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Professor of English

Science, Technology & Society

Information Science and Technology

Penn State University

US Delegate, IEC TC 25 /WG 5, ISO TC 13





Penn State University

Department of English

105 Burrowes

University Park, PA 16802

(814) 238-6926





Post Doctoral

1994 MIT, History and Social Science of the Life Sciences

Ph. D.

1993 University of California, Berkeley

Department of Rhetoric


1989 University of California, Berkeley

Department of Rhetoric


1986 Georgetown University

English and Philosophy




Recent Fellowships, Awards, Grants


National Science Foundation Grant,  "Nano Nano: Two courses on the social,

human, and ethical impacts of nanotechnology," with Richard Devon and Mark Horn

National Science Foundation Grant, Mainstreaming Gender Analysis in Science

Studies, with Londa Schiebinger, Robert Proctor and Susan Squier. 2002-2005.

Grant funds graduate fellowships, post doctoral fellowships, and graduate

student research.

Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching, Penn State University, 2001.

University and State wide award

College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Teacher Award, Penn State University, 1999




On Beyond Living: Rhetorical Transformations of the Life Sciences, Stanford

University Press, 1997. Online review available at

http://www.socresonline.org.uk/3/2/berg.html. See reviews also in Configurations,

Quarterly Journal of Biology


Wetwares: Experiments in PostVital Living, Theory Out of Bounds Series,

University of Minnesota Press, June 2003.


Darwin's Pharmacy:Sex,Plants,and the Evolution of the Noosphere, University of Washington Press, in press, 2011.


Language Proficiencies

French - reading comprehension, basic flawed conversational French

German - reading comprehension, very basic (albeit very flawed) conversational German

Spanish - some reading comprehension, broken conversational Spanish

Sanskrit - basic (transliterated) vocabulary of Vedanta; learning pronunciation and Devanagari script.




Peacefeather, Eponymous

Honeymoon Music ( guest keyboards)






The Final Fix: A screenplay based on the life of William S. Burroughs. ( With

John Schliesser)


2012: The Interim, Screenplay featuring the eschaton. (with Robert Yarber)


The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, a novel


Works in Progress


By The Grace of Gaia ( by mobius)


Extreme Measures: Towards a Peer to Peer Privacy Planet? Book proposal focusing on

emergence of control society technologies such as biometrics.

The Academy and the Bazzar: Open Source Software Development and the

Composition Classroom. Book proposal, composition textbook



Edited Volumes

Configurations, Psychedelic Science. With Elizabeth Wilson

Rhetorical Studies Quarterly, "Special Issue on Technoscience", editors Richard Doyle, Jack Selzer, Leah Ceccarelli. Introduction by Doyle and Ceccarelli.

Symploke, "Practicing Deleuze and Guattari", with Jeffrey Nealon, Fall 1999.

Edited Journals

Editor, Philosophy and Rhetoric, 1997-2002.





Doyle, Richard, Erick Froede, David Saint John, Richard Devon, "Understanding Open Source Design: A White Paper: In the Beginning Was the Noösphere: Community and Collaboration in Open Source Evolution of Technology,"  Proceedings of the American Society Engineering Education (ASEE)  Archived by http://www.asee.org/


Just Say Yes to the Noosphere, MAPS Bulletin - volume xviii-number 1 2008


William S. Burroughs, Life Scientist for Naked Lunch After Fifty Years, editor Oliver Harris, Southern Illinois University Press., 2009


Divining Ayahuasca, Discourse, 27.1, Winter 2006, pp. 6-33.


Transgenic Involution in Signs of Life: Bio Art and Beyond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Press. Editor Eduardo Kac. pp. 69-83


Close Encounters of the Nth Kind in Writing Extraterrestriality. Duke University

Press, 2006. Editor Debbora Battaglia.


Passages, In Lieu of Flowers, with Jeffrey Nealon. Substance


Representing Life for a Living in Growing Explanations, Duke University Press,

editor Norton Wise. 2004.


LSDNA in Data Made Flesh, Routledge, 2004. Editors Rob Mitchell and Phillip



LSDNA: Consciousness Expansion and the Emergence of Biotechnology in

America Philosophy and Rhetoric, Spring 2002.


LSDNA in Semiotic Flesh, University of Washington Press, 2003. Edited by

Phillip Thurtle and Rob Mitchell.


"The Coma Speaks" POROI: A Journal of Interdisciplinary

Inquiry, Vol. l, no. l. Winter, 200l.


"Uploading Anticipation" Journal of Advanced Composition, Winter 2001.


"Disciplined by the Future: The Promising Bodies of Cryonics" Science as

Culture, vol. 6, part 4, number 29. pp. 582-616.


"Remains to Be Seen: A Self Extracting Amalgam" Late Editions, ed. George

Marcus, University of Chicago Press, 2000, pp. 103-120.


"Give Me a Body, Then": The Time-Image in the Life Sciences" Symploke, Fall



"Dislocating Knowledge, Thinking Out of Joint: Rhizomatics, C. Elegans, and the

Importance of Being Multiple," Configurations, (Winter 1993).


"Emergent Power: Vitality and Theology in Artificial Life," in Writing Science,

editor Timothy Lenoir,( Stanford University Press, 1998.).


"Vital Language," in Are Genes Us? The Social Implications of the Human

Genome Project, (Rutgers University Press: 1994).


"Mr. Schrodinger Inside Himself," Qui Parle (summer 1992): 3-23.


Recent Presentations



"The Extraordinary Squirt of the Mormodica: Plant Technologies In and Out of French", March 21, 2011, Department of French, Penn State University


"Five Theses on Beauty in Emerson and Darwin", Invited Lecture, Landscape Architecture, Penn State University, March 2011


"In Darwin's Pharmacy", Invited Lecture, Food Science, Penn State University, March 2011


"Post Green is Purple" Invited Lecture, James Wines, Seminar in Green Architecture, January 2011


"Phytopsyche" American Anthropological Association, November 2010. Talk delivered by Dorion Sagan due to weather delay.


Healing With Plant Intelligence: A Report from Ayahuasca. Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, March 2010


"Finding Animals With Plants: An Introduction to Plant Intelligence", Invited Lecture, Penn State University May, 2009


"Yes 2 The Noosphere" Microwave Hong Kong New Media Festival, Invited Performance, November 2009


Communication Considered as An Ecological System: Finding Animals With Plants

Invited Talk, College of Communication, January 2008.


Alien Hoaxadelic” ( podcast) Response to Panel At Society for Literature, Science & Art, October 2007


Fudgee The Whale, Remixed, Podcast in response to Society for the Social Studies of Science, October 2007


Lung Fractals, for the Asthma Files, Society for the Social Studies of Science, October 2007


Just Say Yes to the Noosphere, Invited lecture, California College of Art, in response to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art ( SFMOMA) Exhibit, BioTechnique. Curator: Philip Ross, November 2007.


Introduction to Cyclonautics, Invited Lecture, California College of Art, Dean's Colloqium, November 2007


Omphalosophia: Towards a Copenhagen Interpretation of Living Systems in Museums, With Special Reference to John Lilly, Invited Lecture, Copenhagen Denmark Podcast: http://biotelemetrica.pbwiki.com/CopenhagenPodcast


“Just Say Yes to the Noosphere - Anderson Invited Lecture, Penn State School of the Visual Arts, May 2007


Wiki is the Medium is the Message, Keynote Address, Conference on Computers and Writing, Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan. May 2007


Psychedelics R Information Technologies?” Invited Lecture, Rice University, Computer and Information Technology Institute, October 9, 2006


Hologram for Mobius or, While My Guattari Gently Weeps for UC Berkeley Deleuze Conference, October 2006


On Beyond Zebra?”, Invited Lecture, Digital/Bios, University of West Virginia

Ayahuasca Montage, Society for Literature, Science and Art, Amsterdam, NL. Podcast.


Prepare to be Telebiometrically Browsed! Expanding Cognitive Liberty Through

Technologies of Control?” Invited Lecture, Stanford University, School of Law,

May 26, 2006


Abducted Spam, invited reading, Labyrinth Books, New York, New York, March

17, 2006.


Biometricon: Towards a Peer to Peer Privacy Planet?” Invited lecture, for

Symposium, Beyond Biopolitics, Center for the Study of Women, CUNY

Graduate Center, March 17, 2006 New York, New York.


Tripping on the Past: Thirty Four Years in the War Against Consciousness

Invited Lecture, University of Miami, College of Engineering, March 11, 2006.


Wikidelic! Manifesting Infodynamics in the Composition Classroom, Invited

Lecture, University of Miami, Writing Center, March 12, 2006


Ayahuasca Drug Action!” - Society for Literature, Science and Art, Chicago,

November 2005.


Darwin's Pharmacy, Invited three day seminar, October 7, 8, 9, Duquesne

University, Department of Psychology. Twelve seminar hours treating the history

of the biochemical model of mind.


Sustainable Mind Invited lecture, Center for Sustainability, Penn State

University, September 2005.


Gaia-huasca! Three Theses on Plants and Cognition Invited lecture, Soga Del

Alma Conference on Amazonian Shamanism, July 22, 2005.


Ecodelic: Technical Problem Solving and the Plant/Machine Gradient Invited

Lecture, Symposium on Affect and Interaction, Cornell University, Information



Bubbling up Expertise: DMT Kitchen Chemistry and the Open Source

University Invited presentation, Carnegie Mellon University, April 2005.

Darwin's Pharmacy, Invited Lecture, UC Berkeley, Department of Rhetoric,

March 18, 2005.


From Classroom to Commons: Wikis as Peer to Peer Rhetorical Education

Technologies CCCC, March 18, 2005, San Francisco


Wetware Protocols and Telebiometrics: An Open Source Paradigm for Cognitive

Liberty and Security, Presentation to International Telecommunications Union,

United Nations, meeting in Negril, Jamaica, February 2005




Cowboy Coke Rides Again, or the Sound of One Dorito Crunching. Invited

Performance, Cross Currents, Penn State School of Music, with Order of the

Silver Cosmonauts. A sonic cleansing of Central Pennslyvania, featuring

spoken word re-enactment of Presidential Visit to Penn State University,

University Park Campus, April 2005.


Da Grasshopper Lies Heavy, spoken word and musical performance, Schlow

Public Library, State College Pennsylvania, March 2006. With Peacefeather.



We Interrupt this Beer Commersh-, musical performance, fundraiser, Penn

State NORML, with Peacefeather.


Music for Kites and Their Humans, sound installation for Kiting, Exhibit, Dublin, Ireland, Summer 2006





Professor, Penn State University, July 2004-Present


"The Burroughs Machine",  English 302M

"Nanotransformations", E SC 497H,

Post Structuralist Rhetorical Practices, English 597A with Jeffrey T. Nealon

Metaprogramming the Society of Control English 597D, Fall 07

Composing the Sacred, English 421, Fall 07

Metaprogramming the Society of Control, English 473, Spring 2007

Remixing The Discourses of Sustainability, English 487W, Fall 2006

Digital Pedagogy for Multimedia Composition, English 602, Spring 2006

Rhetoric and Altered Consciousness, English 597, Graduate Seminar, Spring


The Papers of Harry Anslinger, Independent Study, Fall 2005

Thinking with Valis, Independent Study, Spring 2006

Digital Pedagogy for Multimedia Composition, English 602, Fall 2005

Discourses of Biotechnology, English 473, Fall 2005

Dicktations: The Rhetorics of Philip K. Dick, English 474. Spring 2005

Ecologies of Rhetoric, English 15. Fall 2005. Freshman multimedia digital


Visiting Associate Professor, UC Berkeley, Department of Rhetoric, Fall 2002

Vital and Post Vital Rhetorics, Rhetoric 174

LSDNA: Rhetoric, Evolution and Psychedelic Science, Graduate Seminar,

Rhetoric 240H

Writing, Rebellion

Associate Professor Penn State University, July 1999 - July 2004

Spectacular Technoscience: Images and the Theatre of Scientific Change.

Graduate Seminar, Science, Medicine, Technology & Culture, English 597,

Summer 2004

Analog, Digital and Open Source Rhetorics English 421 - Advanced Argument

and Rhetorical Practices, Spring 2004

LSDNA: Rhetoric, Evolution and the Emergence of Psychedelic Science,

graduate seminar in Science, Medicine, Technology & Cultures, Department of

English 597H

Dicktations: The Rhetorics of Philip K. Dick, English 470, Spring 2003

Analog and Digital Rhetorics, English 421, Spring 2002

The Burroughs Machine, English 487W , Fall 2001

Becoming Alien: Rhetorics of Space Colonization and Extraterrestriality in

America, English 497, STS 4971, Fall 2001. Funded by NASA.

Cyberculture for Fun and Profit, Summer 2001

Building the Multiple: A Seminar in A Thousand Plateaus, Summer 2001

Writing, Rebellion, English 15, Summer 2000

Vital Rhetorics English 83 S, section 1, Fall 1999

Theory Toolbox: Community, Subject, Image English 582, Fall 1999

Assistant Professor: Penn State University, fall 1994-July 1999

Becoming Virtual, English 597, Graduate Seminar, Spring 1999

Dicktations: Reading Philip K. Dick English 400, Spring 1999

Becoming Alien: Rhetorics of Extraterrestriality in America Senior Seminar, Fall


Rants, Polemic and Persuasion English 421, Fall 1998

The Burroughs Machine" English 487, Senior Seminar, Spring 1998.

Technical Writing for Webbed Occasions, English 202c, Spring 1998.

Practicing Deleuze and Guattari with Jeffrey Nealon, English 597, Fall 1997.

Syllabus at http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/r/m/rmd12/DG.html.

Troping Life: Vital and Post Vital Rhetorics in 19th and 20th Century Life

Science, English 474, Fall 1997.. Course description and syllabus:


"The Motionless Flag: America and the Culture of the Space Age", honors

undergraduate seminar, English 300, Fall 1996

"Dicktations: Tuning into Alterity in the Texts of Phillip K Dick.", English 472

"A Theory Toolbox: Introduction to the Theoretical Arts", Graduate Seminar,

Spring 1996.

"Rhetoric and the Cultures of Science", English 474, fall 1995.

"Rhetoric & Science", Graduate Seminar, Spring 1995.

"A Critical Theory Tool Box," English 200.001, fall 1994.

"Interfacing Science and Culture," English 30, fall 1994.

"Cyberspace Aesthetics and The American Novel," American Studies 497b,

spring 1995.

Lecturer: University of California at Berkeley, fall 1993- summer 1994

"Writing Life: Case Studies in the Rhetorical Constructions of 'Life'," Rhetoric

s110, summer 1994.

"Fabulous Politics: Thinking through the Political in Post War American Fiction,"

Rhetoric 152, spring 1994.

"Social Theory and the Tropes of the Multitudes," Rhetoric 176, spring 1994.

"Technoscience and its Deconstruction," Rhetoric 174, fall 1993.

"Cyberspace Aesthetics and the Novel," Rhetoric 127, fall 1993.

Supervision of Honors Thesis, "Construction of Gender in


Science Textbooks".

Instructor; University of California at Berkeley, fall 1989- spring 1992

"The Rhetoric of Technology," spring 1990, fall 1991.

"The Rhetoric of Contingency," spring 1992.

"Rhetorical Theory and Argumentation," fall 1990.

"The Craft of Writing," fall 1989.



Related Professional and Administrative Experience

Director of Composition, August 2004 - August 2006. Responsible for the delivery of

rhetorical education to 10,000 students each year.

Organizer and Co-Founder, Penn State Program in Science, Technology and

Medicine in Culture

Organizer, 1999-2000 Virtual Labor, Virtual Life Science Studies Colloquium at

PSU. Workshops, speakers, practicums, linked courses.

Co-Organizer, "Practicing Deleuze and Guattari", with Jefferey Nealon,

November 1996.

Chair, Penn State Rhetoric Search Committee, 2004-2005

Organizer, Penn State Rhetoric Conference, July 1995.

Co-organizer, Walter Rathenau Summer Academy, Berlin, Germany, July 1994.




Evelyn Fox Keller, Professor of Science, Technology and Society, MIT. E51-

228A, Cambridge, Mass. 02139. (617) 253-8722.

Brian Rotman, Distinguished Professor, Comparative Studies, Ohio State University, brian.rotman@gmail.com, 614-7840806

Robert Yarber, Distinguished Professor, Visual Arts, Penn State University, robert.yarber@gmail.com





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