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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

A happy halfie to ya! My son Jackson treats such half birthdays as the sacred days they are, moments when, suddenly, he begins hurtling headlong through time toward his actual birthday. -mobius


Haha. Yes, I like to think that this half birthday is sacred because I am closer to to my 21st birthday. Celebrating the passage of time seems silly to me, however. I would rather pretend that I do not age, and that time is infinite. With that state of mind, I would not have any limitations--nothing that determines what I can do at a given stage of life. Of course, it is hard to ignore one's physical limitations. Running a marathon at the age of 90 is probably not the best decision...~Jessica


Would not any decision that one had on a 90th birthday be a fabulous one? The yogis are said to simply leave their bodies when they become too much of an obstacle to their teaching, and they have to have a practice for doing so. Running a marathon could be an effective and ecstatic one!

And you are right to notice that metric time quantified in terms of numbers can't provide us with an actual measure of our lives. Passages around the sun are a pretty good cycle to pay heed to, though, even if it does not always correspond with our experience of time. Anything that reminds of our cosmic location is probably worth doing once in a while. The question these passages in objective time can raise, though, are good ones: How alive am I? Is it possible for me to become more so? Might I treat my current status as something to be both affirmed and overcome? Can I grow and transform, even becoming senescent, as an act of being alive and conscious? Can I become more capable of helping others in their suffering and discovering new forms of joy? In short these markers can be used as occasions for creativity that are indeed likely to induce some of the effects asked by the questions. William James and Charles Darwin both noted that smiling tends to induce a feeling of joy, and these sorts of feedback loops seem to abound in nature. Metaprogramming makes use of these loops by amplifying and growing them, browsing for new forms of experience far from equilibrium...mobius

- mobius

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