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Wiki on Wiki

Page history last edited by Machiavelli 13 years, 7 months ago

Wiki on Wiki

Group members: Young Jessie, BookWorm, Machiavelli, Ceridwen, moops, Tbotbotbot (insert names if you want to join this project)







We have reached the project deadline, so make any last-minute changes/ additions!  As you know, this project will continue to develop after May 10th.  However, I would like everyone to add as much information as possible by today.  Thanks to all who have contributed.  The project is definitely growing.  Feel free to comment on the project here.  Thanks! ~Young Jessie





Who are we? 

We are students in Dr. Mobius' course ENGL 473 at Penn State.  We have used Wiki to collaborate with our peers and explore the classroom theme, "The Society of Control." 


Why are we even working on this project?

Wiki is a fairly new, rapidly-growing medium.  Researchers have yet to fully understand its potential and capabilities. We hope to research Wiki to add to the current body of knowledge.   In addition, we hope to dispel the myths and misunderstandings of "Wikiphobes" (aka Wiki critics). 



Aim/Audience: We hope to answer the following questions and possibly others to inform the public and Praxis Wiki members of our research on Wiki.  In order to reach such a large audience, we will make our research user-friendly.  Click on the following links to read our developing collaborative work on this project. 




Time frame?

This Wiki project is a colloborative effort that anyone in ENGL 473 can join. Through continual modification from the public's and our own contributions, we will reach a greater understanding of Wiki's current and future applications.  Since we can continue to make changes after ENGL 473, and knowledge of Wiki continues to grow, this project does not have a particular time frame.  We should address the aforementioned questions and questions that others will raise as well as we can before the class ends.







Wiki Project Discussion:



Donno if anyone is still updating this, but there are a few other wiki based resources worth reviewing: uncyclopedia, encyclopedia dramatica, the knot atlas, etc.





I think that for this project, my contribution should be an examination of the wiki's use in education as it relates to writing-intensive courses. A branch of that train of thought being authorship and writing in a digital medium. Any objections, fellow collaborators? - Ceridwen


Good idea! ~ Young Jessie



I think this project sounds interesting. What happened to the stuff about Wiki phobia that Prof. Doyle was talking about in class? I'd be interested in joining in for this project this project and would be happy to help research the wiki phobia part if you wanted to do that. If not, I'm glad to help some other way - Tbotbotbot

 Good point!  I forgot to add "Wiki phobia" to the questions. ~ Young Jessie


Yea - if possible I'd like to do part of the personal experiences on Wiki and maybe "what is the future of Wiki". Question: I know we discussed this in our little group in class, but are we still expected to write 20 pages (ish)? I know we talked about 5 or 6 pages a person and divy up the work...just wanted to make sure that it's cool with Dr. Mobius too. - BookWorm

Good question!  I believe that we need to contribute the equivalent of 15 pages.  In terms of the structure of our Wiki, we can all modify this page whenever we want, so we do not necessarily need to each contribute a specific number of pages.  Eventually, I plan to delete all of the comments pertaining to the planning stage, and only include project information.~ Young Jessie

I think that this project should be as interactive and intuitive as possible. I could help with research (videos/tutorials/interviews/whatever) and wiki design. If possible, we should get together after class on Tuesday or maybe set up some time to meet... - moops

I agree that we should make our Wiki interactive.  Since we can modify this page whenever we want, we can meet as a group or in sub-groups to work on segments of our Wiki, but we can also work individually. We just need to make sure that we address the questions I added and questions that others raise well.~ Young Jessie


The Questions will be posted by tomorrow for the interview with Mobius...Please add questions if you feel the need to!!!!!Also when is our meeting? I forgot.~Machiavelllii


Interview Questions

Wiki Interview (Raw Audio).wav 

 Ok...here is the raw audio from our interview for today, my question is how do I integrate it into the Wiki like the others did with their videos/audio without having to make people download it to listen. ~ Mach 


I like it.  Thanks for your posting!  I wish I knew how others integrated theirs. ~Young Jessie


Meeting today 3pm by the HUB Fish tanks be there or be square!  ~Mach






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