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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

My wikiblockage is that I'd love to post\express many of my thoughts, but I am very constrained because I know that my viewpoint is often not the same as the popular viewpoint.


(I think most people feel this way. It's hard to say what the popular viewpoint is anymore in America, because there are so many multiplicities of viewpoints, I think, stemming from the multiplicities of cultures.-Echan)


I don't want to be attacked for my thoughts but from experience I know that web interactions, as opposed to interactions face-to-face, tend to give people the anonymity that allows them to freedom to say things they wouldn't say otherwise. I usually error on the other end, in being conservative with what I say to people when online, and sometimes too bold in what I say face-to-face. Along these lines, another blockage is that we can't see the other persons reaction. At times this may be good, but I know at least for me it makes me a bit more precalculated than if what I shared was gut reaction. I think being a person with an unpopular viewpoint makes me appreciate the freedom to expain my views when people question me face to face. I feel like if I posted some of my beliefs on this wiki, people would judge them without taking the time to understand them. Thanks for asking about my wikiblockages. I'm glad I at least got to express those sentiments!



You know, Wiki pages probably aren't all that difficult. I'm going to come out and say it - I have a massive computer block in my mind. In this day and age it's definitely a handicap, but I'll just continue to tell people that it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Not that anyone is going to care, but I think a large portion of my confusion came from the fact that in my English class right after 421, I also had to create a blogging page, a weblog at wordpress.com. Keeping instructions and differences seperate between the two assignments became impossible, especially as I don't believe in writing anything down. I like to save trees.

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