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From Phantasy to Program: Growing A Transpersonal Deleuze?

Axiom: Deleuze becomes transpersonal, legible to the projects of transhumanity, to the extent that he functions as a relay, a delay or gradient for Guattari.

Refrains toward the Composition of a Transhuman Deleuze


Intro: Icaro for Guattari, gently featuring Shiva



"A child in the dark, gripped with fear, comforts himself by singing under his breath. he walks and halts to his song. Lost, he takes shelter, or orients himself with his little song as best he can. The song is like a rough sketch of a calming and stabilizing, calm and stable, center in the heart of chaos." ( MP, 311, Massumi translation)


Whence comes this "center in the heart of chaos?" An implicate order in which part/whole relationships are replicated across scales. Bohm, the implicate order. Deleuze: The superfold.


Guattari: Life is not logical or representational. It is barely liveable! Expanding the space of the livable through acts of involution.


The hologram emerges as a map or metaprogramming for involutionary acts. ( adding to the Austinian toolbox of illocutionary and/or perlocutionary?)




To Illustrate this problematic, I have chosen one of my own dreams comntaining numerous over determinations, presented as a hologram... ( Guattari, "The Refrain of Being and Meaning", __Soft Subversions__


Om as the hologrammatic sound. Part labeled as, reproducable as, part/whole. A gradient of part wholeness.

The sound of One Gradient Clapping:


"walking under these trees, I felt a special silence, a vibrating soundless hum" Burroughs, Yage leters, p. 17

"Perhaps the child skips as he sings, hastens or slows his pace. But the song itself is already a skip: it jumps from chaos to the beginnings of order in chaos and is in danger of breaking apart at any moment. There is always sonority in Ariadne's thread. or the song of Orpheus.


(1)!Paleocybernetic Birdsong


...sonorous. Let us recall Nietzsche's idea of the eternal return as a little ditty, a refrain, but which captures the mute and unthinkable forces of the Cosmos. "To slip the surly bonds of earth" Reagan tropes Auden troping gravity...." We thus leave behind the assemblages to enter the age of the machine, immense mechanosphere, the plane of cosmicization of forces to be harnessed...




(2)From OM to Guitar/Voice synthesizer: Vernadsky Frampton in Recombinant Sound


If this machine must have an assemblage, it is the synthesizer. By assembling modules, source elements, and elements for treating sound (oscillators, generators, and transformers), by arranging microintervals, the synthesizer makes audible the sound process itself, the production of that process, and puts us in contact with still other elements beyond sound matter. It unites disparate elements in the material, and transposes the parameters from one formula to another. The synthesizer, with its operation of consistency, has taken the place of the ground in a priori synthetic judgment: its synthesis is of the molecular and the cosmic, material and force, not form and matter, Grund and territory. Philosophy is no longer synthetic judgment; it is like a thought synthesizer functioning to make Ihought travel, make it mobile, make it a force of the Cosmos(in the same way as one makes sound travel).

practial infinite and the superfold; Lalvani


(3)Commons Engineering on the Jung Rye-zome: Some Icaros or: Do You Free Lie? We Do!




The Rhizome Archetype:


Life has always seemed to me like a plant that lives on its rhizome. Its true life is invisible, hidden in the rhizome. The part that appears above ground lasts only a single summer. Then it withers away-an ephemeral apparition. When we think of the unending growth and decay of life and civilizations, we cannot escape the impression of absolute nullity. Yet I have never lost a sense of something that lives and endures underneath the eternal flux. What we see is blossom, which passes. The rhizome remains...( Jung, p. 4 __Memories, dreams, Reflections__)

Angiosperms and the Perennial Philosophy

making sound travel with rhythmic entrainment; the resonance is the composer. ( bateson on Moire)



(4) Chaosmotic Attractor, or: [http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/r/m/rmd12/agaichurn.mp3 Plastic People Re-Enacters

in which Someone else writes up my trip featuring Shiva and the Peacock Angel




(5)Something About the Hologram: "We must learn to cultivate the sagacity of plants"

in which Geophilosophy meets the Attention Economy

Hologram as archetype for the practical infinite of distributivity ( From Zero2One)


The superfolded psyche through metaprogramming: from doors of perception to quantum holographic futuring.


(6)LSDNA GrokoPoiesis: Autopoietic Breakdown and the iterative dissipative structure re-enacter

wherein the author becomes aware of Evolutionary Refrains, Again


(7)"May Day! May Day! It's Comsic Evolution Time Again!" or, How to turn yourself into a Star Antenna www.starlarvae.org



...the starting point is a childlike refrain, but the child has wings already, he becomes celestial. The becoming-child of the musician is coupled with a becoming-aerial of the child,in a non decomposable block. The memory of an angel, or rather the becoming of a cosmos. Crystal: the becoming-bird of mozart is inseparable from a becoming-initiate of the bird, and forms a block with it.


Becoming-child as teh Jewel, Diamond Mind. Forming an indecomposable block with emptiness.



Outro: Ecodelic Icaros







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