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Biosemiotic Mirror

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Evolutionary Rhetorics of Science: Open Source Practices in Biosemiotics

Professor Richard Doyle


Bacterial Rhetorics

Spring 2011

As a theoretical and practical course in the rhetoric of science, this graduate seminar will collectively investigate and test models from scientific discourse for the evolution of rhetorical faculties in humans, animals, plants and bacteria while contextualizing, analyzing and deconstructing contemporary arguments and narratives of evolution. Readings will focus on primary sources regarding the evolution of semiosis (.e.g.Darwin on birds and humans, Nottebohm and Pepperberg on birds, John Lilly on dolphin communicative rationality, Von Frisch on bee semiotics, McClintock on plant intelligence, biosemiotics and bacterial quora, Deleuze and Guattari on orchids, wasps and the Machinic Phylum, Pierre Levy on collective intelligence, etc.). Contemporary evolutionary discourses implicit and explicit in nanotechnology and nanoscience will provide the focus for the final segment of the seminar, where students will get a chance to collectively evolve and share "scenarios" mapping plausible outcomes of current research.

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mobius@... said

at 3:11 pm on Jan 11, 2011

The Syllabus echoes here:

January 12 - Chiasmus, An Introduction to Biosemiotics

19 - Margulis and Sagan, What is Life?

26 -Donald, The Myth of the Isolated Mind. insect rhetoric in the Phaedrus; Von Frisch


2 -Donald, Origin of the Modern Mind

9 - Darwin, Descent of Man ; Baudrillard: the Ecstasy of Communication

16 - Nottebohm, Neurology of Birdsong; Collier and Burch - Order from Rhythmic Entrainment; Bateson "the difference that makes a difference"

23 -Kennedy, Comparative Rhetoric


2 Pepperberg - The Alex Studies

9 Doyle, Plant Intelligence and Communication. (PDFS) Deleuze and Guattari

16 Levy - Collective Intelligence; Linux

23 Schrodinger and the BioSemiotic Turn in the History of Biology; Fortun

30 Quoroum Sensing and Its Representations: Blood Music


6 Keller - The Mirage of Nature and Culture

13Deacon - The Symbolic Species

20 Doyle, Wetwares (PDF)

27 Sources in the History of Biosemiotics - kac, Zagrepsky, Lilly, Pitts http://home.comcast.net/~sharov/biosem/biosem.html

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