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Page history last edited by Richard Doyle 12 years, 1 month ago

And the Network Breathed In...

Leaned down...

And Touched its Toes...


Thus closing a loop dimension, permitting circuitous vibrations that open further networks.


Hello everyone. This is a place where James Jones Rounds continues to connect with the world. I have several other wikis, but this one is special for it is a notch-turned-window in the totem tree-house built by the orbitals of Herr Professor Dr. Mobius Richard Doyle. Om Shanti.


September 9, 2008

McKenzie, Felix and I have arrived in Ithaca, and while the job search teases me, the town of Ithaca eases me and has fully delivered on the alter-promise of inspiring synchronized moments of bliss.

We do belong here, and hopefully we will be long for this place. It is a tricky ethical dilemma in places like Ithaca, for it is healthier than most places in the country, yet also probably has the most opportunities per capita for individuals to find exciting, alternative opportunities for healing. Of course these trends are probably related, but it strikes my chords that this place is actually last on the list of places that truly needs a multitude of genuine healing opportunities. Alas, these are the patterns we find in our world. To redistribute our luscious gradients for the benefit of many.


August 13th, 2007

Music generated from DNA has been patented by a couple lawyers. They are not the first to take the genetic algorithm to this artistic space.


My immediate comment is: Doesn't it matter HOW you translate the genetic information into a code to be read by a MIDI program or synthesizer? You can't just patent the general process of translating genetic code into music without specifying how you are encoding/recoding THE code. I'll have to check out the patent to see if they're getting away with murder (of a potentially open-wide field of productivity).


The next question is, would biotelemetric DNA scans then lead to personal Identity "ring tones" upon access or entry of a building, object, or program? Identity Tones! IdentiTones And you wouldn't have to stop with DNA. Other Unique parameters would be available as source code for personal IdentiTones, such as Iris patterns, fingerprints, etc...This of course invokes The Who's song "Baba O'Reilly (teenage wasteland", the funny synth melody of which is supposedly the result of Pete Townsend's efforts to encode the physical parameters of a person (Baba) into music. - UrthBound


August 2nd, 2007


I am really frustrated with the frustration surrounding wikis, peer-to-peer networks, and user/viewer/reader-generated content in general. There's this outcry about validity, consistency, accountability, and all those (supposedly) golden virtues of the mass media, and whether any participatory media could succeed in acquiring those features. Just this week the founder of Wikipedia was getting grilled by journalists (appropriately) about these issues on C-SPAN or CNN.


What frustrates me is the impatience and lack of appreciation for the holistic endeavor being undertaken here. What is going on is a massive empowerment, mobilization, and activation of a public that has by-and-large been slumbering peacefully through the past few centuries. The top-down scheme of information transfer has created a world that is uninhabitable (except for at the tip-top of the pyramid that we've built), and it needs to be taken apart and replaced. However, this takes time! If you're training a child to run a farm, you don't just slap him or her into the seat of your biggest tractor and then ban him or her for life when he/she accidentally runs over the flowers.


This process requires FEEDBACK. You can't just set the public loose on themselves and expect everything they do to just be perfect and seamless. At the same time, you can't train a child about how to use a tractor without letting him or her actually DRIVE THE TRACTOR.


There is so much complaining and proclaiming about unsatisfactory processes without any engagement in the gruelling, rewarding process that is required to educate, empower, unify and diversify knowledge & its sources.


We're in a tricky spot where the public has not been given much opportunity to demonstrate their eloquence and competence, and is also being judged on their current level of eloquompetence in order to determine whether they should be given more power! Where does one even touch-down into this nasty cycle?


Of course, first of all, we all must realize that we can not wait to be "given" power, nor can those who believe power is theirs to give continue to wait for the "receivers" of power to properly demonstrate their competence as receivers. Indeed, what a paradoxical Godot we are waiting for? To be the perfect receiver of such power, we must somehow be competent in the weilding of power, yet also dependent on some "giver" of power to bestow it upon us!! Of course, succeeding in acquiring competency with wielding power often seems to be attended by the inadvertent acquisition of power (whether at the will of the supposed holders of power, or not!).


Rant complete (tempo-spatial-arily). - Jamie


July 28th,2007

\"Bring on the Exaflood!\" exclaims Bruce Mehlman and Larry Irving. Inundated with information, we are the experimental grounds that breed thresholds and saturation points. These thresholds and saturation points then are the sites for growing the components of agency - choice & decision - but these thresholds are perhaps more accurately logic networks. And thus essentially, returning to the mechanical?


Navigating and sifting the network will no longer be efficient physically, but instead will show the densest results with algorithmic processes of navigation and sifting. The supposedly ephemeral properties of information networks may still display properties we would describe as mechanical. Logic networks have a determinism to them that is not entirely appropriated by the physical networks of our Euclidean geometrical spaces of physical movement..


And of course, indeterminism creeps through the whole enchilada, as well.

July 22nd, 2007

Well I have to simply thank Herr Dr. Mobius for recommending Stuart Kauffman "n" times, for apparently that's how many times I needed. How smoothly can we weave together his theories of propagating organization with those explaining biological essence as its work with the dissipation of energy..



July 18th, 2007

Then, of course, there is the scenario of the dinner party. A dinner party in which music is emerging from amplification technology. Presume, for the sake of argument, that (A) each individual in the dinner party is occupying a different location in the Euclidean space-time domain of the dinner party, (B) that each individual is differentiable from each other at a distance, and (C) that there is some variation across individuals as to what volume each individual prefers for the music. Instead of imposing some homogenous level of volume that may appease and please some but not all, install a tracking system based on detectable individual differences in identity that determined the orientation and direction of different small speakers in the room which would move and track different individuals, who would be able to direct (a priori or with digital preference devices in their pockets/cell-phones) the volume of the speakers oriented toward them...


This would probably require that each individual not impede the path of another individual who is trying to listen to the music, thus establishing a musico-centric orientation to the dinner party. This centering would double as a techno-centric orientation..


This thought experience is now on pause.. I have just discovered that Noam Chomsky's original notions about the universality of intelligence capacity are somewhat resonant with my own research aspirations. . . The issue remains that a window of optimal priming exists in the earliest periods of a being's life, and once that temporal window closes, some physical closing, aka folding, in the mind occurs.


July 15th, 2007


My attendance at Stephen Wolfram's New Kind of Science Summer School is complete, and while my personal project is not, this fact actually inspires me to continue tracing its spiral further into the reality I am entraining to. Here is a presentation of my work-to-date, as a PDF: NKS SS07 Final Project- JDJR.pdf. The topic is how to model information processing in the brain, and also how to model the relationship between the complexity of inputs and outputs.


I see grand potential in this field, and in a New Kind of Science in general. One idea that has sprouted is in an anthro-telemetrica that uses NKS and cellular-automata based filtering techniques to locate and identify the presence of nearby humans based on their unique, endogenous vibrations and transmissions. This would waive the need for implants, or harmful radiation, etc.


More to come, soon. Namaste to you all! - James


Today, the morning of Friday, July 7th, I am updating those who might enter this page on my activities. I am in the middle of a three-week intensive training course in A New Kind of Science, hosted by the University of Vermont (UVM), and lead by Stephen Wolfram and his company (sic).


Here is my project proposal, describing a research agenda in which I use simple computer programs to generate surprising complexity and model various aspects of the brain.

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blueshenlung said

at 9:06 pm on Sep 10, 2008

Great blog! Perhaps you might be interested in this application for energy sharing - color and sound. Check out -- GrantGaminYoungInnovators

Forward and backward investigations and experimentation into the relation between DNA and energy sharing could yield some interesting results.

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