched in wafers and dusted over the surface of all major cities, each particle hosted uncountable iterated vibrating, resonating Grasshoppers, vortices of true and false that temporarily spiked subjective uncertainty levels (SUL) towards infinity. Those who attempted to fathom Grasshopper, exhausted through all night reading sessions bathed in the light of mercury, plugged street lamps dancing white noise penumbra with each other. I said "Shield yer eyes!"



You know Godel, Oh Escher Oh Bach and yes Turing

The lot of them dug self-reference

oh, so alluring

But do you recall,

The most famous self referentially audacious Insect of all?


The Grasshopper Lies (So) Heavy

He smokes a spliff the size of

your Chevy

rolled in pages

torn from cages

rollin more bones

for sages




Not Swearin'

and learning while burning

Forget the Singularity -

The Intertwingulariy is Near


Each moment is connected

not vivisected, dissected, misdirected But



Now yer knowing



My Fraternity

Not to mention

my Maternity

Hail Mary And

Check my Buddha belly


But hold the frakking mutton



The Grasshopper Lies (So) Heavy

He smokes a spliff the size of

your Chevy

rolled in pages

torn from cages

rollin more bones

for sages




Not Swearin'

Forget the Singularity -

The Intertwingulariy is Near






mobius: "I Declare this Wiki a Temple of and to nada".


mobius: "Is the Electric Guitar an Ontological Technology?"






mood: affirm inner crustaceae and Socratic Insect Habit

mantra: Affirm inner crustaceae and Socratic Insect Habit

mobius: "Noospheric Phase Transition In Effect?!"


(1)Recall that any given change in quantity can also effect a change in quality: not "2012 AD" but "212 F" labels this "phase transition" from liquid to gas. The quantitative label is helpful to any project to reliably bring this qualitative change about, but the linear nature of the symbol system used often hides the qualitative shift from one measurement, one moment, to another. Burroughs writes: Word Authority More Habit Forming Than Heroin." Subjective time - the time of that inner world perhaps inhabited by Socrates when he is attempting to obey the (stoned) Delphic utterance, "Know yerself!" - can literally disappear, masked by the ongoing march of linear time. Tick!


(2) Recall that consciousness appears ( in so called "subjective experience") to be something for which this phase transition - a transition from quantity to quality - is always about to take place. It seems we are always, for example, about to have a new idea, about to quench our thirst, about to rephrase an old theorem. "Consciousness" - whose etymology suggests "to think with" rather than "me me me me me" - is exquisitely sensitive to our focusing of attention on it - an increased amount of attention translates "immediately" into the kind of consciousness that we have. " ...everyone spends his life honoring the god in whose chorus he danced." ( Phaedrus, p. 42, Nehamas/Woodruff translation).









Mobius: "Blue Morning, Blue Sky Bifurcation in Effect Through The Subjective Infinite Portal Known as the "Fathomless"!


Praise Jah, Shiva, the ever living eternal aspect of all things, the eternal return of the eternal return and its reruns: mobius is back in the classroom and surfing the effervescent froth at the very surface of the noosphere, grinning. Wow his gourd is all aflutter, happiness sprouts wings of thought, and some of them head straight for the sun. In joy, mobius leaps straight to chapter Eleven of the Gita, he Cuts to the Chase. I suggest you shield your eyes:


Out of countless eyes beholding, Out of countless mouths commanding, Countless mystic forms enfolding In one Form: supremely standing Countless radiant glories wearing, Countless heavenly weapons bearing, Crowned with garlands of star-clusters, Robed in garb of woven lustres, Breathing from His perfect Presence Breaths of all delicious essence Of all sweetest odors; shedding Blinding brilliance, overspreading Boundless, beautiful - all spaces From His all-regarding faces; So He showed! If there should rise Suddenly within the skies Sunburst of a thousand suns Flooding earth with rays undeemed-of, Then might be that Holy One's Majesty and glory dreamed of!


So did Pandu's Son behold All this universe enfold All its huge diversity Into one great shape, and be Visible, and viewed, and blended In one Body - subtle, splendid, Nameless - th' All-comprehending God of Gods, The never-Ending Deity!



Was it this this One of the Gita that the appropriately named Fitz Hugh Ludlow, having eaten of his eponymous Hasheesh, did behold?


"...and in the completeness of the chord my soul is swallowed up. I can bear no more. But yes, I am sustained, for suddenly the whole throng break forth in a chorus, upon whose wings I am lifted out of the riven walls of sense, and music and spirit thrill in immediate communion. Forever rid of the intervention of pulsing air and vibrating nerve, my soul dilates with the swell of that transcendent harmony, and interprets from it arcana of a meaning which words can never tell. I am borne aloft upon the glory of sound. I float in a trance among the burning choir of the seraphim. But, as I am melting through the purification of that sublime ecstasy into oneness with the Deity himself, one by one those pealing lyrics faint away, and as the last throb dies down along the measureless ether, visionless arms swiftly as lightning carry me far into the profound, and set me down before another portal. Its leaves, like the first, are of spotless marble, but ungemmed with wheeling eyes of burning color."


This encounter with the infinite can be debilitating, as when Ludlow was veritably struck down by or stuck on "infinity" - the abyss between the top of his stairs and the bottom, those stairs that led to light, however \"dim\", or "demonic"


I looked down the stairs: the depth was fathomless; it was a journey of years to reach the bottom! The dim light of the sky shone through the narrow panes at the sides of the front door, and seemed a demon-lamp in the middle darkness of the abyss. I never could get down! I sat me down despairingly upon the topmost step.


Yet Ludlow's encounter with the infinite became something like grace as suddenly as it had become "fathomless":



Suddenly a sublime thought possessed me. If the distance is infinite, I am immortal. It shall be tried. I commenced the descent, wearily, wearily down through my league-long, year-long journey. To record my impressions in that journey would be to repeat what I have said of the time of hasheesh. Now stopping to rest as a traveler would turn aside at a wayside inn, now toiling down through the lonely darkness, I came by-and-by to the end, and passed out into the street.



For Ludlow, the contact with infinity is contagious, and the horrifying thought of the "fathomless" becomes translated into an eternal aspect of self. By exploring the subjective realm of an infinite journey to the "objective" realm of time experienced subjectively in terms of the "fathomless", does Ludlow discover an infinite aspect of himself, i.e. subjectivity?





mobius: "Pffft Pop goes the Noosphere, or the sound of Graphene Stacking"


A team at Rice University has determined that a strip of graphite only 10 atoms thick can serve as the basic element in a new type of memory, making massive amounts of storage available for computers, handheld media players, cell phones and cameras.


In new research available online in Nature Materials, Rice professor James Tour and postdoctoral researchers Yubao Li and Alexander Sinitskii describe a solid-state device that takes advantage of the conducting properties of graphene. Tour said such a device would have many advantages over today’s state-of-the-art flash memory and other new technologies.


Graphene memory would increase the amount of storage in a two-dimensional array by a factor of five, he said, as individual bits could be made smaller than 10 nanometers, compared to the 45-nanometer circuitry in today’s flash memory chips. The new switches can be controlled by two terminals instead of three, as in current chips.


Two-terminal capability makes three-dimensional memory practical as graphene arrays can be stacked, multiplying a chip’s capacity with every layer, said Tour, Rice’s Chao Professor of Chemistry as well as a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and of computer science.


Being essentially a mechanical device, such chips will consume virtually no power while keeping data intact – much the same way today’s e-book readers keep the image of a page visible even when the power is off.


Scaling the Noosphere: A Tutorial In Process for Growing the Nanoscale Noospheric Garden


From Julian Huxley's introduction to the translation of The Phenomenon of Man by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


"Pere Teilliard starts from the position that mankind in its totality is a phenomenon to be described and analysed like any other phenomenon: it and all its manifestations, including human history and human values, are proper objects for scientific study.


His second and perhaps most fundamental point is the absolute necessity of adopting an evolutionary point of view. Though for certain limited purposes it may be useful to think of phenomena as isolated statically in time, they are in point of fact never static: they are always processes or parts of processes. The different branches of science combine to demonstrate that the universe in its entirety must be regarded as one gigantic process, a process of becoming, of attaining new levels of existence and organization, which can properly be called a genesis or an evolution. For this reason, he uses words like noogenesis to mean the gradual evolution of mind or mental properties and repeatedly stresses that we should no longer speak of a cosmology but of a cosmogenesis. Similarly, he likes to use a pregnant term like hominisation to denote the process by which the original proto-human stock became (and is still becoming) more truly human, the process by which potential man realised more and more of his possibilities. Indeed, he extends this evolutionary terminology by employing terms like ultra-hominisation to denote the deducible future stage of the process in which man will have so far transcended himself as to demand some new appellation.


With this approach he is rightly and indeed inevitably driven to the conclusion that, since evolutionary phenomena (of course including the phenomenon known as man) are processes, they can never be evaluated or even adequately described solely or mainly in terms of their origins: they must be defined by their direction, their inherent possibilities (including of course also their limitations), and their deducible future trends. He quotes with approval Nietzche's view that man is unfinished and must be surpassed or completed; and proceeds to deduce the steps needed for his completion.


Pere Teilhard was keenly aware of the importance of vivid and arresting terminology. Thus in 1925 he coined the term noosphere to denote the sphere of mind, as opposed to, or rather superposed on, the" biosphere or sphere of life, and acting as a transforming agency promoting hominisation (or as I would put it, progressive psycho-social evolution). He may perhaps be criticised for not defining the term more explicitly. By noosphere did he intend simply the total pattern of thinking organisms (i.e. human beings) and their activity, including the patterns of their interrelations: or did he intend the special environment of man, the Systems of organised thought and its products in which men move and have their being, as fish swim and reproduce in rivers and the sea?1 Perhaps it might have been better to restrict noosphere to the first-named sense, and to use something like noosystem for the second. But certainly noosphere is a valuable and thought-provoking word."

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