Intro: Alien arrival

Doyle reads pages 200-202, __ET Culture__; A mutation in the nature of reality itself? To wit: it no longer supports the subject/object illusion.


Zero: Tuning into Ecosystemic Distress In the Infoquake? (Gaia Superpower) Can we find the pattern embedded in the complexity? On Edgar Mitchell's Ecodelia



One: The Mushroom Telegraph Re-enactors: Wasson, The CIA and Penn State: Psychedelics as Information Technologies?

“Thus far, our studies suggest that certain hallucinogenic drug induced transformations in visual space may be regarded as an optimization of information.” Roland Fischer, 1973


The Mushrooms of Language - Ecstatic Signification or Psychedelics as Eloquence Adjuncts in indigenous practice


Of Maria Sabina and psychedelics as rhetorical adjuncts:


She goes on talking and talking, non-stop; there are lulls when her voice slows down, fades out almost to a whisper; then come rushes of inspiration, moments of intense speech; she yawns great yawns, laughs with jubilation, claps her hands in time to her interminable singsong; but after the setting out, the heights of ecstasy are reached, the intoxication begins to ebb away, and she sounds the theme of going back to normal, everyday conscious existence again after this excursion into the beyond, of rejoining the ego she has transcended..."


Eleusis Mystery Theatre - was the most power rhetorical practice in ancient greece catalyzed through psychedelics?


Skaldic Versification, Soma and the Vedas - Enabling the perception of the pattern that connects? ( Bateson)


From Angiosperms to Birdsongs: The Noosphere as the effect of Attention on the Biosphere: Sexual Selection




Visualization technology of invention: Mullis, Crick, Pesce, Kapor



Two: Tripping On the Past: Al Hubbard and Ecodelic Perception in the invention of Information Technologies ( Psychedelics as Meta-Information Technologies?} ( feedback of eloquence on eloquence; The Information Pyre Theory of Evolution; autism and "nerdiness")


Ego death and the Evolution of the Noösphere - Levy, Bloom, Minsky


Three: Noospheric Seductions - Say Yes in A Culture of No!


Four: La Condition Transhumaine - an evolutionary feeback loop


Outro: Valis Transmission One, \"The Universe is a Way of Tricking Yourself\"