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Previous Processes

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 2 months ago

TB: Add the schedule of films for both projectors to the Film Fest page when you get a chance. -Houdini




The Price of Treason

Piece together the puzzle



Trent Reznnor has returned! The new album is amazing. Please check it out.



Another Version of the Truth


In Memoriam


Hey Toolbox, are there any chances left to get involved with the film festival? I know it's late but it sounds like an awesome project and I'd love to help out.


Tbot, ask us in class on Tuesday. Houdini would be the person to ask at this point, but I'm sure there is something we need to get done. TB






So, I have some things to post. I have a very cool Ubik Remix that is remixed with Cosmic Trigger. I call it UBIKTrigger!! I am excited about it and will have it up within the next few days, due to work. HOWEVER, I have an even more exciting post coming that has just rocked my world. For Sci-Fi an assignment was given to basically remix a page from a book. Anyway, with my newly discovered fascination of VALIS, I decided to choose a page from that and remix it. Keep looking for it. It is very cool. So, that and my plans to sue Quentin Tarantino coming soon.

Stay tuned...



I am going to post a remix on top of what I have written. Actually, I am going to post two! I have to do one for my Sci-Fi class so I figured I would post it as well. I should have them posted as soon as I get chance to make some copies!!



VALIS is reading Toolbox.



Toolbox is reading VALIS again.



So, instead of doing a Ubik remix, I decided that I would post some of the writing that I have recently produced.


It is A Work in Progress



Why does Hollywood have to suck so much?


When I heard that there was going to be a movie based on the PKD story "The Golden Man" I found the story and read it, anticipating the film. This movie is a horrible representation of the story. "Minority Report" and "Paycheck" actually used information from the stories. This film looks like trash when the story was actually interesting and kind of enjoyable. However, being the Nick Cage junkie that I am...


Is it me or is Juliane Moore trying to become the next Sci-Fi movie queen?


I would really like to put together the Society of Control Film Festival as my final project. I know there are other people interested in doing so as well so we should figure out how we want to do it.

So far I have tried to come up with some movies we could show. Houdini posted some clips from some films that would go over very well. Particularly I was thinking Brazil, A Scanner Darkly and They Live. We could also show V for Vendetta and/or The Matrix. Any other ideas?


Also, would we want to do it as a one day all day thing, or have it last all weekend two or three movies a day?



Today I floated. It was very interesting. The lack of sense is a very powerful experience. I floated in space for a while, I could hear my heart beating and my breathing and that was it. It was very salty. I didn't like that. It burned my eyes and interrupted my calmness. However, when I found myself again, I just soared through nothingness. I let my body go and closed my eyes from the salt. Although it seemed like it would never end and that I had all the time in the world, I had to get out, my hour was up. It took me some time to adjust to "reality." The drive home was amazing. I just took it all in. The world seemed different, clearer, safer. It still does. I like it! I want to feel like this all the time. A calmness has overcome me.




Test Yourself!



RFID chip idea!

Put them in ID cards so when you go into a bar, a sensor can tell if you are 21 or not.



So I am sitting in the Beaver computer lab talking to two friends on AIM. My one friend is discussing with me the post by BookWorm on Thermodynamics. My friend gave me a site that argues against the idea of God existing because of the second law of thermodynamics.

During this discussion, I encountered another friend that shared with me his and another mutual friend's new tattoos. I started thinking of what I would get tattooed and remember Mobius talking about a writer with a can of Ubik tattooed on his arm. I told my friend this is what I would like to get and started talking with him about the book.

MEANWHILE, the thermodynamics conversation led into discussions of entropy...I then brought up Ubik to him as well and I explained the relation!

Both conversations became connected and Ubik was the center of both. It was very...



Interesting Stuff!



I saw The Number 23 today. I recommend it to everyone.

After viewing the movie, my friend and I thought we would look into some of the information mentioned in the movie. Mainly, we were interested in the Mayan's calender and how it ends on December 21, 2012. There are some insightful videos on the sight and also some really cool posts pertaining to predictions and Mel Gibson. Enjoy!



Get Ready!

I love how the flash images on the Ready America page look like they are from a business proposal or something. I think my favorite is the one of the couple on the beach when step 2: make a family plan comes up. Is this a site for emergency preparedness or a travel agency?-- RoBoCoP




Real or unreal. Familiar yet unfamiliar. "Ubik" brings the unreal into reality. It takes the improbable and makes it possible. It allows Mobius access to the knowledge that is in my copy of Ubik since he cannot find his own.



So as we delve into "Ubik," I also must also turn my interests to another Dick novel, "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich." A great read, if you liked "Ubik" read this one as well. I find this interesting because these are two of the first Dick stories I read. As I look at them again, I am starting to see similarities that I may have noticed before, but just didn't think about it.

I really enjoy the power of the two villains in these novels. They are both mysterious, enigma's to the main characters. They have powers beyond that of the other characters in the book, more evolved. God like figures but yet, both demons at the core. Controlling people and gaining more power in their worlds.

Reality is a hallucination. I'm sure this is common in most Dick stories.



So I was looking through my notebook and found a piece of information that I took down from class that read "Faith of Our Fathers PKD." I couldn't recall what it meant or why I wrote it down. Well, I started to organize my book shelf the next day or so and found a book of Philip K Dick short stories that my good friend CoruptionMagnet gave to me before he graduated. I looked through the book and found a few stories that I had read and a few that i hadn't. One of which was a tale entitled "Faith of our Fathers." I got excited. I was determined to read this story and discover the reason it was written in my notebook.


After class today, I attended my next class, English 191, SciFi, and instead of participating with the rest of the class, I read the tale.


What a read. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is very intriguing and extremely masterful in presenting a fictional world that seems very real. It could be the future, kind of.


I am going to talk about the story now. If you wish to read my thoughts on it then I welcome you. However, I highly recommend you read the short story yourself first. If anyone can find a link to a copy of the story please feel free to link it. Otherwise approach me in class on Tuesday and I can a. lend it to you or b. make copies. If you are not sure who I am, just ask Mobius.


Anyway... FaithOfOurFathers



I haven't been able to think of anything fun to do with the RFID. The pages keep closing on me when I try to open them so it's kind of hard to understand exactly what they are capable of. I just keep thinking about how they can track people and that's about it. Hopefully the page will start loading and I will come up with some ideas before class.



So, after class on Tuesday, I decided that today's cave, the secret sanctum of all peoples in order to concentrate on things without being interrupted by any external forces, is the bathroom. While in the bathroom, many people enjoy reading and catching up on current events or certain writers that they enjoy. Of course there are internal distractions which one must deal with but that comes automatic when the john is your personal cave of wonderment.



I noticed a few things while reading the proposal to secure cyber space. http://www.whitehouse.gov/pcipb/case_for_action.pdf

Obviously the government is behind this to protect their own asses. While looking at the graph on page 9 I believe, it became apparent that this plan really focuses on large enterprises and critical sectors. These being mainly run by the government. They seem to only care about their own securities and not that of Home users and of the global web users, only have one priority that protects them. Also, wouldn't national issues be at the top of the list if the government wants to "protect" us from online terrorists? According to the chart, no. Their own interests come first. Is this the kind of plan we as a country, or even a world of internet users need?


They talk about finding insecurities in programming and how people will take advantage of these. Regardless of how much money is put into protecting government files that connect them to assassinations and other cover ups that they don't want to release to the public, some asshole will find a way to get into them. As far as corrupting files, new viruses are created all the time and there is very little we can do to prevent it.


Prevention is discussed and again a graph is shown that made me really think. On page 10 the graphs showing the vulnerabilities and the number of attacks prevented, it occurred to me that maybe this is a good thing. The more attacks that occur in Cyber space the more people we will need to prevent further attacks of the same kind or attempt to fix things in the aftermath. This would not only provide more jobs to people all over the world, it will encourage people to take initiative and work with Computers and learn programming so that they can either protect the world from people like themselves or join others in destroying the medium they love so much that is The world wide web.



Quite excited to be posting on the wiki again. Can't wait to see how my mind develops throughout this semester.


I recall having a short spurt of insanity the last time I read Ubik. I was afraid to go into the elevators in Beaver Hall. I got over it after calming down a bit, but...will it happen again? Only time will tell.

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