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Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 9 months ago

Forgetting everything, affirming all.



“Nothing is true, everything is permitted”


Nothing is true therefore nothing is true, thingness is constantly mutating returning to its origin and springing up the same as it never was.

Multiplicity, words, double penetration: penetrating through exoteric to be penetrated by the esoteric,

words meaning medium.../ form: tectonic plates //content: magma/…

spirit giveth life to the letter that killeth itself so it liveth through spirit…

word=vortex whirling dervish dancing into nothingness

(((Fana))) disappearance

(((Baqa))) reemergence- everything is permitted, Annata everything empty of self… in the beginning was the word - the finite is not other than infinite - and the word was absurd--,  word=action perfomative  word inducing ecstatic realization= transformative. Tranceformative performative, Dionysian irruption of molten meaning imbued with chaotic bliss bursting through hardened exoteric crust reducing it2 ashes……must be broken to be read…  implosion… Apokalypse…no symbol no archetype, earthly pleasure is heavenly delight, as above so below…..  


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