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Remix Meditator 0002

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 3 months ago



Not to be a jerk...


But this was






Totally shifting pain

Around in my body

Various spots


in my back

and hands.



I wasn’t doing it

the right way


CRAP what have

I gotten

myself into?


Totally afraid

of losing control

of brain going on


I will never come back,

I will be another entity

possessing my body!


and my hands felt



I meditated


I tried

thinking a ton

sticking to the thoughts

keep possible thought

stay on my mind

but it didn’t even work

and the words

melted into images

melted into shapes

splashed into blackness

a drop of water

falling in a pail

and there were shapes in the blackness

shapes without structure,

without shape

just splashing,

splashing and twisting

my hands were not mine,

and maybe I am doing


it right


after all




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