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Penn State

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago

(After America by Allen Ginsberg)


Penn State, poet graduating English Major May twenty-something 2008.

Penn State, are you a degree factory?

Penn State, less that 50% of undergraduates in America will graduate within six years.

Penn State, 80% of your students graduate within four.

Penn State, is this true? Are you selling out our education to turn a profit?

Penn State, every year your students protest against sweat shops.

Penn State, none of your merchandise is free trade moms and pops with Old State sweatshirts made by little brown Indonesian hands.

Penn State, this is exploitation.

Penn State, have you signed with Pepsi? Barnes and NOble?

Penn State, are you selling your students to market researchers?

Penn State, three hundred dollars for a seat in the stadium.

Penn State, who is driving this bus?

Penn State, in 1896 the last Nittany Lion was murdered, skewered, and paraded down College Avenue and you've got one it's a trophy in the library.

Penn State, we are the number 2 defense contractor in the country.

Penn State, in 1996 the town memorialized its centennial with a cast-iron statue of pigs.

Penn State, have you ever seen pigs up close they are dirty and gluttonous staring from behind intelligent eyes Penn State immediate grattification oink oink.

Penn State, is this how you want to be remembered?

Penn State, my poetry professor doesn't get her promotion until she publishes her next book.

Penn State, is poetry research?

Penn State, I don't own a television set I haven't now for four years and Penn State I don't need one it's all garbage and anyway I can go to the HUB to watch MTVU.

Penn State, I was a geology major for one semester you deposited two thousand dollars grant money into my bank account then when I switched back to poetry you took it all away, nevermind that I'd already spent it on bills.

Penn State, it's time to admit that you have a drinking problem.

Penn State, you have more students in sororities and frats than out.

Penn State, your serious students are frustrated, your poets are ripping out their hair, but Penn State, your Physicists are rolling in dough.

Penn State, you would liek us to beliee that we are Penn State thank you you're welcome but Penn State, who are we after all?

Penn State, I've got my pen in hand and despite your urgings I won't put it down.

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