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Wiki's Flaws

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Wiki's Flaws


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      Machiavelli, my collaborator on this project, informed me that someone had removed his personal statement from this wiki project.  His situation shows how people can delete important information from wiki.  Fortunately, wiki "backs up" the information in its history, so people can still access the information after it has been deleted.  However, people might not check the history to see this information, so unless the creator of this Wiki is aware that someone deleted this information and adds it back to the page, this information is lost.



     The following screenshot shows a wiki "history of revisions" page.  



        In addition to questions of permanence, wiki critics and users have questioned its reliability.  The following screenshot shows the criticisms of Wikipedia.  While critics argue that wiki lacks credibility because information can come from "ordinary people" without expertise, and continually changes, advocates of wiki believe that wiki is more credible because it allows for collaboration among many sources.  To advocates, it consists of less bias and more current information due to this continual collaboration.  This screenshot elaborates on how expert reviewers noted that science entries in Wikipedia are nearly as error-free as those in Encyclop√¶dia Britannica due to this process of collaboration and continual updates.





Downsides to the Wiki according to Mobius



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