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Qi Gong Meditation

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Close your eyes

Listen to my voice

Use it as a rope

to lead you out of the labyrinth

you are about to enter

and now let go-

free fall


Straighten your back

Follow your breath

Make it long and slow

With equal attention

And equal time

Given to your Inhalations

And Exhalations


From the center of your foot

grows a giant taproot

and it plunges down

through the carpet

through the foundation

into the dirt

and it grows


It dives down

ten feet

twenty feet

and it starts to branch off

it creates a network

of tributaries

larger veins

branch off

smaller and smaller

until the roots

are capilaries-

little hairs-

from the center of your foot

grows a huge network

of roots.


Back to the breath

and as you inhale

the smallest hair roots

start to bring up energy

like soaking up water

from the Earth.

With every inhalation

you soak up more and more

energy until your roots

are saturated

and the energy

starts to come

into your feet.


Your body is now

a hollow vessel

and it is being filled

with fresh clean

Earth energy

it fills up your feet,

up your calves, the backs

of your knees,

up into your hips

your low back

fills up to your navel

and comes sloshing

into your heart area

with every inhalation

feel it come higher

up to your throat

down your arms

into your fingers

up into your head.


Now you are full of

the energy of the Earth.


As you inhale,


the energy gets warm

with every inhalation

getting warmer

every inhalation

a few more degrees

heating the inside of your body

healing any place

that hurts,

maybe your shoulders

or your heart

warm like mother's milk

it heals you from the inside out

and your skin is now radiant.


Your liquid center

is getting warmer

and warmer still

it is hot now

approaching its boiling point

and it is getting

a little uncomfortable.

You start to sweat,

beads forming on your forehead

and hotter and hotter

it gets

until it's really

unbearable now.


And now,

with your exhalations, you start to cool down

degree by degree.

Feel the relief-

heat draining-

and slowly




to a normal temperature,

and your liquid core

begins to drain out

back into the Earth,


by way of your roots

energy seeping back

into the dirt

until you are completely




The roots begin to retract


cappilaries shrink

into veins

into arteries

into the giant taproot

which comes back into your feet

and you are left

just as you were.


Take a minute to breathe

and feel




This is

your fresh start.



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Who wrote this? Just reading this made me relaxed. --GoNZo


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