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Feet To the Noosphere!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 Hours Towards the Noosphere


archived show:



"...humanity now - for the first time in history - has the realistic opportunity to help evolution do what it is inexorably intent on doing - converting all humanity into one harmonius world family and making that family sustainably, economically sucessful." Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path, p. xix



". . . the puzzle pieces are coming together rapidly. I cannot explain how I know what I Know, yet I will say; the quickening is upon us. The noosphere is coalescing. The Puzzle of Being, and the question of consciousness, is in the process of being realized by a vast cadre of psycho-cryptographers." Angela V. Michaels, Surfing the Tao


Praise Gaia/Vernadsky/Le Roy/Teilhard - Appropriately enough, the concept of the noosphere itself emerged collectively. However we tell the story of its' emergence, the concept of the nooshere as the thinking layer of the planet ( and therefore cosmos) acts as a beneficial thought virus that will transform how you imagine and experience the world. Once rare acts of synchronicity will seem to become common place as your capacity for interconnection increases, if only  because you are nowing thinking in a semantically layered way: we are likely to model more aspects of a complx system like earth or consciousness with more layers, as long as those layers make sense to us and can structure a story - a simulation. Science now proceeds less from models than from simulations - the algorithm has replaced description as the tool for mapping regularities in space & time, and must now become the new evolutionary literacy for consciousness. If we are to reach the noosphere, consciousness, for each of us, must become an algorithm - a sequence we do with deliberation. We must try to grow the noosphere, and we do so through acts of self reflection which, iterated, yield an objectively reported subjectively experienced shift in consciousness.


Noosphere is emptiness in practice, transcendental in effect. This is the Overman spoken of by zarathustra - our evolutionary attractor. There are others! This one affirms the interconnectivity of all life. This one celebrates and even coronates plant intelligence as the only proven sustainable engineer on the planet. This one calls on individuals to become who they are, together, by focusing their attention on the within.  The noosphere is an aspect of our reality that becomes interactive only through the deliberate activity of consciousness on consciousness ( Wordsworth, Penn, Coleridge). This activity is the activity of creation.



The vision:



  • The Noosphere exists, at least as much as any of us do ( the zero and the one)
  • The Noosphere can usefully be modeled on the ancient and often mystic practices of the Logos. These practices - dubbed by anthropologist Henry Munn "ecstatic communication" - require both total individuation (freedom) and the formation of an ecstatic collective (freedom). The "die off" prophecized by many observers of our ecosystem must instead  become an epic quest toward collective ego death. What shall "die off" is a way of living rather than millions if not billions of human beings. This is what defines our event horizon in history - it is our Epic.
  • The growth, proliferation and increasing interconnection of the Noosphere is intuited by many of us. Synchronicity seems to be increasing historically: is this an increasing awareness of the Subjective Infinite? What the founder of Biology Jean Baptiste Lamarck called "the inner feeling of being alive" extends to an awareness of awareness, a feedback loop consciousness has with itself that certainly feels like infinity. Numerous mystical practices converge on this common outcome: learning to creatively affirm this self referential aspect of human consciousness is difficult but possible, and now, necessary. With Zarathsustra, we learn to overcome the horror the ego often has of this "vertiginous" situation of creation, where nothing but our own creativity can possibly keep the world going, either psychologically or objectively. The global ecosystemic distress is this subjective ego horror of evolution made "objective": We have stamped this horror of transformation upon the living earth. Grokking interconnectivity is no longer a practice only for shamans living on the edges of society and navigating the infinity of worlds between life and death - our planet itself now enters this "post vital" epoch where it is human creativity that must and will become an ecosystemic feedback loop collectively piloting Spaceship Earth ( Fuller)
  • A strong analogy modeling the  growth, proliferation and increasing interconnection of the Noosphere can be found in the field of Artificial Life. AI and PEAR. Cellular Automata. The Thermodynamics of Attention Sinks - world as readout of collective cellular automata effect. An experiment with "turning off", finding zero by directing attention to the noosphere. Metaprogramming collective ego death
  • As an evolutionary system, the Noosphere can very likely be amplified by deliberately selecting for it rather than selecting against it. grown at a rate much greater than at present, and will be very soon. Shall we craft involutionary speech acts in the tradition of J. L. Austin and John Searle?
  • Join in this experiment in evolutionary and involutionary collective intelligence





Spelling Out Informatic Reductionism


mushroom cloud initial shockwave of the infoquake

Here Schrodinger's vision of the "code-script" as the basis of heredity is viewed as an imprint of a larger scale pattern of information - the noosphere. ( Cf. Doyle, On Beyond Living, "Age of the World Scripture": ch 3) Like a dog staring at a finger pointing to a (for a dog) delicious biscuit, human culture became enthralled with the molecular level instantiation of the Noospherical logic - the "secret of life." Because our minds seek to attach to the external world and isolate it from ourselves through that process called "ego", the secret of life became a capacity to manipulate and rearrange living matter. This was synechdoche, as we collectively substituted, even mistook, the part for the whole. And how does DNA echo the noosphere? Out of the swirling noosphere of War, energy started to become transformed in new ways - both unleashing the new scale of destruction and energy - and entropy - of nuclear energy, and accelerating the mad dash to turn energy into information begun with all forms of writing and memory and accelerated to a new scalar level by the actualization of the computer, resulting now in an infoquake of unprecedented magnitude. Nanotechnology is only the latest in these technologies of writing at smaller and smaller scales.

First invented by Lovelace and Babbage as an analog device in the 19th century, in cyronic suspension awaiting a William Gibson novel to animate it, the computer ( named for the women who had formerly done the calculations for designing Da Bomb by hand) birthed the second half of the 20th Century at least as much as the Second Half of the Twentieth Century birthed it. With Enigma and then Eniac, information began to be processed and dissipated on an entirely new scale. So it was understandable that human culture - or, at least, that sliver of it that has thus far been sculpting the future - became entranced by these new powers, like a yogi and her siddhi or a magus with a new batch of spells.


Yet now, we face yet another scalar transduction, a jump to the next level where we focus our attention on the cosmic, ecosystemic and culturological processes that brought us to our (rightly) vaunted understanding of the "code-script": the collective focusing of attention pulled thermodynamically toward the liberation of enormous energies toward the maximization of entropy production. Somehow, incredibly, we survived the Nuclear Age, suggesting that we are hurtling toward ever greater entropy production, greater even that that than can be unleased by a global nuclear exchange.


Gaia, pulling us toward the future, has even bigger entropy to produce throughout the Milky Way, and sometimes mobius is convinced enough by the Multiple Worlds Intepretation of Quantum Mechanics to imagine that this is the reality track that survived the Nuclear Age - all those other realities perished in the Darwinian fireball of history as we moved up a level to take on the next challenge in the thermodynamic Cosmic Game. I don't know how else you can explain the miracle of our continued existence after all those megatons mixed with human beings?! Yes, it's time for another milagro as we become aware of Gaia quietly urging us toward a returning of our consciousness toward the Mesh, All That Is. Gazing once again upon DNA, can we imagine not the code contained, but the twisted interconnected duality and self replication, a nucleic acid protein dance? From crystal to mesh.


Upon reflection, it becomes clear that this transformation of Schrodinger's vision was itself something like a re-enactment of the very error in perception that Bohm locates as the forgetting of the Implicate Order. When we forgot the noosphere and became transfixed by the code-script, we actualized tiny version of the same fractal of consciousness that forgets, continuously, that we are analog forms of All That Is.

As above, so below!


Walt Whitman showed, taught us about War in a way Vernadsky, perhaps, did not see. Here's Whitman singing unto us.


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