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Leary is one of the founding fathers of the hippie cult

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Note: Click here for Leary's take on "5 brained hippies". NewsFlash: Leary was not a hippy....




And clearly someone had to take on the role... hmm... How about Dr. Leary, a Harvard Psychologist interested in exploring the nature of the human psyche. We might not be too hasty to point fingers at once for the "end of credible LSD research" when said research continues. And what about the slogan "tune in, turn on drop-out". What was Leary saying...


Maybe you are supposed to drop out, do nothing and not achieve anthing. I mean if you acheive the State of nothingness it would make no difference... Illogical and Irrational and yet absolute.


mobius will post the original phrasing here


I believe RAW stated...

"The happy man lives in a happy world, the sad man lives in a sad world, the angry man lives in an angry world. At the end of the valley there is always choice, if you can't get away with it, it ain't real"


I know that this is an obvious claim, but sometimes we must take a couple of deep breaths before stating the question who AM I?


Who is Timothy Leary?

A scientist, an artist, a lover, a creator, a genius, a scapegoat, a destroyer, a god, a cult figur, a researcher, a father, a man, a child, a intellectual, a menice... Is he you? And, rather, who are you?


He seems to have adopted the role of IT...


...A shape shifter, an amphibian, a mirror, spewing the colors back out onto the lanscape, rather translucent. To a Learyian, he may be a Guru. and to a christian fundamentalist, the devil. Would it be too much to allude that these figures may be reflecting their own beingness. A Guru would see a Guru and a Devil would see a Devil. Or maybe he is none of these... The only reason I bring up these remarks is becuase I too am working with this question who am I. I don't know who is Timothy Leary nor do I know who I am. In the end who is the one that decides whether Tim Leary is a Saint or a Heretic. Who is the magician who makes the grass green?


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