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Mirriam-Webster says:

1a) a permanent cessation of all vital functions: the end of life — compare brain death 1b) an instance of dying (a disease causing many deaths)

2a) the cause or occasion of loss of life (drinking was the death of him)

2b) a cause of ruin (the slander that was death to my character — Wilkie Collins)

3) capitalized: the destroyer of life represented usually as a skeleton with a scythe

4) the state of being dead

5a) the passing or destruction of something inanimate (the death of vaudeville)

5b) extinction

6) civil death

7) slaughter

8) Christian Science: the lie of life in matter: that which is unreal and untrue

Ishmael says that death is the unknown. It is that which we cannot define, for the simple lack of knowledge or advancement. Maybe our minds may become developed enough to truly understand the afterlife at somepoint, but for now, the human mind needs a software upgrade to understand the conitnuity that death may provide.

PS: At the top of the page in the editing screen, it says pbwiki :: Editing Death GO PBWIKI! It can edit death. One of the supreme beings should contact and begin negotiating a merger or coprights. (Perhaps Trump or Bush)

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