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NSF 3Way

Page history last edited by Richard Devon 12 years, 5 months ago

A new possibility has emerged for the NSF proposal


We need three areas of expertise


The nature of nanotechnology: The new idea is to ask Mark Horn who is in charge of the Minor in Nanotechnology* in ESM. Mark is a close friend and a very easy guy to work with


The nature of design as it applies to research spin offs, making the connection between new science and technology and teh reshaping of humanity;  Devon


The human and social implications: Ethics, decision making, ... the actual focus of the new course: Doyle



Undergraduate Nanotechnology Minor. mhorn@engr.psu.edu


The Nanotechnology Minor is designed to help prepare students from a broad range of disciplines for careers or graduate study in fields These fields cover a spectrum from medicine involving nanotechnology. and catalysis to textiles and to quantum computing.

The minor builds on the strengths of Penn State's faculty, expertise base, academic programs and nanofabrication facilities including its The minor provides students with class 1 and class 10 clean rooms. fundamental knowledge and skills in nano-scale simulation, design, syntheses, characterization, properties, processing, manufacturing and applications.

Nanotechnology is inherently interdisciplinary and bridges across physics, biology, materials science, and chemistry.



This shift fills in the missing ingredient.  If we can get the course accepted for the STS minor, the Nanotechnology Minor, and the Engineering Design Certificate (hopefully soon to be a minor), and we can get letters of support from the department/program heads, we should look pretty good. I know the ESM Head Judy Todd I am sure she will be OK with it. {Sidebar: I think STS should develop a minor in the ethics of science and technology if it is has not yet} 


If this sounds good to you, we should all meet and then start serious writing. It all falls into place for me now logistically. So we can concetrate on te real challenge of developing the cours content


Let me know what you think

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