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One of the more unexpectedly insightful passages in Spook Country:


He looked up at a 1992 calendar, level with his eyes, and about ten inches away. Someone had quit pulling the months off, in August. It advertised a commercial real estate firm, and was decorated with a drastically color-saturated daytime photograph of the New York skyline, complete with the black towers of the World Trade Center. These were so intensely peculiar-looking, in retrospect, so monolithically sci-fi blank, unreal, that they now seemed to Milgrim to have been Photoshopped into every image he encountered them in. (pg 92)



"We call his trip of terror: to fly a giant bird."

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 An interview with Charles Manson's webmaster.


"As for having access to the web, the web is my mind. I brought the web into play. The web is my church." - Manson himself.


Somehow, that seems accurate. And poetic. My students will be composing a poem using "The web is my church" as the first line.


Gibson Interview




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