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if he would have only kept himself and his research out of the limelight

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

Yes, Echan, but why do you think this about Leary? What limelight did he seek? The text accuses him of "open advocacy of psychedelics. And? Please read Gordon Wasson's 1957 LIFE MAGAZINE article about and on psilocybin. Is this not open advocacy? And Wasson was the biggest scapegoater of Leary around. Wasson Harman Stolaroff et al, who did some of the research to which you link - I bow and give thanks and praise for all of them - scapegoat Leary for the effect of mass media on psychedelics. Leary hardly "created" the controversy at Harvard; instead, he was caught up in a historical/institutional moment which he then, miraculously and bizarrely, blamed for. Talk about blaing the victim - leary was a political prisoner for his scientific and religious practices. I think Wasson et al are really responding to is the places he took psychedelic discourse, which were creative and poetic and, yes, bardic. Read "High Priest" and you might see what I mean. My mind is open to the possibility that Leary did things that have resulted in this near 100 percent condemnation of him in the psychedelic community, but analysis thus far as suggests that what is really happening here is a scapegoating. At worst, Leary pulled an Alcibiades by speaking too openly about the Mysteries, but the interconnections of mediated culture would have made that happen anyway. Maybe they already had with Huxley and Wasson, yet somehow nobody "blames" him. Leary knew his McLuhan, so he knew that in a mediated globalizing "global village", there was no escaping the limelight."


BTW: Walt Whitman showed up again - check the video on mobius's wiki and gasp like mobius did. - mobius

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