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Mostly Sabbatical Blogs

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Date: Coldest December (yet)

Just Say Mesh to the Oosphere!


Asympotically Yours: The Interingularity is Ever Nearer!


mobius writes to testify to an outbreak of downright wiki love currently burstin' forth in intertwingled glory down in Mt. Zion zone proximate to the University of South Florida, St. Pete. 


Date: Post Thanksgiving 

And not a word about the Noosphere...


We form larger scale patterns as we interact, and with information technologies those patterns leave a record. mobius nods as folks wonder about the future of privacy, but he also ponders the absence of a different concept: anonymity. While \"privacy\" cedes the existence of an individual and their personal information which is then encrypted or otherwise secured,  \"anonymity\" records not individuals but data. If we grow it right, [http://biotelemetrica.pbwiki.com/BioTelemetrica|the noosphere could offer more rather than less anonymity.


November 20, 2008


mobius, in his livin' and learnin' from fools and from sages, now finds his rhythm again as he reboots after a long wander to Detroit, Tokyo, Hong Kong and back again. There is something unrepresentable about the shuddering sleep grog of hour 12 somewhere over the Pacific in a 747, so I'll spare you any further attempts besides the following axioms and tips: Green Tea is your friend, yoga is your lover, make thineself a waterfall of fluidics, flex, stretch, talk if you can. In between, nod, fall easily into a brief snooze, forget all ambitions, Everything is a teaching, cuz it's alll Shiva. Om Na Ma Shivya!


mobius proposes to grow artificial life network of "Bucky Flesh Balls" with Special Reference to Oran Catts, Adam Zaretsky

Item: Through the principle of tensegrity, the domed structure known as a Buckminster Fuller dome exhibits remarkable strength. Given that tissue culture engineering ( e.g. imploded bat wings collapsing on themselves like real estate markets) seems limited in the size of its sculptures in part due to the lack of structural strength, might a biopolymer base of a bucky ball prove a highly scaleable template for growing larger and stronger tissue structures?


Using biofluorescent tags responding to temperature gradients, the "Bucky Flesh Balls" could differentially emit flashes based on the activity of their neighbors, as in a cellular automata. Rolling over each other in a lottery barrel, each bucky flesh ball would "compete" to be sprayed by dissociated skin cells to promote rapid healing of wounds incurred by neighbors.


November 12, 2008


What the frak!? mobius gently weeps, peeps, cuz the transience of these creatures iz non stop, yo. Mobius reports from Hong Kong wiki node that bio art doers and exhibitioners and just plain exhibitionists ( yes, that's Ewe Adam Z, oh great piece of transgenically exuded cheese that you so gloriously Be) just collectively exhibited that well known attribute of livin' systems: dispersion. Poof! We make space ships and fly away solo, together. Our icon is the vanishing point. But for an eternal instant we wove tissue culture through phantom Burroughs machines somewhere on the Dark Side of the Cell and got downright in-formed by each other. I feel shaped,sculpted, a scoped and poked transient creature ready-made by the collective intelligence manifested and grown by the Microwave flock. mobius gives three cheers and infinite thanks to Nora Ng, Diane to and Joel Kwong for actualizing the remarkable vision of Microwave.

"Human is the biosphere's programmatic and pragmatic information processor for maximum performance". Howard Odum


"Humans have been included in this cosmic design as local Universe information-gatherers and local problem-solvers in support of the integrity of the eternal, 100-percent-efficient, self-regenerative system of Universe. In support of their cosmic functioning humans were given their minds with which to discover and employ the generalized laws governing all physical and metaphysical, omniinteraccommodative, ceaseless intertransformings of Universe." 000.130  "Synergetics", Buckminster Fuller



Before Noosphere: Chop wood, carry water!

Paracelsus described nature and creation as a “book that was written by God’s finger”. During my life I was given this exhilarating and entirely comforting experience: The one who understands how

to read this book, not only with regards to scientific research but with marveling and

loving eye, will find a deeper, wonderful reality revealing itself - a reality in which we are all secure and united for ever and ever. Albert Hofmann, \"To be Read at the Funeral\"


Krugman: "Today, we are all Brazilians!" Mobius: "Then Let's Have a Global Carnival!


From FedBailoutWiki.com



Seriously: Economists like to talk about externality effects of economic decisions. One of them right now is a global panic of the more than economic kind. Everyone needs to find their inner Chiladelphia, together, and maybe the best way would be to hold a global 4 day party while the Brazilians teach us all how it is done. We'll mix it up globalization style - "Call it "Neo Traditional Carnival Fusion" - and hold it Halloween, Day of the Dead ( Economy), whatever yins want to call it through slurred speech. Grab your balloons, your party hats, your feather boas. Tap your kegs, stuff your bongs, head into the street and dance: It's time to party the planet back from the economic brink, so it is time we all squander some of our mattress money on on our favorite vices, together. Holderlin said it best: "But where danger is, grows the saving power also." mobius

Dr. Pangloss Worcester Sauce: "Thith Ith The Best of all Pothible Tankth!"


mobius has been graced with the good fortune to study in close proximity to some of the world's greatest teachers. I learned grace itself from a blue eyed half Swedish long haired Innuit who sang the blues and gave me a ride when I needed one when hitchiking on Vancouver Island towards sundown, saving me from bears and skidding off the road on the chorus. I have been hustled by LA street cons with the best talk on the Blue Liquid Orb of our ancestors, had jelly donuts with midnight callers of Linus Pauling whose bottomless cups leaked patents still pending. I learned to eat bread with crows, and stare dazed into the night by coyote phantoms full of dream and diesel fumes howling toward Sonora,and whooped telepathically through rain forest with tiny primates who, even now, whoop back. And I have floated as an irridescent crystal between the very thoughts of one Dr. Pangloss Worcester Sauce, thermodynamic notion and avatar of gradients to come. This man, whose over sized tweed barely contains the tremendous nada within, appears only to the very still ones who prepare themselves for his worsted woven wiki'd wisdom:


"Thoth who doth reed me genethic Code, whoth breeth fucus unto that plaze wents she comes, Thoth Shall Learn, Bearn.: Thith Ith the Best of All POthible Tankth! Prananana, Prananana, HeHehe, Goodbye."


Here is your Mandala of the Week, a visualization of the Linux Kernel.



mobius: "Don't Call it the Bail out - Call it Perestroika for the USA!"


Here in the Autonomous Republic of Central Pennsylvania (ARCP), mobius whistles up a new icaro for the noosphere, "The Babylon Bailout Blues Good News Gospel Rag". Transduced through his wyrd literacy brain module, it bubbles forth like so:


Perestroika for the USA

sung to the tune of La Marseillaise until it isn't


Whispering an earful to the fearful

The Intertwingularity is Near


It's the Infoquake, Extravaganza

an essay, not by Montaigne,

the other one, you know

"Of Evaluation (Crisis)"

Warhol writes a Derivative: "I don't know what's good anymore."

Repeat: Redundancy is at the top of the charts again

Repeat: Old Song New Lyric (Remix)

Standard Encryption Strategies


Tend the Tonal Body

Mend the Overtonal,Resonant

and let the Nagual

Repeat: Resonance is the Composer

Spanda, Spanda Aware!



Whispering an earful to the fearful

The Intertwingularity is Near


Yes it's time yins got Cheerful






Don't Debate - Dissipate

Cuz, it's the Infrastructure, Cupid

Gaia's Gone Global

Earth hit by a bit-wise Comet

not the cleanser, adjust that


Ecology, meet theology

Everything, meet your cuzin,

Everything Else


Never Dispersin

We're not rehearsin'

Just solvin

anagrams of






mobius: "Let Wiki Sort it Out!"

Friends, Just Say Yes to the Noosphere and head on over to http://fedbailoutwiki.com. The global economy needs your help!

Yes, friends, the Intertwingularity is Near. In fact so near is this intertwingularity, so proximate is this massive interconnection of everything with everything else, that from a psychological point of view, it is already here. All that remains is a slight shift in our large scale collective attention, from figure to ground,and - Pop! Goes the Noosphere.


"Blessed are the poor in Spirit:: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."


Going to Zero, becoming "poor in spirit", "spiritually helpless", entering the Cloud of Unknowing, emptying ourselves of the usual signal gathering our attention, that egoic cursor we call "me", we behold the One, and it is indeed within us. It is within our potential as a psyche to inhabit this "perspective" of Shiva, to experience the I Am of consciousness from what Franklin Merril Wolff called "consciousness without an object." Indeed this is first and foremost a rhetorical, semiotic shift, a tuning of our attention and perception onto the signs and symptoms of our intertwingularity rather than our separability. Both are aspects - and only aspects - of all that is. Only a teeny - nano? - shift in what systems scientists call the "focal point of the observer" and mobius calls "focused loving attention and intention" is enough to grok the Upanishadic comprehension that yes indeedy, Yins Are Indeed That.



Mobius:"Filed under Ex Post Facto"

Yes, to quote the ever evolvin' Devo, it's a beautiful world. mobius, ever alert to amplifications of the health/safety/fitness BioPower State, learns that finally, years into nanofabrication, trendy new plans are afoot to actually study the effects of nanomaterials on "the environment", that, is, everything else. mobius predicts that the nanorealm shall continue to be a goofy zone of sudden interconnectivity, like silver, foot odor and wastewater treatment. Yes, the Intertwingularity is Near: \"the particles, intended to prevent foot odor, could travel through a wastewater treatment system and enter natural waterways where they might have unwanted effects on aquatic organisms living in the water and possibly humans, too]"...

\"Now,impressed on the whole earth-mind as memories, they lead the life of ideas there, and realize themselves no longer in isolation, but along with all the similar vestiges left by other human lives, entering with these into new combinations, affected anew of experiences of the living, and affecting the living in their turn, enjoying, in short, that "third stage" of existence with the definition of which the text of the present work begins. ...God, for Fechner, is the totalized consciousness of the whole universe, of which the Earth's consciousness forms an element, just as in turn my human consciousness and yours form elements of he whole earth's consciousness." William James on Gustav Fechner


Cat Cay Amnesia in McCain (Cold) War Stories

Mobius: "McCain Luxuriates in Jet with Babysitter and Responsible for the Last Two Recessions"

mobius starts to feel wonderfully and deliciously old as he approaches 45. He finds himself telling Cold War stories to students for whom the Great Televised Conflict was only a rumor. These days, in acknowledgment of his own aging, mobius is dogged in his determination to help cure John McCain of his inability to remember just how many cribs he and Cindy have. What, mobius asketh, could have caused such a bizarre case of amnesia? The answer, mobius's diaGnosis suggests, lies not with the much discussed and throughly uninformed notion of a "senior moment", but is instead symptomatic of a trauma from McCain's deep past, a nightmare of jets and babysitters and the Lincoln Savings and Loan. mobius probes deep into the far away times of the 1980's, and finds that McCain was a close personal friend of and paid political operative for Charles Keating, a convicted felon responsible for over 3 billion dollars in government bail outs, billions that did nothing to repay the 21,000 yes mostly eldery investors who lost their life savings:


From Wikipedia:


"McCain and Keating had become personal friends following their initial contacts in 1981. Between 1982 and 1987, McCain had received $112,000 in political contributions from Keating and his associates. In addition, McCain's wife Cindy McCain and her father Jim Hensley had invested $359,100 in a Keating shopping center in April 1986, a year before McCain met with the regulators. McCain, his family, and their baby-sitter had made nine trips at Keating's expense, sometimes aboard Keating's jet. Three of the trips were made during vacations to Keating's opulent Bahamas retreat at Cat Cay. McCain did not pay Keating (in the amount of $13,433) for some of the trips until years after they were taken, when he learned that Keating was in trouble over Lincoln..."


But perhaps McCain forgot and continues to forget the true price tag of what the Senate officially dubbed "poor judgment" when they ceremonially slapped his wrist in 1991. The Savings and Loan Scandal cost the US taxpayer over 160 billion dollars, a tiny sum in the context of the trillions spent on Iraq War Tragedies supported by and voted for by McCain, but a sum worth remembering:


"In 1989, American Continental Corporation, the parent of Lincoln Savings, went bankrupt. More than 21,000 investors, most of them elderly, lost their life savings (in total about $285 million.) This occurred largely because they held securities backed by the parent company rather than deposits in the federally-insured institution — a distinction apparently lost on many if not most depositors until it was too late. The federal government covered almost $3 billion of Lincoln’s losses when it seized the institution."


This is fiscal responsibility indeed: McCain should be held responsible for the last few recessions. While flying with his babysitter to Cat Kay on Keating's - or should I say, his depositors'? - dime, McCain helped cause the S&L disaster by working to buffer Keating from those meddling regulators. And the S&L crisis in turn helped cause the last recession. By supporting the Iraq War while millions in the US and around the world opposed it, McCain wrote a blank check for Bush to the tune of at least 3 trillion dollars. And you know who is covering that check, and it isn't McCain or Keating. Don't forget that!


a poem by Basavanna to Shiva


The rich

will make temples for Siva.

What shall I,

a poor man,



My legs are pillars,

The body the shrine,

The head a cupola

of gold.


Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers,

Things standing shall fall,

But the moving ever shall stay.

Unique Signal - Spanda, Spanda, aware
A poem from Shiva for Yahweh

The Intertwingularity is Immanent,


howevah yins pronounce it,

announce it:

"Let there be Telebiometrics, Pan Psychism



Oh say can we grok this "pan psychism"?


Learn, earn your

God/Gaia/Galaxy topology,

find your involutionary space


Semiotically travelin'

out to visit exteriority,



back up through interiority

(root chakra, heart chakra, 3d Eye Browser Browsed, Next Stop: Planetary Sacred; "divine beauty universe")


these were the missing missing words from FInnegan's Wake


speech: a commons of discourse

mobius gets in his digital oracle chamber, squats, gesturing wildly

"Become aware of the W(hole)!"

"Yes to the Noosphere!"


An experiment with Being and Interbeing of Information -

I Am ( a prism?)

Cue the Lion, Cue

Surrender, Dorothy, Surrender Surrender


A bandwidth on which DNA communicates with "itself."

Into the mike mutttering,

"Matryka, Matryka, Spanda Spanda, aware"

Unique Signal


mobius announces a new announcement:

Bodhi Svaha!

Nothing, Nothing, Nada, Sunyata, Yada yada...If we will indeed make Nothing Sacred, we dwindle egoic selves in
joyful sufferings. mobius often reminds heemself that he is Nothing precisely by repeating "It's All Shiva!" mobius
hears a military jet - Shiva. A car zoom by - frakkin' Shiva. Tire on the trailer goes flat - it's that everloving Shiva!
Dialing to zero, mobius again discovers The One. Mind emptied, ablaze, I repeat a nothing mantra. "I am Shiva!"
Out of thy poisons brewedst thou balsam for thyself. . .Man is something that hath to be surpassed: and therefore shalt thou

love thy virtues,- for thou wilt succumb by them.-

Thus spake Zarathustra.


Feeding the Larval (USB) Maw


In his periodic metrics of the infoquake, mobius notices that the long evolutionary march towards increased external symbolic storage has become a sprint, making even Usain Bolt look hopelessly behind. Mobius often enjoys remembering that it was Bill Gates who famously opined that the world "would never need more than 640K of RAM", though clearly he would glean somewhat more than 50 billion US to live through that gaffe. So too might mobius's imagination fail him - other members of our digital sangha might better comprehend the ontology of a world where 8 gigabytes of USB storage can be had for 28 dollars. What are we going to fill these things with?! This is the great "one Gigabyte of storage approaches the cost of a latte" curve we all should have been studying in economics, if only we had known...

Bring us your screenshots, your archived video, your wretched blog doggererl yearning to be free...Dwarfed by the myclelial and bacterial networks within which we are enmeshed, our machines are nonetheless opening their digital jaws wider and wider, crying out for content. Cue this in your "Human/Machine Epic Remix": The Battle for Evermore is not with Cylons or Terminators, but with our thermodynamic selves creatively hacking and feeding the gaping maw of Content for our Storage Devices, one blog at a time :)

mobius: "Nothing is Sacred!"

You really really really would like it if you made a space for nada in your life. Nothing really is sacred: if you set aside a special place and time for it, you will find that nothing creates downright uproarious effects. By devoting ourselves to nothing, we hack that self entranced and enthralled by all the jabber about productivity. The guilt track of the chattering monkey self is silenced, suffering has nowhere to live, where it is easily crowded out (as both Nietzsche and Spinoza recognized and experienced) by joy.

Stars, darkness, a lamp, a phantom, dew, a bubble.

A dream, a flash of lightning, and a cloud--thus we should look upon the world (all that was made).Diamond Sutra

"Travel by bubble might seem more appropriate for witches in Oz, but two physicists suggest that a future spaceship could fold a space-time bubble around itself to travel faster than the speed of light."

13 August 2008

mobius log, for intergalactic transmission only, KEEP OUT OF LARVAL MAW


Intergalactic strategies have been achieved. This technical sargent of the GaiaN Intelligence Agency transmits the good news. STOP. The Shift is now inexorable. STOP. Astral Plates Shifting in Full effect. STOP. Purple Buddha fires golden light in galactic eyebrow squeeze. STOP. All knobs are turning and twisting toward the golden frequency of NOW.

Chögyam Trungpa Just Wants to Celebrate, too!

"You can't constantly keep up your humor all the time. You have your weak moments. Your weak moments show. Of course! Why not? That's part of the celebration! Otherwise, there's nothing to celebrate. If you don't have your weak points, what's left? Just blank white, without even a dot of ink, on the sheet of your life. You can celebrate because all kinds of things are involved with your life; therefore, it is a source of celebration. There is contrast—this and that, that and this—and things can't be sorted out properly and put into proper perspective. So let it be that way! That seems to be the source of celebration, in fact!"

5 August 2008

Ezra Pound on Ego Death and Creativity, from


\"The ant's a centaur in his dragon world.Pull down thy vanity, it is not man Made courage, or made order, or made grace, Pull down thy vanity, I say pull down. Learn of the green world what can be thy place In scaled invention or true artistry, Pull down thy vanity, Paquin pull down! The green casque has outdone your elegance.

"Master thyself, then others shall thee beare" Pull down thy vanity Thou art a beaten dog beneath the hail, A swollen magpie in a fitful sun, Half black half white Nor knowst'ou wing from tail Pull down thy vanity How mean thy hates Fostered in falsity, Pull down thy vanity, Rathe to destroy, niggard in charity, Pull down thy vanity, I say pull down.

But to have done instead of not doing This is not vanity To have, with decency, knocked That a Blunt should open To have gathered from the air a live tradition or from a fine old eye the unconquered flame this is not vanity. Here error is all in the not done, all in the diffidence that faltered . . ."


4 August 2008

Gandhi at the Burroughs Machine

4 Shareriff, aka "Commons Preacha"


"Yields pretax profits net gain"


"Bottom line spreadsheet eye candy number crunch"


"Productivity Maximization Vortex Amplitude"



mobius declares Cold War "Miracle" in Remix of Rare Earth Hypothesis in Light of Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Let's play Tag!


mobius just wants to celebrate another day of living, another day of this here dissipative


naturally sexually selected



mobius just wants to celebrate, cuz it he has been again remembering, experiencing, the sheer miracle of our collective survival of the period in which almost all of 2days classic rock media stream was composed and selected. Talking Heads said: Stop Making Sense! And it did! The Cold War and the last Empire that Was Never Supposed to End, just plain didn't add up. You want a mystery much greater than what can be found in all the crop circles inscribed on jeweled pyramids at the end of time where the bells of 2012 continually toll for us? You want reason for outrageously responsible optimism for surfing ecoysystemic distress to well nigh miraculous biodiverse collective love grokitude for ever and ever called the Intertwingularity is near? You want a mystery much bigger than any missing footage of any tape, more alluring than any repressed sign of alien vistation disk crash? We never should have survived the ten thousand plus warheads pointed at each other, pointed out ourselves. Everyone who "knew" that future was wildly and yes salvationally wrong. So cheer the frakk up, yo! "Life" is... a word, a sequence of symbols and/or sounds. a sheer participatory differential semiotic that gives us but an inkling, a figment of the massively parallel highly distributed cosmological joyful agonizing unfolding in time we call "evolution", which, is another wyrd for...


an ongoing celebration of energy gradient differentials & the application of consciousness toward them for further celebration! Tag this "celebration", tag this "thermodynamics", tag this "cold war miracle"








2 August 2008

In multiple traditions of contemplation, meditators are charged with listening carefully for the sound of bells. As a method for tuning our attention toward itself, such a discipline is no more or less important to a path of enlightenment than the injunction in the Gita to look "between the eyebrows" during contemplation. It is a practice, which, if practiced, may be the way for any individual practioner to move on to their next challenge on the path. If done with humble glee, the ringing of bells may just signal the arrival of Sophia, wisdom - enlightenment.



But ask not for whom the Bells toll, troll, because we can barely hear them anymore: too many alarms have been sounded but not fathomed, too many panic buttons pushed for us to even remember that we can do anything but. So...Book Review Emergency: Help! Priscilla Wald's new text vector "Contagious" is anything but for this here mobius.n Its like one of those greetings cards with a chip in it - you open it up and it cries out "Outbreak narrative!". Alarmed, the book suggests that indeed we should be Very Very Scared, for the way we describe disease and illness - are you prepared for the sheer magnitude of this claim - "have consequences. They can affect survival rates, contagion routes, and economies." What? Are you trying to tell us, Professor, that the MIND is linked to the - oh, I can't utter it, no, too terrifying, too abjected - The Body?! mobius can reads no more!


Naropa Time Sink Synch!


Got five thousand hours? Start streamin' the entirety of the Naropa audio archives, sounds from the university founded by Chögyam Trungpa, one of the great modern teachers. Stream Ginsberg with Blake, stream Burroughs, stream the gittar playin' Thurston Moore:


Just in time, too. Mobius just completed revisions on his self actualizin' world changin psychedelic meta-programming script "Ecodelic". May the memeplex be with us!

1 August 2008

mobius: "Nothing's Going to Change Your World"


I love the friends I have gathered in here in this dim wrath. Mr. Mojo Risin


I love this dim wrath! mobius



Our collective emptiness burgeons forth, even mushrooms. We find something ever so much better there, better even than the salvation continually dangled and dongled before our donkey noses by the State/Church/ WarPlex. We hereby always already dialed your bobbin' noggins of pundit flesh into the cryonically preserved celebrity you so wantonly seek in your asymptotically zomboid wanderings. We see your ecocosmic value extraction scheme and laugh in its general direction while biking our loved ones to and fro. Due to sudden bouts of evolution and involution, your "ways" deserve preservation as charming fragments from our tadpole youth, a necessary and beautiful fold in our unfoldings. We love you, dear embryo of the now, and hold you close as you begin to perceive the open source starship we have wrought in our collective Declaration of Nada. A brilliant transpersonal super nova sparkles 'tween us. Do you feel like we do?


29 July 2008

mobius is a teacher and a preacher with wyrds. So if you ask him about chants, he'll tell you - and tell you and tell you and tell you, bodhi svaha! - that if there is anything better than repetition with language for inducing states of altered FNORD consciousness, he has yet to find it find it. Here's a mantra for you: More research is needed! More research is needed! More research is needed! In the meantime, take note, pandits and pundits, for the Two Valleys of Kathmandu and Mt. Nittany have been intertwingled into the swirling pixelated jewel offered below. Involutionary artist Chipp Resistor has done the alchemy right, again, inducing transdimensional affects you aren't quite sure you've ever had.


mobius: "Cloud of Unknowing More Effective Than Bam Bam!"

I simply cannot believe how great The Cloud of Unknowing is, and not just because it resonates so beautifully with the Sunyata tradition that seems to be my Way ever since reading Plato's rendition of Socrates. I am even finding the Middle English text to be calling me and finding it initially very readable even while its strangeness helps me feel its magic and avoiding knowing exactly what it always means. I feel very strongly that this is the tradition in which to put Burroughs, but more on that later.


If I grok a question from our distributed Sangha, "What do you do when Fort Chill is under attack?": When Fort Chill is under attack, everything depends upon local conditions. Going this Sunyata way, I often meditate wherever I happen to be and make transparent body ( pokemon) and I often watch as the slings and arrows of the external world's outrageously good fortune pass right through my diamond crystal body. This inevitably makes me laugh, unleashing my inner Barney Rubble, which features many short bursts of laughter. I will link to an mp3 of the sound of one Barney laughing as a kind of mantra for anybody who deserves it. Barney also has an asana - I make my feet approach the near 90 degree angled you can see in this pic:



This inner yoga usually helps me remember that Fort Chill was never a fort and remains neither Chill nor Unchill :) Bodhi Svaha!

23 July 2008

"Once More: The Eternal Return of Individuality"

(aka Shaman's Blues Blue Sky Bifurcation)



There will never be

Another one like you

There will never be

Another one who can

Do the things you do, oh


Individuality is less our powerful birthright than our evolutionary impasse: Every day in every way, we are challenged to be the radically individuated beings we all are, together. Lest this sound like a simple celebration of our different consumer preferences, consider the fact that each of us encounters the world in ways perceptually and phenomenologically other to each other. Our evolutionary experience is nothing other than the challenge to each live better in our own world, together. The Noosphere - the self organizing collective effect of our individuated attention on our biosphere - calls us, with Zarathustra, to overcome this challenge called "human" by transcending not our individuality but our illusory separation from the One. Oh! To the Earth itself mobius sings a remix:



There will never be

Another One like you

There will never be

Another One who can

Do the things you do, oh

Will you give another chance?

Will you try, little try?

You are First without a Second

This is our cry!

This is our cry!


18 July 2008


mobius: "I have Nothing to Prove!"


\"I want to make myself zero\" Gandhi

If it sometimes seems as though mobius has an agenda, you'll just have to FNORD break with routine and indeed, trust your senses and your intuition: mobius is unmistakably On a Campaign, Making a Point, Moving Inexorably Toward Something He Finds Absurdly Beautiful. Let's gently but precisely apply [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam's_Razor Ockham] here, and assume that mobius's agenda is nothing other than thermodynamic. What's up with mobius?! Oh, he's just ridin' the tug of the future toward maximization of entropy production is all. Our collective pull towards thermodynamic Nothing is all that is going on here. No wisdom need be invoked - mobius need not, nor shall he, boast of any Wizardry in which he has been deftly trained by his multitude of teachers for whom he is continuously grateful. No, Neti, our pull towards maximum entropy production means that when mobius helps induce some uncertainty where there had been none, he is in his smiling-guru-of-the-absurd way doing the work of the cosmos. And when that uncertainty increases enough to dissolve the ego -as it does for Zarathustra in laughter - this Going to Zero enables an immensely beautiful bit flip, figure/ground dissolution toward One.

16 July 2008

Mobius: "Nothing Exists!"

With the help and companionship of other members of this distributed Sangha, mobius had the Liberty and Opportunity to attend the Dali Lama's recent teachings at Lehigh University here in the Autonomous Republic of Pennsylvania. ( ARP) The Dali Lama - dubbed by Columbia University's Robert Thurman the "ShiftMeister!" - showed up and, as we say sometimes, ran a clinic on emptiness. The occasion was the completion of the English translation of the Great Treatise by Tsong Kha Pa, a fifteenth century Tibetan scholar. The Great Treatise could perhaps also be called the "Great Synthesis", as it weaves 2gether diverse strands of esoteric and exoteric Buddhist practices, presenting the attentive reader with a vast universe of texts in a highly ordered and grokkable fashion.

The Great Treatise reads at times like an enormous recipe book for emptiness, and it was on this Way of Sunyata that Dali Lama focused this student's attention. Again and again the Dali Lama, through his great translator, noticed that using introspection to search for the self will eventually lead one to the conclusion that no independent self exists. This "lack" of a self yields not an absence of existence, though, but an experience, of emptiness. The fact that if we look for our self with our mind and our senses, we will find nothing, & nothing yields an ontology: nothing, or at least emptiness, indeed exists, it is that which ends our search for the self.


And, this search must be made to be understood. It is easy enough to learn that the self is a highly distributed emergent phenomenon - there, you just did! - but this aspect of the self - its emptiness - must be experienced to be known. In this sense the path to emptiness is an irreducible one, following the definition of "irreducibility" posited by Stephen Wolfram. The path must be traversed to be understood, and when we have understood, we know that nothing -irreducibly?! - exists!


July 7, 2008

mobius: "Blue Sky Bifurcation features Blueberry Pie Bifurcation!"

''I am the eye with which the Universe

Beholds itself, and knows it is divine''. Shelley, Hymn of Apollo


mobius, in re-entry after his utter domination of the 3rd place division of the Harborside, Maine Fourth of July Pie Eating Contest, trembles before his accomplishments. Who knew that within his sleek frame there slumbered the making of a genuine pie eating champion? True, mobius's efforts to render the blueberry pie inside rather than outside were bested by two other wise ones before whom the pie - once baked - quaked. And mobius bows to them. But mobius felt greatness stir within him during this blueberry pie bifurcation - the separation of those who are blueberry pie eating champions, and those who are not. Something divine was kindled by mobius's Will, which seeks greatness in all things. Ramana Maharshi responded to most questions with the simple "Who asks?" in an attempt to awaken questioners to the divine pull of their question. Reflecting upon the ego, questioners eventually discover that it does not exist. "If you seek the ego you will find it does not exist. That is the way to destroy it..." Pondering the emptiness within which an astonishingly large amount of blueberry pie was lodged, mobius asks, "Who eats?" Another remix:



So bye, bye, piece of Blueberry pie

empty yer noggin

off all that foggin

hug your ego goodbye




"...for willing is creating: so do I teach. And 

only for creating shall ye learn!" Thus Wiki'd Zarathustra




If mobius talks an awful lot about nothing - and, admit it, he does - it is because Nothing has been lab tested by mobius ( with the aid of the diverse ars psychonautica and mentors) to be among the most precious allies in his ever evolvin' Sacred Wisdom Tool Kit. In fact only Nothing is on par with Love in terms of its day in and day out effectiveness in navigating the snares, slings and arrows of outrageously righteously good fortune we call.... Stayin' Alive. (Remix by mobius)




Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,

I'm a Nada man, no time to talk.

Music loud and women warm.

I've working with Nada since I was born.

And now it's all right, it's O.K.

And you may look the other way.

We can try to understand

The New York Times' effect on "man". But:

Whether you're a brother

Or whether you're a mother,

We're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

Feel the city breakin'

And ev'rybody shakin'

And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

Na, Da, Na, da,

Stayin' alive.

Stayin' alive.

Na, Da, Na, da,

Stayin Alive


OH, Zero!


I'm going Nowhere

Nowhere Helps Me Ya

I'm Stayin Alive!







Mobius: Pretty and Vacant

mobius sez: Try out this emptiness anthem as your mantra. Don't hold anything back or seek to fill the emptiness, or you may end up tragically like Sid. Love the emptiness and you will eternally dwell in punk numinousity, immersed in the present moment!

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What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it. -- Herbert Simon

----The Infolanche


mobius: "That Crazy Clown is Really a Coyote!"


created at TagCrowd.com


Dancing Days R Here Again: mobius Intertwingled with Blue Sky Bifurcation as the Obamas Become the Candidate Couple in the Prophecized Blue Sky Bifurcation Intertwingularity!


Ecodelic!' is featured in the new MAPS Bulletin chock full of psychonautical and technological wisdom! Check out mathematician Ralph Abraham's article. His "blue sky bifurcation" is the very source of this blog's name, and now mobius is pleased to be intertwingled with him in print, er, pixels! And the ascent of the Obamas to Candidate Couple signals, yes, the opening unto the Blue Sky:


Sung to the Tune of

Happy Days Are Here Again, Except When it is Not


Happy Days Are Here Again

The Skies Above Are Clear Again

mobius sings a song of cheer again

Happy Days Are Here Again!


AND: Stay Tuned on Iran

Birdsong Algebra or "Vital Information: The Noosphere"

Vital Information - VALIS flash

in exegesis in the wake of VALIS flash

the Title

The Letters

The Letter - a letter to Huxley - The Noosphere and the Transhuman; The ultrahuman

Just Say Yes to the Noosphere

mobius officially welcomes James Vito Palazzolo ( aka Violet the purple assed baboon) back from the abyss. We send healing toward your troubled embodiement! Heal Baboon, Heal!

The Intertwingularity is Slightly Nearer! mobius Welcomes the Noöcytes


Ever since he learned about DNA and even fungal computation, mobius has pondered the immense computational capacities of the global bacterial network and the possible ways of programming it towards the best of all possible worlds. If mobius declares that "2Day, The Intertwingularity is Nearer!", and he does, mobius sez so because researchers have taken the first teeny tiny step toward actualizing mobius's (aka mitochondriac's) vision of global bacterial colonies providing the computational substrate for a transtemporal consciousness through the simulation of human and transhuman experience on much vaster time scales. Given Rotman's analysis of the fallacies of infinitistic mathematics, this is extremely unlikely to support Kurzweil's ( now Cylon) vision of "downloading" immortality, but it does present the possibility of phenomenologically infinite lives. Life won't be infinite - if only because one of the experiences consciousness will continue to explore is finitude - but it will feel infinite, a kind of real time experiential vision of forever, an immortality fractal that is conceptually infinite but actually finite. The return of the Eternal Return! mobius sez therefore that if we are evolving toward an experience of infinity, we might as well program it to be the best one we can imagine. The smiling effect, noticed by Charles Darwin and William James, might give us a clue about how to best bootstrap ourselves into a world of joyful self awareness.


Here is a DNA smiley face programmed by Paul Rothemond.


"Cognitive Libertines", Oil on Panel, 20 x 25 cm, 2008.

From the artist:

The title is a riff on "Cognitive Liberty".

As long as there is a world to be known there are those who will never know when there is already too much to be known, and their unbridled perception, their wanton understanding, will debauch their consciousness, and brand them as profligates wandering in the splendor of their own hallucinations, or, to be more succinct, "Cognitive Libertines."


This title was, of course, an afterthought - I had nothing so grandiose in mind to begin with. Actually the painting is just embellished marginalia culled form old journals and cooked up as an exercise in oil painting. These days I am turning more attention to painting and so I am striving to refine my technique before endeavoring in larger and more ambitious works.


Now that I have sufficiently de-mystified the painting, and reduced it to a hum-drum technical exercise I'd like it to be known that prints are available. These would be limited edition digital prints made with archival inks. If you are interested please contact the artist.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

"The logos is the informational aspect of Universe manifesting itself in the particularity of our individuated and embodied consciousness as we open to it. Transformative, the logos is played by us in our differential approaches, encounters, and adjustment of our aperture unto it from Zero to Infinity, and, in opening, it plays us like a 3 billion based paired piano to the tune of the ever expanding, developing, involuting, differentiating and complexifying cosmos. And so on."

The Nano Way of Sustainability?

mobius prefers not to get off his bike, but the planet must not become a monoculture, not even of bikes. Electric and hybrid (electric/wetware) vehicles could, it seems, become more practicable and less flammable with the help of some recent nanotecnologies:


A123's batteries could finally make lithium-ion technology practical] for the auto industry. Instead of cobalt oxide, they use an electrode material made from nanoparticles of lithium iron phosphate modified with trace metals. The resulting batteries are unlikely to catch fire, even if crushed in an accident. They are also much hardier than conventional lithium-ion batteries: A123 predicts that they will last longer than the typical lifetime of a car.


Of course, part of mobius wonders if GM can be trusted to help this technology flourish, but now that we know our history perhaps we will not repeat it? And if it turns out that nanoparticles of lithium iron phosphate are difficult to recycle, mobius predicts that we will once again call on the rhizome to clean up everybody else's mess :)

This is Your Brain On Thermodynamics

The following nicely describes Paul Stamet's mind. ( See "rhizome" above"):


Brains can be regarded as psychometabolic organs. Just as the physiological metabolic systems of organisms utilize the raw material provided by the physi-

cochemical resources of the environment and metabolize them into

special material substances, so brains, more highly developed, utilize

the raw materials of simple experience and transform them into

special systems of organized awareness.


mobius: The Future is Fluid!


Now that \"wetware\" is an accepted technical term in international use for the physical aspect of living systems subject to information capture, we can notice that microfluidics may be in your future. The Cannabis Genome Project - a project to settle the botanical controversy about taxonomy of Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa respectively, and to compare a reference standard of Sativa and Indica to a strain of Hemp - gets cheaper everyday! It could be that the legal horizon for this project and the technological horizon mesh nicely, such that by the time it is legal to do this in a US lab, the cost will be only about hundred dollars and you can do it as a project in a freshman biology seminar. That's progress, yo!


Void Where Prohibited :)

I have started receiving attachments with the "docx" extension with greater frequency. This is the new file type that is default in MS WORD, as if designed to unreadable by everyone else, all in the name of "interoperability." Anyway, I don't want to be an open source pest to folks still smitten or obliged by MS WORD, so I have stopped asking them to resave the document as rtf or doc, both of which are readable by most anything. I knew that if I just looked, I would find a conversion method that was easier than prodding my friends. Zamzar does it, so do a few others, but they delay the delivery of the file for up to 24 hours. Yet another example of how in contemporary technology markets, many of the players make money by delaying technological transformation! I will search for another hack...mobius


- Open Office 3.0, currently in beta, supports .docx formats out of the box. No conversion required: http://marketing.openoffice.org/3.0/announcementbeta.html - OncoMouse


Gracias OncoMouse! How well does Open Office 3.0 work? I was just getting used to 2.0 :) -mobius


Latex displays nicely on this wiki!



Dear Prof. Doyle,


Over the past 15 years, Green Corps has trained over 200 young people in the

skills and strategies needed to fight and win critical environmental



We are now in our Summer Recruitment Drive, and are currently accepting

applications for our 2008-2009 program. We are seeking motivated and

talented young people with an interest in environmental and/or social change

organizing and advocacy.


Please distribute the following announcement (below) to graduating seniors

in your network.


This is the last chance for graduating seniors to apply to Green Corps - our

deadline is May 16, 2008.


By taking this simple action, you will help us recruit and train more great

leaders like Adam Ruben, Political Director of MoveOn.org (GC '93), Tom

Mooers, Executive Director of Sierra Watch (GC '93), and Phil Radford, Field

Director of Greenpeace USA (GC '99).


Our current newsletter, where you can find out more information on Green

Corps, is online at http://static.greencorps.org/newsletters/summer08/


Thank you again for your help and support. Please contact me with any

questions at jesse@greencorps.org.




Jesse Littlewood

Recruitment Director, Green Corps



Green Corps

44 Winter St. Boston, MA 02108 * 617-426-8506 * www.greencorps.org



Mobius records here a lecture by Dr. Paul Gerome on General Pharmacology:


"As yogis have demonstrated with their capacity to alter the heart beat with their focused attention, our way of relating consciousness to organs can be improved by exercise and practice. This relationship between consciousness and the body is itself availavle to telemedicine. Many worldwide telemedicines are not even based on the same anatomy. Saussure showed that the fundamentally relational nature of signs; we seek a fundamentally relation anatomy in the form of non representational forms of telemedicine. The accomodation of the whole range of all forms of telemedicine is achieved through a General Pharmacologie.


General Pharmacologie

-indicate means of relief in word communication; production of relief by word communication(Chants, Icaros) -

indicate a sequence of actions to be practiced as preventive medicine> This would include palliative care as exercise.

_ Use of substances beyond the skin membrane




Hey You! Immortal Chemist of Grace!

We're so sorry, Good St. Albert

We're so sorry if it caused you any pain


But -

Hey You! Immortal Chemist of Grace!

Your April Bicycle Ride Spun Interdimensional

You found \"Christ in Matter\"( Teilhard)

Quite Unintentional



Hey You! Immortal Chemist of Grace!

You have already been on this trip - Preparing for your journey, You Taught Us

Live In the Immortal Present!

Your Mind in the Sky Now a Diamond

mobius flows tears with his bad rhymin'




mobius reports from Switzerland, where he had planned a Friday bicycle pilgrimmage ( honoring two of mobius's favorite technologies) to Basel to visit Hofmann, who left his body at the age of 102. Today, before I learned of his death, I rode in silence by the Laussane Railroad Station cafe where the famous meeting between Leary and Hofmann took place. I bowed to it as we rolled by in a Swiss train. Let us live up to his graceful legacy!






The Meme is not the Territory!

Why so much rolling? Why so much laughing? Why so much Rolling On the Floor Laughing? ROFLcon makes mobius shimmy and shake into laughter - he becomes a vibrating string, zing! - precisely and most unmistakably because - The Meme is not the Territory. Tron Guy cannot be who he represents himself as, and in that "failure" becomes Tron Guy!


A distributed effect summoned simultaneously into being through the wanders and whorls of mouse clicks and typing, Forwarding and Hyping, Tron Guy dressed up as Himself Just Isn't the Same as a guy who does the figure/ground getalt game/reality which makes him a fake character in a real world, which means he IS the Tron Guy, sort of. And it makes us laugh. Why?


It would seem that we cannot avoid having a bodily response to the difference between the multiple dimensions of the meme - and all its attendant synchronous and asynchronous Beholders of the Screen Tween - and the territory, which is necessarily a localized, chronological three dimensional being preciously unfolding on this plateau with us, Here and Now. If yins listen through your laughter, you might hear the faint hum of a mantra resonated directly from Tron Guy:


Be Here Now!


As with the other signs of CorruptionMagnet walking in the image above, Tron Guy must approach Icon status, yet he diverges infinitely from it. In short, even the thought of Tron Guy as an actually existing living being alters our sensory/motor ratio, the relationship between the input of our senses and our capacity to interact with it in any embodied fashion. When we can't process all of the input with our bodies - when we can't figure out what to do about the strange fact that "The Internet is Here", in the meme-made-flesh-like event of Tron Guy in Glasses and luminescence, our sensory motor ratio goes through the roof. He isn't Tron Guy, and in not being Tron Guy, he is a fake in a real world, which forms an analogy to the real character in a gaming world, which means he is the Tron Guy... So much input - how to respond?


With a high sensory motor ratio, Ohio State psychologist Roland Fischer found that events transpired that were not verifiable or confirmable in Euclidean Space and Time, i.e., they unfold in our imaginations, dreams, eidetic imagery, visions or other (perfectly real) states of consciousness with which we cannot interact reliably enough to measure or otherwise capture as data. It is difficult, but not impossible, to dream on purpose, for example. And our senses "work" precisely according to a logic of difference: What we see in Tron Guy is the radically embodied difference between Tron Guy ( The Meme Made Flesh-Like) and the Tron Guy Meme, a glimpse of the infinite itself in the difference between meme and territory.


The Meme is not the Territory!


mobius: "ROFLCON Never Happened?!"


It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell if ROFLcon actually happened. mobius was chatting with CorruptionMagnet before heading elsewhere, and they both agreed that they felt as though the Internet Is Here but that They are Not. All of this manifestation of what had been digital - the meme-made-flesh-like, mustached and furry - makes flesh feel like a funny wetware suit that isn't on right. And they agreed - along with mobius colleague Dr. Paul Gerome - that the Tron Guy Was Completely There.

Mobius Honored Guest at ROFLcon

On Tuesday last, a jeweled sedan chair was ordered by the mobius entourage in eager anticipation of His April 26 arrival as Honored Academic Guest at the game of digital tag, ROFLcon, the meme made flesh-like conference that is manifesting as we wiki at MIT and the penumbra of eateries that surround It. ROFLCon already feels like Immersive Gamers Gone Wild - mobius's inbox slowly fills with diverse and sundry ANNOUNCEMENTS, he fails to keep up, phones GrandCentral, Is Bumped by ROFLcon as speaker - There is No Room At Da Digital Inn - because he is crowded out by the Tron Guy and other (mobius is not bein' ironic) worthies. Mobius loves these kinds of conferences, whatever they are! No work means all play, so mobius IMMEDIATELY CANCELS THE JEWELED SEDAN CHAIR in a series of forwarded emails that escape the attention vortex of ROFLcon. Its understandable that they have missed it in the infoquake. But: Neither mobius nor his entourage have ever canceled a jeweled sedan chair before, so this is new territory. Not surpisingly, we don't know the protocol, and I am running frantically around seeking to make sure my jeweled sedan chair has been canceled. Can someone please tell me if my jeweled sedan chair has been cancelled?

Sedan chair or no, Mobius is putting the finishing touches on his Announcement prepared especially for the assembled assemblers of ROFLCon. His newest Mantra - "The Intertwingularity Is Near!" hacks at transhuman fantasies of becoming puupy dog versions of Ray Kurzweil by noticing that if you listen carefully and enter into a spontaneous intepretative dance that involves puttin' down yer phone and chanting,


dingity dongity

you can hear a jingle?

open up some silence

and feel the intertwingle!


Is this mobius's hypothesis for the cause of the Phantom Touch? An actual interconnection we are all starting to feel? Just Say Yes to the Noosphere!


Tune it at ROFLcon,org


Looking for the Infinite Corridor,




P.S. The Meme is not the Territory!


Buddha Stencil with Sutra by ~n8p on deviantART

[Today, a bill to eliminate all federal penalties for marijuana possession was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Would you please take one minute to ask your U.S. representative to support this bill? MPP’s easy online action system makes it simple — just enter your name and contact info and we'll do the rest.


"The Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2008," introduced by Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.), would eliminate the threat of arrest and prison for the possession of up to 3.5 ounces of marijuana and/or the not-for-profit transfer of up to one ounce of marijuana. It would not affect federal laws prohibiting selling marijuana for profit, importing and exporting marijuana, or cultivating marijuana. It also would not affect any state or local laws and regulations.


Because almost all marijuana arrests are made by local and state police, the primary impact of this federal bill is twofold: First, it would offer protection to people who are apprehended with marijuana in federal buildings or on federal land (such as national parks); and, second, the bill sends a message to state governments that the federal government is now open to the notion of states reducing their marijuana penalties, too.


This historic legislation comes 36 years after the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse made a similar recommendation to President Richard Nixon, suggesting that he decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.


MPP has worked closely with Congressman Frank’s staff over the last year, helping to craft the legislation and build political support for the proposal on Capitol Hill.


Now that the bill has been introduced, members of Congress need to hear from their constituents who want to see it passed. It takes only a minute or two to use MPP’s online action system to send a quick note to your member of the House.


Thanks so much for your help.





Rob Kampia

Executive Director

Marijuana Policy Project

Washington, D.C.


P.S. As I've mentioned in previous alerts, a major philanthropist has committed to match the first $3.0 million that MPP can raise from the rest of the planet in 2008. This means that your donation today will be doubled.




The Intertwingularity is Near! ( Grasshopper Lies Heavy Remix by mobius)

(Sung to the tune of "Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer", Excepting when it is Not)



You know Godel, Oh Escher Oh Bach and yes Turing

The lot of them dug self-reference

oh, so alluring

But do you recall,

The most famous self referentially audacious Insect of all?


The Grasshopper Lies (So) Heavy

He smokes a spliff the size of

your Chevy

rolled in pages

torn from cages

rollin more bones

for sages




Not Swearin'

and learning while burning

Forget the Singularity -

The Intertwingulariy is Near


Each moment is connected

not vivisected, dissected, misdirected But



Now yer knowing



My Fraternity

Not to mention

my Maternity

Hail Mary And

Check my Buddha belly


But hold the frakking mutton



The Grasshopper Lies (So) Heavy

He smokes a spliff the size of

your Chevy

rolled in pages

torn from cages

rollin more bones

for sages




Not Swearin'

Forget the Singularity -

The Intertwingulariy is Near



Dome Plus Xtracycle Plus Solar Panel Equals ?!

The Holy Trinity of Nomadic Sustainability? One could forage the earth for old batteries, charge them, move on...


mobius: "I Observe Transcendental Creativity Maximizing Entropy Production!"

Perhaps the greatest possible contribution to the Evolution/Creationism "debate" has emerged:



Forget "belief". Now, forget it again: Can there be any doubt that it is creativity - of the sort that produced this video - that transcends? As Matthew Fox - whose writings and practices have consistently transcended this "debate" - writes, creativity is "where the divine and the human meet." When we create, we are Big Bang Shiva re-enactors, recapitulating the ongoing creative act of the Big Bang itself. Elsewhere, mobius has suggested that we think about this 13.7 billion year unfolding as the ongoing delivery of a message Universe sends to itself: You are aware! Being aware, you can produce even more entropy through the short term creation of order - so get to it!

Habits of Stillness: Plato in the morning, wiki in the afternoon


In case you thought practices of meditative stillness were a purely "Eastern" phenomenon, take a breath and focus on this description of Socrates from The Symposium:


"This is one of his habits: Sometimes he goes off and stands still wherever he happens to be."

In Praise of Diotima, With Special Reference to the Shulgins

Sasha and Ann Shulgin, pictured below with link to a Scientific American story about their work, subtitled their work together "A Chemical Love Story." In honor of their honoring of the pharmacopeia of love, mobius here replicates the yogic words of Diotima via Socrates on the topic of love and its practices.



A member of our mycelial sangha writes and asks about anger. mobius empties, inside/outside call the whole thing off, and the Logos bubbles forth:


"Anger can be a mapping adjunct for any trace of the self that would make itself a surface or a target for reference without self reference. We know very little about the world in which we have evolved - the map is not the territory! - but we do know that its scales of temporality and space and transformation - the 13.7 billion year unfolding of space/time that is both a continuous moment and the very definition of highly imbricated translations of infinity - will not experientially withstand entropy (literally becoming) in consciousness ( an observer aware of observing) except insofar as it deliberately becomes empty. The only way to reman aware for more than a passing moment is to intentionally empty your mind of all content. By withering our attachment to reference- "I know what I am" - we open ourselves to the differentiating forces of the cosmos as we receive a message 13.7 billion years in its delivery: "I know what I am, and I have Nothing to Declare!" By using anger and its dissipation in love as a locating system for welcoming and dwindling any attempt of a self to forestall time and its metamorphosis, we open to the creative force of the cosmos in its continuous unfolding, a thermodynamic search engine for emptiness!"


Hagia Sophia spoke in the argot of the seismograph: She said, In current times, I am well equipped to track my own earth delivered orgasmic temblorings, wired as I am with meters and devices designed by boys who once studied with JPL scientists, then crawled through my crevices and ceilings, de=lighted, except for that spelunker's helmet.


From Da Grasshopper Lies Heavy

Signs of Salvation and Spring

And I say unto you:

a Big Dummy shall lead you...


"The logos is the informational aspect of Universe manifesting itself in the particularity of our individuated and embodied consciousness as we open to it. Transformative, the logos is played by us in our differential approaches, encounters, and adjustment of our aperture unto it from Zero to Infinity, and, in opening, it plays us like a 3 billion based paired piano to the tune of the ever expanding, developing, involuting, differentiating and complexifying cosmos. And so on."

An Eastah Egg From Mobius

The intoxication of meads will cause us to speak.

mobius just signed an urgent petition calling on the Chinese government to respect human rights in Tibet and engage in meaningful dialogue with the Dalai Lama. This is really important, and I thought you might want to take action:




After nearly 50 years of illegitimate Chinese rule and a government in exile in India, the Tibetans are sending out a global cry for change. But violence is spreading across Tibet and neighbouring regions, and the Chinese regime is right now considering a choice between increasing brutality or dialogue, that could determine the future of Tibet and China.


We can affect this historic choice. China does care about its international reputation. Its economy is totally dependent on "Made in China" exports that we all buy, and it is keen to make the Olympics in Beijing this summer a celebration of a new China that is a respected world power.


President Hu needs to hear that 'Brand China' and the Olympics can succeed only if he makes the right choice. But it will take an avalanche of global people power to get his attention. Click below to join me and sign a petition to President Hu calling for restraint in Tibet and dialogue with the Dalai Lama -- and tell absolutely everyone you can right away. The petition is organized by Avaaz, and they are urgently aiming to reach 1 million signatures to deliver directly to Chinese officials:




"The logos is the informational aspect of Universe manifesting itself in the particularity of our individuated and embodied consciousness as we open to it. Transformative, the logos is played by us in our differential approaches, encounters, and adjustment of our aperture unto it from Zero to Infinity, and, in opening, it plays us like a 3 billion based paired piano to the tune of the ever expanding, developing, involuting differentiating and complexifying cosmos. And so on."

Thus Wiki'd mobius

....We must never forget the fluidity of religious groupings before persecution forced organization upon what we may begin to call "sects" after 1660. In the forties and fifties you did not find buildings marked "Baptist chapel", "Congregational chapel" or "Quaker meeting-house" as you walked down the street: you found congregations of like-minded believers meeting where they could find room -- in pubs or in private houses. They would have regarded themselves as part of the church of Christ, and would have resisted any sectarian labelling. Their congregations included sermon-tasters, Seekers, attaching themselves to no fixed congregation.


-- Christopher Hill, The English Bible and the Seventeenth-Century Revolution (Penguin, 1993), pp. 35-36

XXIV. And lastly, that I, the said William Penn, for myself, my heirs and assigns, have solemnly declared, granted and confirmed, and do hereby solemnly declare, grant and confirm, that neither I, my heirs, nor assigns, shall procure or do any thing or things, whereby the liberties, in this charter contained and expressed, shall be infringed or broken; and if any thing be procured by any person or persons contrary to these premises, it shall be held of no force or effect. In witness whereof, I, the said William Penn, have unto this present character of liberties set my hand and broad seal, this five and twentieth day of the second month, vulgarly called April, in the year of our lord one thousand six hundred and eighty-two.



"Only when is it dark enough can you see the stars...Let us develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness." Martin Luther King


"But it doesn't matter with me now. Because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. And I'm happy, tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord."


Did Martin Luther King - whose very name contains a refrain throbbing across time with Internal Freedom, knock knock nailing some theses on a door - see the fractled shockwave at the end of history? Let me be more precise: Did what MLK called the "transphysics" of the Mountaintop give him an uncanny glimpse - yes - of his own death by assasination, itself a repetitio of a much earlier attempt wherein he throbbed with the contagious rhythm of the martyrdom and freedom of the Cross, and survived, MLK sez, only because he did not sneeze? To repeat, did MLK, at a moment extraordinarily sensitive to to the smallest shockwave of a sneeze, as he claimed, see humans evolve past "I" and toward the "thou"? For this was the "glory of the coming of the Lord" of which he spoke, that vision he had when "viewing the whole of human history up to now." Listen to the mp3 carefully, and you will hear


a very clear

Yes to the Noosphere.


"And I said yes."


Yes, MLK asked us not to be compassionate by proxy. If you listen into the mp3 carefully, you can even hear a kind of audio resonance across time. Yes, I am just happy that he didn't sneeze.


Reprise, or "To Review, Doyle-Y"



#PROPHECY: The Intertwingularity is Near!

Quick Reminder: Focus your mind on the unavoidable and unassailable fact that Nothing Is. Regard the way in which you are this Nothing. Breathe in and out yo! Behold the One, the interconnection of All That Is.



mobius breathes out radiance as he sees that his humble work with this divine planet bear jewels. Howling, he beholds the World Tree in its wikidelic proliferation and development, hatching a forever-egg in plant intelligence, miming the branching and bifurcations of plant mind exploring a landscape. Heed the manifestations and manifestoes of Internal Freedom, " for we would rather our wardens abandon us to the night and our wits than bind us in swaddling clothing and poison us with chicken soup."

\"It's quite tediousto measure every possible thought you might encounter, then measure the brain activity for that," said John-Dylan Haynes, a Max Planck Institute neuroscientist who was not involved in the study. "This is a big step forward."


mobius has of late been pondering Alcibiades, the Greek statesman who apparently mocked the Mysteries. In the Symposium, a Dionysian gathering devoted to honoring Eros through speeches, Alcibiades gives the last speech, and it is in praise of Socrates. It seems Socrates' famous nose was akin to a flute; not the stinger of a "gadfly", but a resonating chamber for a logos that was beyond all seduction and yet seduction itself.

Shiva, I would Like you to Meet Shakti. Shakti, Behold the Splendor of Shiva

"The logos is the informational aspect of Universe manifesting itself in the particularity of our individuated and embodied consciousness as we open to it. Transformative, the logos is played by us in our differential approaches, encounters, and adjustment of our aperture unto it from Zero to Infinity, and, in opening, it plays us like a 3 billion based paired piano to the tune of the ever expanding, developing, involuting differentiating and complexifying cosmos. And so on."

Mandala, My Name is Mandala

It's wikidelic: While waiting to score some antibiotics with which to contain an outbreak of strep, mobius heard his name: "Mr. Doily!"


An unanticpated and perhaps unprecedented calm pervades mobius's sickness. Some palpable new difference has been experienced, a distinction between Self - the awareness behind which all experience manifests and with which it is thoroughly and differentially interwoven ( Mr. Doily!) - and Universe, the appearance of an ecoystem distinct from the Self - "the external world." mobius lives in that distinction. What incroyable'' ongoing calm can be found by beholding and inhabiting this distinction -itself shaped like a snowflake - without effort! [Mr. Doily!




Pronunciation: 'doi-lE

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural doilies

Etymology: Doily or Doyley fl1711 London draper

1 : a small napkin

2 : a small often decorative mat"


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