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there was no escaping the limelight

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

I think you're right about this, Mobius. In order for the psychedelic community to begin to bring psychedelic research back into the respected academic context, and also have it respected within mainstream culture, scientists have found that demonizing Leary distances them and their field of study from the psychedlic bad taste that the War ON Drugs has put in peoples' mouths concerning psychedelic substances. I don't necessarily mean that Leary did anything to ask for this sort of attention. But he certainly maintains the position that, given the right set and setting, LSD is fit for the general public, a standpoint that is certainly risky. Even Albert Hoffman, who admits to liking Leary as a person, blames the '60s counter culture for "hijacking" psychedelics and engaging in behavior which led to the current prohibition in his book __LSD My Problem Child__. He also claims that Leary's "experiments had turned into LSD parties." How can you argue to such straight-laced scientists that Leary and Alpert's 'far-out' experiments were serious scientific research? And if you can't argue that, then how can you expect the experts to respect the results, showing that LSD is indeed useful in modern-day psychology? And if you can't get the academic community to respect these experiments using LSD, how can you ever get this prohibition lifted? So I think the scapegoating of Leary is unfortunate, yet to the people doing it (namely, the entire psychedelic community), it is necessary to bring about a change in peoples' attitudes towards LSD with the ultimate goal of lifting prohibition and resuming psychedelic research.

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