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Burroughs Machine Blogs!

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Make your blog link as follows: First, choose a name, as in "Dr. Benway." Protect your privacy by posting under an alias. Besides, mobius says it is a great way to metaprogram your gourd, whatever that means. Next, click "edit page" and login with the password "zebrah!", no quotes. You should find yourself in an editing window. There are two different editors: If you see the words "Switch to Classic Mode" in the upper right, then type your chosen blog name below, select it with your mouse, then click on "link" in the menu. You will create a new page, then click save. If you see "NEW-Point-and-Click", then just type your blog name below and surround it with brackets, like this. Click "save", then click on the link you have made for your new blog, and begin filling screens of insight, make links to other blogs, and so on. You can find style help in the menu or on the side while editing. Wiki formatting takes a little bit of a learning curve, but it is easy to figure out and good for your gourd, whatever that means. Drop a line to mobius@psu.edu if you have any "issues."


Dr. Benway




Another Blog






All the Way Mae


the stash


the new stash


our+pretty+faces⎟our pretty faces


the minstrel


main street


No Refund


colonial trinkets


Wiki Authority More Habit Forming Than






Flotsam Or Jetsam




Journey 2 Moksha




The Carousel of Progress








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