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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

Easy enough name - shamans, manta rays (RIP steve), and santa claus. Wiki's are a bit cumbersome sliding into, but with little effort it came to me.

[6/21/07 - Yooooman]


Wait a monk what? No im sayin yo MAN - Today is full of insight and eclipses equinoxes and completions of thought and I feel so renewed and eclipsed today. I hope others meta efforts have been successfully worked around by today and that your midsummer's night dream was grand and fulfilling(that was last night btw). As for your wiki entry mr mobius, that is dreadful but it'll eventually get on there, they cannot deny it for ever. Don't your credentials account for anything? Interesting stuff, I hope there is WiFi in penn's woods. So

The summer equinox what does it represent? Where and what does it indicate in terms of our ships course? I feel it is officially summer now and it is ever so chilling, in a good way. Im gonna kick like a quest for a tribe to initiate some happenings. If yins havent already dun it, txt up Prov. Idiot for the details of tonights happenings, you can also contact wonelbisrever too.

rndm img: hurr_>








yo shamantaclaus, here the doyle text i was telling you about at the TAZ on sunday: Divining Ayahuasca



Shamantaclaus, I don't know if you're going to read this, but thanks again for letting me on "your" radio show. That was a great opportunity, so thanks for sharing it with me! -Echan

[5/11/07 - Wrap up & Exegesis]

A bit flakey of a final project on my part but I shall explain and supplant it with further media on this wiki on a continual basis as I am not really moving too far from state college the next couple months. This is assuming the Wiki is also maintaining a continual existence drawing power from prior particpant, participating attention. Both attempts of materializing my final-project-idea(s) has not failed but definitely had been truncated, hard to avoid? impossible to a void? The radio show I've been running more or less for the last year & a half had been compromised (not much of an actual compromise involved but..) by upper management staff at the 'Lion 90.7' passing along that I have been supplemented by, ironically, ANOTHER 'Chris' who is but slightly interested in tertiary layers of Techno, paling in comparison to my deeep depth resonance ssignals of bedroom rockin ambient downtempo beats - nevertheless skimmed layers of slightly jack of all trades music junkies fits better with the overall. The techno or 'RPM' timeslot at the radio station is literally only Sat&Sun now, whereas it was 7 days a week 7-9pm, slowly being vistigally cut off bit by bit. A powerful transition. Anyway, so this new guy shows up, this is his third maybe 4th show anyway and I wanted to contact him prior to the S. of Control show so I would have a clear cut green light - low and behold busy signals and voicemails! Plan B: Show up early, command the show and direct it to correlate with final project dream.. Procrastination practicing meditation resides in tandem with my car failing to start, both failed launches, making it to the show is not happening! I scramble, my car starts, I make it to the show 40 min late; close to 8pm (show is 7-9pm normally); This Chris Character had run the show the first hour, now explaining to you the non-stop techno. All and all I was able to subvert the normal show (how normal is his third show, its mine!) and play a few BI-naural beats in the form of "Board of Canada" to subvert some consciousness, as well has MAYBE 5 min of Echan Poetry, and at the very end I said a 30-45 second piece on Society of Controlled Fear making everyone's nervous energies bottle up and hamper our ability to connect with Gaia and synonymously, with each other. So the show was a little 'flakey', not especially bad and sometimes good as a milk choco. treat with coffee.

The film festival more or less entropically spun as well, though I'd say in a more acceptable fashion. Battery generators lacking power seemed to stop us for a time but we managed as a collective team to manuever around the obstacles - thankfully for the water pump power pool. I made my first fire with my co-conspirator and fellow CUB (not boy) weblow scout ToolBoX by very neatly making smaller to larger arrangements of kindling which Arpeggi reports went up in flames immediately and triumphantly shot itsself into existence. Soon after non-partisan campfire attendees joined us all in schhmmore making and eventually 'Children of Men'-watching. It was grand and glee was spread, though shortly after status quo was created I fled to see Spider-man 3... my fault - wish I could have stayed to see Mobius's wyrds of expression. All and all a well integration of minds - I was glad to get to know you all and for some partake in Ubik-spray-can-branding ;) For those leaving this summer for adventures, good luck - look towards the sunlight and you'll be alright; For all staying or around State College this summer, I hope to see you!

This class and these final project efforts has shown me at least partially the nature of entropy and that good things can be created and maintained even when the dynamic of entropy is whirling everything every which way like a spin-art machine...or... a toilet flushing; scatalogical humor aside, I was still able to take away the messages or deliver the message, establish a connection with people as to exchange & broadcast information even though the TA make shift communication systems we make fall apart at the seams as we make them - but they stay together long enough for a meaningful point to be put across. ~Wyrd up G!


[5/5/07 - Radio show effort]


Its 8:20am, finally heading to bed with my favorite herbal companion.... but first:



Radio show !

Shall take place 7-9pm tonight, on 90.7fm or alternatively, www.thelion.fm

First of all, anyone and everyone is welcome to come out to the studio (located behind the fish tanks in the HUB) and chill chat input or remix

The show will be free-format mostly, with commercial breaks every half hour (If you would like to make a SoC film fest mp3 just post it up!)

Aside from talk show prattling, the first hour I am considering:



7pm:;:;::;;;;;;;;; -music

-sound board class samples


-book readings

8pm ~~ Erin's poetry

more of the same fills in here - talks of tantra's yoga sex and marijuana - i guess prattling will be more or less incessant throughout messhed and overlaid upon ambient backroom beats which normally make up my show



between that and peep samples - Tim leary and McKenna tracks are a good ideas

culture jamming and subversion of normal college denizen is the goal here :)


kind of low key, more of a spin off project to the film fest due to lack of prep. But, i can bring Kava kona coffee fusion for those inclined for delightful chit chat tooling while we listen to delicious beats dripping from the main speakers;)


9pm - end

ps: we have a couch and multiple chairs and 4 microphones - and a fake ficas tree! come on - itll no longer be tethered to "90.7 the lion" (besides the commercials im forced with), but rather a TaZ we can all fold into for intertwingling magick and shifting of consciousnessnesses..ness


Hey shamantaclaus- If I wanted to bring in some of my audio, which format would be best for the studio setup? Would a line out from my computer or iPod work, or would it be better to burn a cd? -Arpeggi


[4/26/07 - Different links pulled from digggg]


Pot fights cancerous tumors - duh - but hey check this out its got a little dust on it article find: http://www.mapinc.org/newscc/v01/n572/a11.html

Hyper Space Engines: http://www.newscientist.com/channel/fundamentals/mg18925331.200-take-a-leap-into-hyperspace.html


Pot def fights cancer i love how it smooths out my crunchy peanut butter...



[4/25/07 - Leary Biscuits]


In response to Ceridwen's article on Timothy Leary: Is Leary's ethics being reconsidered here, is society really softening to the idea? Interesting read; I always thought of Leary as an explosive polemic railing against the system in favor of psychedelics, when railing against the system was the fad ala the 60's. Slowers approaches like Doblin's through MAPS is eloquent and successful in how it encroaches on societal territory. Society seems to be more open to this passive system of educating about psychedelics - or what I think is a more appropo term - 'entheogen'. There's less threat when looked through the lens of a spiritual, pseudo religious experience and not as some wacky crazy havok causing drug adolescent teens partake in. After studies like the one at John's Hopkins and apparently more that were mentioned like the ecstacy studies on soldiers with PTS disorder, and the Beckley Foundation studing LSD - fascinating! Also, exciting. These mind altering and mind therapy drugs are at long last finally seemingly seeping into our culture, and rightly so - recently a convo with mobius discussing the very very theraputic 'ibogaine' has already taken off in Canada to treat addiction and release negative inhibitory responses tied up in many a people's minds. Entheogens allow for connecting to the self and mostly to help people 'let go' -- or one can concentrate on meditating, but for many with OCD inclinations like myself, entheogens are a nice alternative ∨ addition to meditation. I'm afraid it will be a pain-staking process that Doblin is going through but hopefully it will become easier with time and effort of even more psychedelic pioneers and scholars.



ShamantaClaus: I think that if you look at Leary's work and the historical record, he was precisely counseling us to treat psychedelics as a religious experience, a framework we now call ëntheogenic. He was, after all, the High Priest..( the latter is a remarkable book, btw)The mistreatment and misinterpretation of Leary's work suggests that his work was indeed too radical for us to digest at the time, but the radicality resided not in any ethical or political transgression, but in merging science with metaphysics. Leary understood LSD to provide a way of inhabiting and studying human consciousness that was previously only describeable in theological terms, but he suggested that we go beyond theology to science fiction, or what he called PSY FI. But the fact is that this unspoken and spoken scapegoating of Leary for the inability of 20th century US to integrate shamanic practices into its culture is precisely that: a scapegoating that covers over the reality through a spectacular focus on demonizing an individual who, first and foremost, pursued scientific questions and followed them, no matter what.


And of course i am wildly supportive of the MAPS mission and Doblin's role in it, I am also skeptical of this idea that we need to somehow "mainstream" ecodelics. They WERE mainstream, and at the very center of a good deal of scientific activity until a war was declared on them ( again). And the only way to stop the war is not through the mainstream, but, if you will forgive the pun, the grassroots. - mobius, a merry prankster in Geneva

[4/18/07 - Visualize biotelemetrica]


I was fiddling or intertwingling with the many eyes program on the IBM website and uploaded everyone's blogs to it in a data set - tho more or less a word doc pasted onto the site - BUT, IBM does a neat thingy by arranging the most popular terms (one word or two words AND you can search for your own data!) from A to Z, then by size individually. See here: Visualize biotelemetrica.


You can download a txt file from the site, but for the complete word doc of blogs (only as of today which is 4/18/07, for ppl shall be expanding upon this (its like 572 pages, dddaaayam)) you can download it from my pass space here : Wiki word doc



[4/5/07 - Burroughs Darkly remix]


Klein bottled black hole octopied neural expansion - Left with 1 2 3 records of being making and then death is exemplified by Burroughs throughout "Electronic Revolution". One is the one two is your shoe, and three is stubbing your toe? It makes it seem like we are or should be self-righteous individuals, what of ethics? Who is to judge - B.man makes it seem like we can but look or PEER at another upon the effect is decimation - or perhaps entropy... Of what shall we observe or not? It makes me seriously re-evalution evaluating the self, for it might entropically spiral into ether. In scanner darkly Keanu lost his sense of identity from lack of ethics of judgement, who is to judge? Keanu may also have lost his identity from being type-cast as a space cadet.... who in their space ventures loose touch with reality or the ground, or the tunnel or the system. Either way he is definitely free-floating in this movie......until he is given a job or one is manifested in which he is given a framework to literally analyze his other mental existence of virtually no framework, drugs, and insanity. How does this reflect on ethics? Ethics of a supposed whole, or ethics of an intrinsic self, where they may meet? Burroughs and Darkly complicate things by allowing there to be what seems to be an infinite klein feedback loop of observing the observing observer which seems to be some sort of intellectual war. Maybe this war is what is defining ethics to trickle down. A new horizon seems to be forming, and information is a trickly subject.




http://www.fh-augsburg.de/~thedude/bbs/big.html ~ Big Brother State


[3/29/07 - Ubik RemiX]



Ubik Exegesis



[3/07/07 -- Transgenic Involution]

Interesting concept of symbiosis/evolution - or co-evolution. It's like those little birds on hippo's backs, or the mini-aquatic species that follow sharks around. Those species most likely evolve together as well. Another example is mitochondria, they were once a single-celled(?) organism in their own right that migrated into us some how... and the reason is for advanced energy production for complex human processes, thought etc. in the form of ATP (?). I believe at this point our mitochondria are pretty much wholely synthesized by our bodies and are thusly as one with us. Now, if this exchange can take place - perhaps there is more of a connection to marijuana than we imagined. It might be a little far-fetched to say we are 'one' with marijuana - but I believe we are pretty much one with everything with different immediate relevant degrees. We are one with this ancient medicinal plant as much as it becomes a part of the human condition. As it becomes a necessary subject in our existence, how much of it is not us? This makes the entire war on pot seem pretty masochistic... but then again America's aims can be counter-intuitive at times.imho.



[2/22/07 -- Ubik's noosphere[{ So what exactly is the noosphere? And who is Tesla? Is the number 23 tucked away somewhere in here? If one believes in nothing as mister RAW will have you ...uh.. believe? Then how is one to accept or wait not accept anything. Left with stumbling upon notions that 'end up' coming from out output valves published to the world for us to walk upon to yet again leak more information out. It is mostly accidental - I then pose the question where is our freedom in this brewing caldron of uncertainty. I do not believe/believe that what RAW is to have us do is experiment as flamobius suggested. It is from above and below that these uncertainties manifest into what ultimately must be a decisive action. Action of do in the form of goo. It seems more and more that we are floating around in this goo and making of it what we will - literally, will. How does this willing come to create any structure and is all structure bad? Of what of our identities, histories and the casual must-be's of our futures/non-futures. To believe or not to believe in everything nothing and that which is in between. To be anxious, confident or neither. Just keep your options open.wakka

[2/08/07 -- Security of the State] This was a very interesting read on social dynamics. Primitive civilizations respect the power associated to labor. Today's modern society actual labor is delegated, everything is always delegated! Bureacratic muck piles is what I say. More relevantly speaking, these peoples of ancient times truly understood harmony in a community. The bit about technology is interesting, because there is depth to it, and can be considered art when refined over thousands of years by "savages". Our technology is not just an art, but it relies heavily on redundancy just to be constructed. The internet? Internet is allllll about redundancy checks because information is constantly fragmented - loss of connection, alienation from that which is __done__. Lost touch with the on goings of a society, we are pushed around by attention grabbing politicians. Power has shifted from the shovel wielding hand, to the paper pushing hand of stuffy business men (or politicians but really they are the same). Powerless to wield much of anything we turn our attention to what is given to us - our TV. The essence of primitive cultures needs to be understood and incorporated into today's society - a sense of community. Maybe not the pure essence, but definitely an important aspect. We should at least embrace the non-working part, I'm down for that. Can we really not work? Don't we need bureacratic, widespread, delegated work to accomplish the great task of fossil burning information super machine; ie. the USA?[2/06/07 -- Cellular Automata & the like]Friggin' sweet.Chaotic beauty with PHP? I knew of such things as fractals and this just backs it up. Order is in nature and it can be seen everywhere as interconnection. You can take mathematical algortithms and iterate them to the point of absurdity, and yet still elicit patterns of order. Wolfram discovered something amazing. These images allow one to almost see the glue holding us together - even through math's earnest attempts at disconnection, one still cannot escape the beauty that gives us form. Not form's like Plato, but forms that infinitely and not necessarily come to be - that just are.

[1/24/07 -- Pharmacotherapy/Neurocops?] This is absolute bollox. I have heard of invasive procedures allowing police officers to detect and then charge citizens for "posession" of an illegal substance that is inside the body(ie: heroin, marijuana found in the body after use can still get someone busted...what?!? yea.) This new set of blocking agent drugs that are "prescribed" by the government in the UK to be used in a "vaccination" process for under-priviledged folk, or rather, excuse me, "those whose family or socio-economic circumstances might make them more susceptible to drug addictions". What does this mean exactly? Society forces some into the gutters of cities and now these people can't get high? The drug war is indeed changing to a new despicable low if these types of activities are permitted to go on.Now in regard to the __digital proposal__: I feel Wiki's are great in how it creates a chaotic information system. Chaotic in the uncontrolled sense, but information should be that way - free to dart in the dark by its own will. Information should go where it needs to go. Wiki's help break down the structures that snub us of the little spaces we often miss. I also feel that students are becoming more and more apt at browsing rather than locked-reading. This may have to do with the spastic nature of televisions growing up, but it is also the culture epitomized by it. A culture of information, technology, lights, and computers making sure everyone of our attentions were pulled in gazillion directions during our development periods. Therefore, Wiki's would only be following suit, and perhaps bringing it up a notch - bam!

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