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Society of Control: Wiki Words of Wisdom

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 9 months ago

BookWorm (done)

"I figured out quick that missing even the tiniest detail could really throw off your perception..."

"What would our society do with a can of Ubik?"

"I dream about what I'm going to write papers about."

"I'm still a little confused by term 'secure.'"



ChiChenJenn (done)

"After reading about the cannabis plant I felt the need to google it."

"Do we implant chips into children or just animals?"



modernlifeiswar (done)

"Throw one into a black hole and see what happens."




Ceridwen (done)

"But should we be prying open the doors of perception again?"

"Wasn't the whole thing a disaster the first time?"

"Not a lack of things to say...it's finding something to say that's remotely original."

"THAT is what I was trying to say."

"Instant coffee, instant oatmeal, instant hot chocolate, instant headline news."

"We ducks have been in the moat on a fixed and designated path and Mobius wishes to toss us into the sea to forge our own way."

"I took the vast amounts of information in each text and boiled it down to something..."

"We combine facts and stories in our own way to gain meaning."

"Juxtaposition is no longer random but incredibly significant."

"I don't think 'humanity' is limited to "humans."

"I find myself getting drawn into a kind of romanticism about the young man who walked into the wilderness."




LifeAsWeThinkWeKnowIt (done)


"No one ever sleeps, there is no time concept, and people are driven only by money."

"If you are living in a world where time is nonexistent or you can just move through it cant everything be Dejavu?"

"I do not feel that the government has ever invaded my privacy."

"If you guys want to go out to hollywood and have sex for a living go ahead but im sorry I do not see that as a significant role in society."

"life never really does what we think it will do"




BigYellowPeep (done)


"So it goes."

"I have to agree with Wilson in thinking that we as humans are heading towards immortality and life extension."

"If every religion (I'm sure not every) focuses on some sort of higher power, some essence, some 'spirit' running through everything, in a way, religions all compliment one another."

"Is it bad that this course and Trigger is making me want to experiment with LSD?\"

"I fear the meditation room because my brain is so damn loud!"





Arpeggi (done)

"I will have to launch xkill to, in fact kill it."

"I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the notion of 'selling myself.'"

"The first line of defense is not a lock or a password, but a tour de force of every unit that makes up your bureaucracy."

"It depends on the sharpness of the wetware, or what hacking tools you have available at your disposal."





Call Me Ishmael (done)


"The student who gets the best grades and scores on standardized tests ends up drowning himself in a bathtub."

"Affecting lives is an art, not a science."

"Every second, or even smaller, our position in the universe and our cumulative positions dictate our relative reality."

"no one can have ownership over reality."

"BAM! Let the classic American blues keep streaming from my iTunes radio."

"Why does everything have to be right or wrong or black or white? What happened to grey?"

"we are all living the half-life"




Tbotbotbot (done)

"Most people expect the story to be much sweeter."

"Sometimes I wish they did, so if I got sold into slavery, someone could find me."

"Maybe buy a few less tanks, and a few more data servers."





Provisional Idiot (done)

"Multiplications are like omeletes."

"I need to float...interrupt current behavioral patterns, and forge a healthier feed-back loop."

"But I never could drum up a real picture."

"I heard the cat, too."

"The wiki is committing unspeakable sex acts with my brain."

"I’m feeling the desperation that precedes an unfulfilled education fantasy."

"It’s kind of funny to me, how boring this text really is…"

"If you’re famous you don’t deserve privacy."

"Herr Doktor Mobius, you are wily one, Sir."





Houdini (done)

"Can a journalist be an activist?"

"Saying otherwise is just dishonest."

"The form is closed, the tone is typically apocalyptic."

"Maybe I should just let the work speak for itself now."

"Drugs, by contrast, are simulacra -- fake experiences of a fake truth."

"Is the distinction between the real and the unreal ever stable?"

"I’m also a perpetual skeptic-paranoiac, so I can’t turn off my mental alarm."






"Friday night and I'm creating pizza princesses."

"I guess that'd also be a great my dog ate my homework."

"I'd place those chips in all of my stuff that I always lose."

"But is it even worth worrying about something that we really can't do much about?"

"The dead don't actually die as we know it."

"You can convince yourself that you are well or not well."

"But it always seems that synchronicities are more apparent when you are looking for them."

"They monitor their groceries down to how many eggs in a carton belong to each room mate."

"I think that musicians should share their "booty."





moops (done)

"Life isn't about the instances where we discover particular insight into the nature of things...it's something unforgiving and inexorable."

"Pushed me back onto that classic/prog rock path..."

"I should be allowed to appreciate anything I might find awe-inspiring, sublime, life-changing...and to try and keep that from me or anyone else should be seen as the sin of the ages."

"We are nothing more than ghosts in the machine that is existence."

"We created art for nothing beyond the creation."

"Life according to wiki moves in ripples."







Machiavelli (done)

"Getting through it alone is just not an option and shouldn't be one."

"What would they say to us? What would you say to them?"

"Who would it be if you could only pick one person?"

"I cannot cope with the fact that death is so dead."




Mobius (done)

"But mobius adopted the "bouncing lama" posture..."

"One dark and stormy night we then wove together the cut-ups..."

"I couldn't imagine anything "beyond" Zeppelin."

"When the Levee Breaks, it's time to evolve!"

"Compassion and empathy involve the experience of this fuzziness."

"Wiki is the medium is the message."

"Testing out the limits of this vision of total information the only way he knew how: by living through it."

"The algorithm for bliss instead asks only that we "abandon" attachment to the outcomes of any act such that paradise, bliss, the present moment itself, can come into focus and become inhabitable."

"Imagine an other world than the one we inhabit, but the impossibility of return..."

"Unless of course you take off your scramble suit."

"I am a shaman not an ornithologist."

"How to maintain mindfulness and stillness before such a sacrifice?"




Toolbox (done)

"Why does Hollywood have to suck so much?"

"Today I floated."

"Reality is a hallucination."

"I decided that today's cave is the bathroom."

"I recall having a short spurt of insanity..."





Gray Catbird (done)

"Perhaps writing is more like those mites that live in your eyebrow, or bacteria in your intestines."

" always thought the Blue Jay was the bad boy of backyard birds, but now things have changed."

"Perhaps we, no matter what our bio-psychological orientation, overcome the society of control by demonstrating our devotion to old-fashioned hard work..."







Fox Mulder (done)

"After reading it alone in the stacks for a few hours I was ready for invisible agents from the Cosmic Coincidence Control Center to start throwing books off all the shelves."

"Comparing what I know now to the many people who have never been exposed to this information."

"The question is how close are the lines between assumption and belief."

"It is basically a glorified cell phone, but one of the gadgets on it is a Buddy Beacon."

"But such is the dilemma of a control society that is not capable of being fully controlled."



GoNZo (done)

"Yet without our perceived external distraction, we would all be Buddhist monks and nothing would be accomplished."

"Accept everything. Because I was sitting in 2” of water and all I had to do was accept it and sit up."

"Life smacked me in the face today and I feel like rambling about it."

"Putting apartments above existing strip malls is like putting cologne on when you really need to take a bath."

"I accepted things as they were and realized that reality, for me – a life without drugs – was much more mind-blowing than any mushroom, pill, or plant."

"One girl came up to me and explained that a friend had told her to get a wrap from me because I was “well known” for my hilarious antics."

"Wiki allows one to use an alias, upload pictures, and make one seem a lot cooler than one really is."







TheBoogieMonster (done)

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music."

"Or waking up every ten minutes the night before because of my nerves."

"No real reason for the cube to exist, or even what the cube really is."






RoBoCoP (done)

"Wouldn't it be cool if we all could rise like the phoenix?"

"Unless you are Steve Erkel and can make a time machine or something."

"I seem to come up with a lot of questions... I unfortunately rarely find any answers... "

"It started like 45 minutes late 'cause nearly everyone was an anarchist; no one wanted to step up and be a "leader."

" So even if we had everyone in America following the rules those peeps in China may not give a damn."







loadstool (done)

"...more points of view (and a little digging) bring more complete truths."

"It is Dick who created the suns, worlds, and lives of the novel, and he has sold us that reality (for $12.95, plus tax)."

"I think I've found my LSD. Does anyone else keep a dream journal?"

"I immediately ripped it out and burned it (to simply throw it in the trash was unacceptable--someone could find it and read it. Plus, I enjoy bright, burning thingies)."

"While I was crying in bed, I kept thinking "two inches of water...two inches of water"--no joke."








coco32 (done)

"I am constantly evolving into superhero-ness in my personal statements."

"I am worn out from jumping up and down on paper crying out, "Oooo! Pick me! Pick me!"

"HOW IN HELL could anyone expect us to be free?!!!"

"Why can some people, no matter how much of a crackpot they might be, work with their freedom when I am just confounded and angry about mine!"

"My only exposure to this word was last year when a certain friend kept falling down and attributing it to "vertigo" instead of multiple shots of Jack and several pitchers of beer."

"What I could not see with my own eyes, what was cleverly hidden from me, that magic mechanical eye caught and booked."





NoResponseAngel (done)

"...if evolution is true would that make god false?"

"I hope our future isn't like that because it's just way too weird."

"I believe our society/culture is LAZY!"

"I have to say plagiarism scares me."







VulpesLogos (done)

"We erect a fiction of nothingness in order to overpass, by the method of total exclusion, all that we can know and conciously are."

"But ain't no plan works better than a meta-decision, a decision to surrender to the decisions."

"...smell the papery husk and the give of the soil, feel a hundred tiny cuts on the surface of your face, breathe, lose yourself, and tell me what you find."








Echan (done)

"I felt so good I went out and celebrated by having my palm read."

"...yesterday I was feeling like all the world was hopeless and everyone was made out of styrofoam and there was nothing at all I could do about it."

"Uh-oh, you've gone and summoned that age-old question of reality."







shamantaclaus (done)

"A new horizon seems to be forming, and information is a trickly subject."

"Our technology is not just an art, but it relies heavily on redundancy just to be constructed."

"Powerless to wield much of anything we turn our attention to what is given to us - our TV."











 "Do you guys think that all of this technology has made us closer together"






pokerfink (done)

"Imagine that, scolding someone for doing what they want to do in life."

"If man decides to destroy himself with nuclear or biological war, is it really the fault of the written word?"

"Hey, I'm posting copyrighted material on my wiki. Free culture rules!"

"If I reach the end of the universe, is there a wall I can touch? Or do I just come out the other side like Pacman?"

"Girls really hate being alone on V-Day."

"Brunette: You little virgin stealer!"









DarkStar (done)

"If someone is trying to control my attention, my thoughts, fuck it."

"If I am rewriteable, then so are YOU."







Young Jessie (done)

"Because I can perceive images as fascinating as this one, I am happy that I have sight."

"Didn't mean to be rude. I was just merely fighting with a computer."

"Soon, the society of control will allow me to enter establishments where people imbibe liquids apparently unsuitable for people under the age of 21 due to their psychoactive effects, which induce such happenings as car accidents, acts of violence, injuries, unwanted children, and bad decision-making--all of which occur due to a reduced BAC."

"...if nature does not look exactly hexagonal, make it hexagonal."

"I believe that regardless of the type of society--that is, whether it be a society of control or not--, humans will continually seek work because boredom forever plagues us."

"...humans like to believe that the other animals lead lives of entropy, but we as humans do not."






ShareRiff (done)

"Works in progress, playing the process."

"It seems fair to say that rhythm is not so much a previously determined goal or pre-set metrical count as something that must emerge in time."


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