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share your dreams

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Post dreams here if you'd like to help. They can be anonymous.




In my dream, my teeth were falling out, as I stood in the wrong dorm room.  I had to quickly consider how I would avoid swallowing my teeth, so I decided to place the palm of my hand over my mouth to snag the remains.  The resident of this dorm room suddenly entered and informed me that it was not my room, and I left feeling embarrassing, while I held the teeth in my hand.  My teeth had shattered into tiny pieces at this point.  I recall later entering my actual dorm room and seeing a wall of glass blocks.  The Hub--specifically Panda Express---was behind those blocks.  I felt completely exposed, as if people could see my toothless mouth through the obscured glass of the blocks.  Then the dream ended abruptly.  Strange, eh? ~ Young Jessie



Here's an awful one from last night for you, loadstool:

In my dream I was visiting my parents at home when the hospital called. They said that my dad was there (strange, because I was looking at him on the couch as I heard this) and I needed to come right away. I hung up and told my father what they said, and he quite solemnly told me that I should hurry. Since that scared the crap out of me, I ran out of the house and tried to start my car but it wouldn't work. Somehow I knew that I needed the right password to get it to turn on, but I couldn't remember what it was. So, I hop on my bike (which is mysteriously a single speed bike rather than the 18 speed one I actually have) and pedal my way to the hospital...downhill the entire way. Once there, I run inside and see my father sitting on the counter in the Emergency room where the nurse usually checks you in. My entire family is there, staring at me. A doctor comes out and tells me that my father is going to die, unless I write a book about the cure for cancer. I know that if I write a convincing book about how cancer was cured, everything in it will actually have happened and my father will be able to be cured. So, I sit down at my laptop and open a blank document and...nothing comes out. It's the worst writer's block I've ever experienced. I start getting so frustrated that I can't even speak when my dad comes and asks if I've gotten to the part about acid baths yet (WHAT???). Anyway, I woke up as I was about to throw my laptop out of a window. Of course, I woke up crying, as well.



- Ceridwen

From Ceridwen:

5/1/2007 - dreams

I think someone was working on a final project regarding dreams? I had a strange one last night.

In the dream my friend Nathan's Jackson RR1 and Jimmy Page's Les Paul were dueling. Neither person was there, just the guitars. There were flames shooting from humbuckers and the notes weren't audible but visual. Anyway, I woke up before one of them won. I should also note that it was actually Jimmy Pages' Les Paul, not the "Jimmy Page Les Paul" because it was a Custom Burst Humbucker rather than the BurstBucker that comes on the manufactured one.




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