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here are the plans for zine-like capacity

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago

this thing, let's call it zine 2.0, will consist of 3 frames (in the html sense): a clip board on top which will hold images, and toolbar to the left for text, merging, undoing and saving; and a grid in the main frame which will serve as a kind of canvas. it will be written in java-script/php/html...

This seems super kewl! mobius can't wait to zine!




-Click and drop images and place them in the grid


-Click and merge grid pieces to form more complex shapes


-Wrap text around images (not sure if i pull this off)




-cannot really modify existing pages without unintended unexpected consequences - This is also an upside

-cannot create the most complex shapes, such as a circle, without complicating the processes to the point of uselessness I don't follow why a circle is complex to render


-maybe can't wrap text around images in an intuitive way only one way to find out


-fixed number of grid pieces limits size and scope of edited webpage Limits are a liberation


-unintended unexpected problems This is also an upside



please leave feedback and suggestions... let me know if this is satisfactory ....


mobius gives thanks for collective intelligence!

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