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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago


Organization Space for Summer'07


Camp fires? Other events.. .interested?

You around? Drop a clue...



shamantaclaus : Summer in State College! I'll be hanging out N. atherton at blue course by giant, down for chillin'


wonelbisrever is around and devising the next stage of educational evolution, call me if you have it...


Ceridwen is around and searching for meaning in all things out of doors...hikes? camp fires? Anything...


mobius is mostly here in Penn's Woods...


Echan is around. working at websters, reading, biking, meditating (M: 10am, W: 1pm @Yoga in State College), walking the dog around the neighborhood.


EtherDais is around, and thinks that someone should install this little chatty thing into the main page, or better yet, that sidebar to the right there ------------------------->


Toolbox is alive and well, either working at the JJ's or stumbling around town late night.


GoNZo here in State College, working at the White Building


BigYellowPeep Summer in Allentown and Penn State, delivering the beer in Allentown and teaching a 3 week course on expository writing at Penn State through the Summer Study Program

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