Yet they remain likely

Indeed, evolution is constantly pushing such "information warfare" between members of the same species ( sexual selection) and among other species ( the competition for bandwidth in the rain forest is intense, what with all the birds insects whooping primates .:) yes, this TIA is a symptom of the noosphere. The question, as you point out, is: how to deal with all of this information? I have suggested on this wiki that WE become the distributed Total Information Collective through "peer to peer" privacy networks. The idea is, as you point out, that a centralized authority such as the state or its fractal echo a sovereign individual is, by itself, laughably incapable of the galactic magnitudes of information presented by ecoystems. But clearly the collective CAN process this informattion, and does so alrady. Can we bring more awareness to the collective processing of this information by focusing our attention and actions on the creation of networks for the anonymous sharing of information? Just say yes to the noosphere!