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"Telebiometrics" names a diverse set of practices, technologies and disciplines oriented toward the non-invasive determination of human identity at a distance. Facial recognition, iris scans, gait signatures, and residual DNA analysis all compete with dozens of other technologies to render the holy grail of contemporary security science: a reliable and stealthy apprehension of human identity.





Global standards organizations - the International Electrotechnical Commission, the International Standards Organization, and the International Telecommunications Union - are working to establish protocols ensuring the safety of telebiometric technologies in contact with the the diverse set of human populations likely to be browsed by them. Civil liberties groups around the world have begun to have their own apprehensions or visions of the near future - a control society in which privacy is nonexistent and human freedom atrophies, shrivels and disappears.



Why the \"Tele\"?


Hacking British Passports

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