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Two options

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

Why not Buy a Vowel, or: Blowback from Your Own Fantasy Received as Truth of World Alert: How did you constrict the entire multiplicity of the West (not to mention The Future) into 2 paths? Is this some sort of Led Zeppelin theory of the cosmos, wherein there are two, and only two paths you can go on? Eeven Wise Old Owl gets to Three Licks on the Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop!...For example: where is this Market for wireless on campus? Where was teh Grid of cell phoens after Katrian? The West is a Grid only in its imagination, which forgets that it is enmeshed with ecosystems much more than markets, which are slow manifestations of ecosystems with no global order, only local orders ( pun intended). Markets only come into being with each transaction, and the veritable purpose of many corporation is to prevent the mergence of new markets ( Verizon, wireless on campus) or wage war on competitors ( Big Pharma, the Drug War). In short, in every direction there are precesses of deterritorialziation ( new markets and zones!) and territorializations ( no ganja smoking!) So, do you want to buy a third option besides defecting and embracing? I know where yins can find some! mobius, whose very topology is not two and Reminiscent of the One


Try not to think of the two as complete modes of reason. The idealist notion of Market-free purity is a worthy choice of lifestyle. However, it is always my number one concern to not appear hypocritical. Yes, the grid does indeed neglect the bottom portion of the economic ladder. I ask you this: what remedy do you have for the economically deficient? From the bottom of my heart, I can honestly tell you that I indeed have no realistic remedy for the most unfortunate circumstance of poverty.


Certainly, a purely capitalist state has yet to come into existence. A government bureaucracy is needed to perform certain tasks. One of the most important tasks that the government is responsible for is regulating the monetary volume of the market (i.e. setting bond interest rates). Another crucial task is that of environmental protection, which in theory is a global state issue. On top of these responsibilities, the government has many other tasks to complete for society. It would be irrational to expect utopian standards with human institutions running the show. The government-Market complex will in time work on all of these problems. It's a big scary monster that we must either embrace or defect from at various intervals in its continuum, not as a whole. ---AZ

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